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Apple Urges Arizona Governor To Veto Anti-Gay Legislation

lmnfrs Re:First blacks, (917 comments)

Is there a connection between homosexuality and anal sex, where if you are gay you are predisposed to it? Or is it a "second best" option that allows two men to experience intimacy, and thus is welcomed?

Similarly to what rearden said, no, there is no direct connection. Some people like some things, others are disgusted by those things. It's the same as everything else; what is it about women that is attractive to a straight man? It depends on the man.

For an unrelated comparison, do you prefer Coke or Pepsi? Personally I don't drink much cola, but when I do, it's RC :)

about 8 months ago

The Fascinating Science Behind Beer Foam

lmnfrs Beer Foam Research (73 comments)

Saw a presentation a couple years ago from Oregon State's beer professor. There's a lot of research being done on beer, and its foam, and some far more detailed than this story.

about a year ago

AMD Intentionally Added Artificial Limitations To Their HDMI Adapters

lmnfrs Re:Is that even legal? (256 comments)

Ah, my source was my VW manual.

1 year,9 days

AMD Intentionally Added Artificial Limitations To Their HDMI Adapters

lmnfrs Re:Is that even legal? (256 comments)

But they can void the warranty if the oil is changed with the wrong brand of oil.

1 year,12 days

The Next Big Fiber Showdown: Austin

lmnfrs Re:ARGH! (230 comments)

Oh, it's so difficult to avoid ranting about ISP's. I have a friend from the East (which means Portland because I'm from Beavertron) who works downtown at an ISP and is excited by CenturyLink's connections. He didn't believe me when I explained my speed was symmetrical and limited at 25Mbps, because I told him that was the slowest available. Another friend informed me of Comcast's new modems. They're the 3.0 version of modems.

Technology is going too fast for average people to understand, and many think these "fast" DSL and cable speeds are an amazing jump from initial DSL and cable speeds. It seems our options are finding a magical way to overpower the sparkly wires in Comcast ads and the moronic experts in CenturyLink ads, both of which are believed, like witch-hunting experts, or wait for the gradual expansion.

1 year,19 days

Police Probing Theft of Millions of Pounds of Maple Syrup From Strategic Reserve

lmnfrs Re:I am so LOL! (399 comments)

What is SD?

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Free/Open Deduplication Software?

lmnfrs Really? (306 comments)

For things like DV footage, I don't bother with the dedup.

Even with M. Night Shyamalan movies?

more than 2 years ago

Re. medication requiring a prescription:

lmnfrs Re:Completely? (550 comments)

I appreciate your questioning, and that it won't stop, but stopping use of certain parts of your brain is a tough thing to do. :)
I'm wondering if you've visited other doctors. I've heard many stories from people like myself, and your wife, who appreciate or despise a doctor's advice. Some people I know from support groups have tried other doctors and/or medical institutions with great outcomes.

Best of luck to both of you in your continuing endurance.

more than 3 years ago

Don't Fly If You Just Had Surgery!

lmnfrs Won't somebody please think of the children? (453 comments)

Eventually a boy will say he has a fart bomb which will cause girls to scream and run away, which will cause panic all around.

more than 3 years ago

Operation Payback Shuts Down IFPI Site

lmnfrs Way to Win Support and Be Taken Seriously (376 comments)

The bottom of the FAQ:


Q: Why is this FAQ so fucking long?
A: Because the people who write this crap have copious amounts of spare time, and it makes an interesting intermission between faps.

Q: What happened to
A: The jews at took it down.

more than 3 years ago

Facebook Inbox Throws Blow At Google... No Flinch?

lmnfrs Re:It's been done (207 comments)

Use at your own risk, Saddos!

No kidding. The only reason I have an account there is that I fell for an old trick, and didn't look at the actual href of the link I clicked.

more than 3 years ago

ITU's Definition Aside, T-Mobile Pushes 4G Label In New Ad Campaign

lmnfrs Downtown Signal (120 comments)

Don't actually go downtown for better speed, unless you're in a very small town. Buildings do nothing but deflect signals. Signal strength is likely better in a downtown park, even if it's full of trees, than between buildings.

more than 3 years ago

ITU's Definition Aside, T-Mobile Pushes 4G Label In New Ad Campaign

lmnfrs Re:ITU Can shove it (120 comments)

Sprints WiMax network IS a different technology that gives higher speeds than 3G, so why wouldn't it be called 4G? its the 4th generation of tech.

It could just be called WiMax. It's not actually the fourth generation, it's just a new generation after 3G and 3.5G were prominent.

more than 3 years ago

Swedes Show Intel Sandy Bridge Running BIOS-Successor UEFI

lmnfrs Re:What happens if the OS does run? (216 comments)

I've only owned one Mac in my lifetime, so my knowledge of them may be minimal; but OSX no longer boots. Doesn't seem that rare to me.

more than 3 years ago

The temperature where I am now is controlled by...

lmnfrs Highschool science (402 comments)

All south facing windows' blinds are angled to reflect or let sunlight through, depending on forecast and current temperature. I'm on the second floor in a suburban apartment complex. I've only needed to turn on the heater twice since winter ended, and it's been under 50 degrees at night for most days of the past month.

It's pretty convenient how the leaves spring before summer, blocking heat from the south side, then fall for winter, allowing heating of the floor and walls.

During the summer, I just put a box fan in a south facing window, blowing out, and open windows on the north side. I have a window AC unit but it's been in the garage for a few years now.

more than 3 years ago

When automating everyday tasks with robots, the line must be drawn...

lmnfrs Re:Playing with children? (465 comments)

Child is smiling OK
Child has safe toy OK
Child laughs OK
Child has oil leak on chin
Cleaning Start..oil supply, broccoli
Second oil leak occurr^%#NO CARRIER

about 4 years ago

Stuxnet Worms On

lmnfrs Skynet (141 comments)

Seriously, though, it is Windows PC's that are present in government organizations, can gain sentience, and launch nuclear attacks to destroy all humans..

about 4 years ago

Retro Gaming Technologies Released Before Their Time

lmnfrs Wii Fit (120 comments)

Cool stuff, but he left out the Amiga Joyboard.

about 4 years ago



lmnfrs lmnfrs writes  |  more than 7 years ago

lmnfrs (829146) writes "I'm a technically inclined dropout who has had a few contracts with big name companies. Those names and job titles get my resume noticed, but lacking a formal education frequently gets me ignored. Finding decent work seems more difficult than it should be. Sometimes it even feels like my only option is applying at a megastore to work with people who don't understand the difference between the thing you plug your hard drives into and the thing you use to play video games..
Will a technical Reserve job look good and help me find a permanent job after I finish the training? If not, is it still worth it for the educational funds I'll receive from the government?
P.S. I have read 'The Living Dilbert?' — I'm just looking for something that will get interviews, where I have no problem proving myself."


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