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Is It Windows 7, Or KDE 4?

livewirevoodoo Re:eye candy (559 comments)

Well, I believe we should at least reuse the definition documents.

more than 5 years ago

How HP Could Turn a Novelty Into a Revolution

livewirevoodoo Re:Slow News Day (353 comments)

I have linux installed on my tablet pc. I can rotate the screen, use the stylus, and even get gimp to work w/ pressure sensitivity on the tablet. Sure there's not a ton of other specialized software for the tablet but even when I had windows on it the only app I ever really used for a tablet was the note and journal apps. One Note is nice for the extra note organization features but if I really want to take notes I could just open up a blank gimp doc and jot notes and it would be pretty much the same as the Journal app in windows. I haven't even looked for a note taking system since I've been out of school though, it just doesn't get used that way anymore. It very well could be that some sort of note taking software for linux exists and I just don't know about it. BTW the reason my tablet works under linux is because its based on wacom tablet technology which linux has drivers for.

more than 6 years ago


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