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Outsourcing To Rural America

ljavelin Re:Count me in. (887 comments)

The problem with the U.S. (rural america or not) is the lack of educated labor.

You see, if you move to a place, you need to hire educated people. In the US, the large educated labor pools are in the city - but it costs a lot of money to operate a business in the city.

If you move to rural areas, the labor pool is much much smaller - so you have to recruit people in (which costs $).

However, areas like India and China have vast educated labor pools. Sure, their English isn't American English. But then again, most skilled labor isn't focused on telephone personalities. And their labor is pennies on the dollar - much lower than even the cheapest rural American labor.

Will some jobs move to rural america? Sure, they have been for years. Will they increase? Not when compared to the overall elmination of American jobs.

more than 10 years ago


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