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Bots Now Account For 61% of Net Traffic

lkangaroo Re:Youtube? (124 comments)

What, bots can't watch videos?

about 4 months ago

RMS Urges W3C To Reject On Principle DRM In HTML5

lkangaroo Re:DRM for transient content ... (320 comments)

DRM can be implemented openly. However, to prevent "fake implementation" from impersonating the open one, the entire stack would need TPM-esque verification.

about a year ago

Cubans Evade Censorship By Exchanging Flash Drives

lkangaroo Re:Doesn't this make them targetable with malware? (171 comments)

You're targetable either way, although in cases like Cuba the propagation rate via Internet vs. flash drives is probably different than the rest of the world.

1 year,27 days

The Hacker Who Found the Secrets of the Next Xbox and PlayStation

lkangaroo Re:No damage? (214 comments)

Guess there is a difference between your definition of "damage" and the GP's. In a business setting, any time, effort, or money that you spent, and would not have to spend if there were no breach is considered "damage".

about a year ago

Making Sure Interviews Don't Turn Into Free Consulting

lkangaroo If I were an employer... (232 comments)

... and you can solve our problems, why would I want to boot you, potentially sending you to one of our competitors, instead of keeping you and making you solve more problems for us?

about a year ago

Turkish Registrar Enabled Phishing Attacks Against Google

lkangaroo Re:TURKTRUST is not a domain registrar (75 comments)

From your own link: "TURKTRUST is the one and only local ECSP that its root certificates are recognized to Windows Programs by Microsoft."

Yes, but you don't have to be a domain registrar to be a CA. And in this case, TURKTRUST is just a CA, not a registrar.

about a year ago


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