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iPad Review

loid_void It's the game stupid! (750 comments)

Games will drive this. It is that simple. Read? No, let's game.

more than 4 years ago

Judge Makes Lawyers Pay For Frivolous Patent Suit

loid_void out is i? (263 comments)

Yes, so it is who used the words, "out there?" Qualitatively speaking. And out there may be "in there," as far as we are concerned, and on many other occasion, "right on."

more than 6 years ago



DRM, Apple, Amazon

loid_void loid_void writes  |  more than 6 years ago

loid_void writes "Maybe I'm not getting it, but this is my question: How can the record companies have one deal with Apple (DRM) and another with Amazon (non DRM). Amazon selling most tunes for $.89, Apple $.99. If this was steel coming in from China, would it not be dumping? Ultimately, does it violate a RICO act? The record companies only want one thing, and that is to raise the price of music; so is Bezos in bed with the record companies — dumping, gaining sizable market share (maybe), so that the labels can get Apple to raise prices? Call me dumb, but I'd love to hear what the slashdot intelligencia has to say."

loid_void loid_void writes  |  more than 7 years ago

loid_void writes "The New York Times is reporting that: Last year Marc Hauser, an evolutionary biologist at Harvard, proposed in his book "Moral Minds" that the brain has a genetically shaped mechanism for acquiring moral rules, a universal moral grammar similar to the neural machinery for learning language. In another recent book, "Primates and Philosophers," the primatologist Frans de Waal defends against philosopher critics his view that the roots of morality can be seen in the social behavior of monkeys and apes."

loid_void loid_void writes  |  more than 7 years ago

loid_void writes "In remarks prepared for delivery on Tuesday to the Association of American Publishers, New York Tims reports that the associate general counsel of Microsoft, Thomas Rubin, argues that Google's move into new media markets has come at the expense of publishers of books, videos and software. Mr. Rubin's comments echo arguments at the heart of a 16-month-old copyright lawsuit against Google brought by five book publishers and organized by the Association of American Publishers, an industry trade group. David Drummond, Google's senior vice president for corporate development and its chief legal officer, said in response that Google worked with more than 10,000 publishing partners to make books searchable online and had recently added the BBC and N.B.A. as YouTube video partners."

loid_void loid_void writes  |  more than 7 years ago

loid_void writes "From the NYTimes: A group of astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope have discovered that billions of years before this mysterious antigravity overcame cosmic gravity and sent the galaxies scooting apart like muscle cars departing a tollbooth, it was already present in space, affecting the evolution of the cosmos. A team of "dark energy prospectors," who peered back nine billion years with the Hubble and were able to discern the nascent effects of antigravity. The group reported their observations at a news conference yesterday and in a paper to be published in The Astrophysical Journal."

loid_void loid_void writes  |  more than 7 years ago

loid_void writes "First reported in The Register-UK: Zune, the new digital music player from Microsoft, is not compatible with the software giant's new Vista operating system. Buried in the Zune website, Microsoft admits that the player is not compatible with Vista and gives no information as to when it will introduce a patch or update enabling the player to do so. Instead, users are asked to "check back soon for updates. This is embarrassing for Microsoft given it launched the new player in the US amid much fanfare on Wednesday in an attempt to take on the might of Apple's iPod. At the same time, Microsoft is touting its much-delayed new Vista version of Windows as "the most important new Microsoft release since Windows 95", according to company founder Bill Gates."




loid_void loid_void writes  |  more than 9 years ago Was down to prison to see Martha a few weeks ago. She had taken over the prison. No shit. We played Scabble as usual. She only beat me by 6 points. Anyway, an icon she is and kicks ass as a prisoner. I told her the Hip Hop Rap boy were gonna be all over her. Nothing like being an X-con.


Martha Stewart

loid_void loid_void writes  |  more than 9 years ago Well, it's not computer stuff and no where near the cyber musical that is still in the works, but as we all know, she is an ICON, and I'm cranking on this book about the great lady; Martha's good side, yea, there is one. One like you wouldn't believe. Sure, she's a great white. One whiff of blood and she chomps down and you're lunch. But she's big and bold and takes chances and dreams in the land where dreams can come true if you're will to give it your all, make sacrifices and all else that comes with making it big. It turns out she's not half bad. She's affected peoples careers in positive ways, even turned around many a persons life. Listen, she was tried for who she was, not for what she presumably did.

I had sushi with her daughter this week. Her mother is doing fine and she's already got a month behind her. Martha's loosing weight and pumping iron like all good inmates. The rap artist loved her before she went in, but when she come out a con, man, that's to sexy for them to stay away from, she's in da club now



loid_void loid_void writes  |  more than 9 years ago

It was a little over a month ago when I last wrote in this Journal. I was all excited to begin an actual workshop for DeSkToPsToRy, my musical, my cyber-musical, my baby that I have be carrying for 8 long years. I had the kids, rolls were being conceptualized, we were meeting once a week, I set up a blog so that the kids could continue working during the week, I had written 3 new songs, I was high on it all. Then, like a car wreck, it was over. My mentor, my protector from NYC, a great man of the theater called a meeting. He wanted to meet the people who were supposedly giving my a place to work out the kinks, he wanted to look 'em over. He didn't like what he saw and phoned me the next day, said I needed to slap a legal paper on her, she was a con, and on and on, so I gave her a legal piece of paper 2 weeks later, and yup, she wouldn't sign it, turned on me, sent me vicious E mails, warning me to stay away from the kids, accused me of poisoning their minds in the blog: she knocked me for a loop. It was a close call, a narrow escape, and I'm pulling myself back together, finishing the songs... starting over again. That's always the way it is.



loid_void loid_void writes  |  more than 9 years ago Yesterday, Sunday, September 26th, we had our first meeting with student actors and actesses for the show; 2 classes, 2 seperate groups to be exact. The first, middle school kids, all talented and all - online junkies - couldn't wait to get home and check out the website we have built for the show. The 2nd group, high schoolers, even more talented, online, but not to the degree of the younger kids (telling).

So now we begin our adventure, our workshop, 24 Sundays; the first twelve will be hammering out character developement and plot - The world's first online musical? If no one beats us to it, but we've got a good head start. Music has been written, mostly. Man were the kids excited, being a part of something that they were going to develope and the fact that it was internet based, well, that was just the icing on the cake for them. Even more interesting, will be trying to present the show on a stage, yes , that's the rub, the challenge - to create this other dimension, this world unto itself on a mere proscenium. But after being with the kids, seeing their talent, I know it can be done.

Soon the site will have blog attributes, the kids can work while away from school, and after all, we will only meet every Sunday for 2 hours and a lot must be accomplished.


Martha's Vineyard

loid_void loid_void writes  |  about 10 years ago My wife talked me into going away with her and the kids and some friends, up to MV. I told her I was leaning towards not going, but I went, I'm here, and glad I took some time off. There's been a few posts of late on Slashdot regard working and tension and stress. I been workn', oh yes I have. Writing a book and so deep into it that as the puzzle pieces fall together I sleep less and less; sleeping like a cat actually and getting pretty ragged around the edges. I've also got a cyber musical in the works (more on that in another post) and a new website I'm building...

I rode up in the very back seat, the one the kids didn't want and watched over their shoulders a DVD they brought along, the compilation of The Simple Life; lame but I was tired enough to find it funny as hell. We caught the puddle jumper with seconds to spare; they had to hold the 8 seater for the 6 of us for about 5 minutes (thank you Cape Air) and as I ran with bags with all the rest I said to the girls behind the counter, "Isn't there a word for us, don't you call us runners?" One of them replied, "We call you all sorts of names" and then the blonde female pilot said to us, "you're eatin' into my beer time." We all laughed and were off into a beautiful sunset, landing only 15 minutes later. My wife made a wonderful meal, I took a shower outside under a zillion stars, some shooting, and had a good long sleep. I got up and went to a farmers market; afterwards everyone else went to the beach and I went back to writing. Later in the day I recieved a masseuge (sp) and now feel in tip top shape. I guess the point is, that yes, we all need a little time off because 'it's all' there when we return. Later.



loid_void loid_void writes  |  about 10 years ago Deadlines.... Fucking book on Martha Stewart...the good side, yea, she has one... the musical, Destopstory....two casts, wow and on, and on, and someone is knocking at my door. the dog barks... back later


cyberspace is a place

loid_void loid_void writes  |  more than 10 years ago

Okay, all right, I'm going to get into the groove of this journal. Writing morning, noon and night on other projects- it's like a baker eating his own bread... not. But here I am, I here I go.

It was great to run into Eve and her two daughters at The Lunch Box today. Kate gets more beautiful with every siting; her sister, won't get their, but she will run a close second. The Universe of course set us on the collision course, bunping into each other at the poor excuse for a coffee shop/lunch place. I'm excited that they asked about DeSkToPsToRy. Kate attempted to sing a song for me so long ago, and the cyber musical is getting nearer completion. The fact that they found me before the workshop was not a coincidence. If Kate sister comes on board it would be a plus for all that has to be done. The process of transferring the computer desktop to the stage... Alice goes down the Cyber Rabbit hole, if you know what I mean. I have seen many workshops in New York (snuck in under the cover of anonominity) regarding plays or musicals concerned with the phenomena of cyberspace and all baggage that comes with it, and I know every mistake that has been made in trying to take the desktop to the stage. I will not make that mistake I tell myself, I will not those mistakes, I will not, will not, will not.

I've finished most of the music, just trying to complete some chorus numbers. I am excited about working with high school and middle school kids in a workshop invironment, because this is where the show needs to go- real young and to be able to look at the thing, stand it up, away from the prying eyes of New York. It was lucky to meet Jill, have some coffee, and totally freak her out about the potential of the project. The thing about a project like this, any project for that matter, if that you never know where it's going to lead you. People come on board, leave, come back again and the even stranger thing, is the monster inside any piece of art has its way with you, so I long ago decided to just resign myself to that.


Look at me. The stupid project led me to Slashdot, and I'm hooked.


mini ipod colors

loid_void loid_void writes  |  more than 10 years ago It's so obvious that the matching laptop for the mini ipod would be in the pipeline. It is obvious right? What an unbelieveable trojan horse? Having penetrated the PC world with the little device, it would be a shame not to drag along other fine feathered devices through the backdoor as well. It would be a shame, right?

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