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Non-traditional Keyboard Reviews

logiceight Another problem with Dvorak (197 comments)

I once tried the Dvorak keyboard. With normal typing I noticed a huge difference in the amount of movement my finger did. I used the home keys alot more

But I quickly ran into a problem. The problem was keyboard shortcuts.

If you look at them they are chosen for the QWERTY keyboard.

Undo Z
Cut X
Copy C
Paste X
Select All A
Find F
Quit Q
Close W

This is for the mac but most of these are similar on windows.

Of course on DVORAK these keys are all over the place.

So if you wanted to make a "better" keyboard layout you would have to take this into account.

I thought I might make a custom keyboard taking this into account. Of course this would take a lot of effort. And I am not a programmer and that does not help

more than 14 years ago


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