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Can the ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers Be Believed?

loony Re:Not so fast, cowboy ... (723 comments)

The Supreme Court's decision in this case is irrelevant for two reasons - of course both have been invalidated many times over in the SC's typical, self-serving stance.

1) The government is limited to what is spelled out in the Constitution as the government's powers and NOT that it can do whatever as long as it doesn't infringe the amendments. This is why the bill of rights was the biggest mistake - it gives the Constitution the appearance that the government can do way more than it was ever intended to.

2) The SC has decided that what is written in the constitution is no absolute but relative. Therefore the SC's own power - which is based on the Constitution - is relative and not absolute. I can therefore elect which of its decisions apply to me and which ones don't. Sounds fair, right?


about two weeks ago

Facebook Wants To Block Illegal Gun Sales

loony What's the big deal? (310 comments)

They are a private company and can (or should be) allowed to impose whatever rules they want... Its only the federal government that is required to adhere to the bill of rights. So until the Constitution gets amended, we can argue about how illegal background checks, waiting periods, and registration by the federal government are - but there is absolutely nothing you can say about FB doing whatever they feel is right.


about a month and a half ago

Why Can't Big Government Launch a Website?

loony Because they are the ones that have to pay? (786 comments)

Wow, 500 comments almost and not a single one seems to mention the natural disgust involved in this. Too bad I didn't have time to post until lunch break because of WORK... And that's really the issue. Every single developer, manager and such on this project makes a good living - and most of them by work hard. Very hard. And those are the ones that are being punished the most by Obama for their hard work. Few people like that and guess what, moral is really low... I can't count the number of times I heard "And now I have to do overtime so my taxes can go up and I can not only provide free food but also free health care for some retarded stoner who can't be bothered to go out and find a job or some trailer trash who just had her 16th child living on wellfare" ...

Yeah - its a real surprise that those people didn't work harder and do a better job...


about 6 months ago

Oracle Eyes Optical Links As Final Frontier of Data-Center Scaling

loony Nice Advertisement... (14 comments)

Especially the "But as a big player in computing and storage..." bit was cute. Big player with around 5% market share in servers and half that in storage... yep, that's big...


about 6 months ago

An Animated, Open Letter To J.J. Abrams About Star Wars

loony How do you ask... (376 comments)

a clueless whore (sorry, I don't usually call people names but I simply have no better word for someone who does anything for money) not to be himself? To him and the studios is all about making money. JJ Abrams has no clue how to design a story line, have plausible characters, or stay true to the spirit of the series. He tramples over everything that was there before him, ignores the fans that are begging him to stop and comes up with the most idiotic ways to justify cramming in more special effects. But what he does appeals to the casual viewer and therefore translates to profits...


about 7 months ago

Is New York City Ready For Digital Voting?

loony Want a higher turnout? (93 comments)

How about you then give us some real choices? I don't like in NYC so I really don't care about who was there then - but the issue is the same across the country. Here, we had a choice between a D who cheated on his taxes and an R who cheated on his wife. Neither had any qualifications that made me feel he had any chance of doing a good job... On state level it wasn't any better and don't get me started on presidential nonsense. One promises to waste money we don't have on war, the other sugarcoats it a little better and says we just have to find a way to pay with money we don't have social programs. In the end, it didn't matter - or do you really think Mittens would act any different to the NSA revelations? We need a choice between black and white (or call it green and red if you're too afraid of being called a racist) - not between ivory and snow! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Shades_of_white)


about 8 months ago

NTSB Calls For Wireless Tech To Enable Vehicles To Talk To Each Other

loony Re:Why not just fix car design? (153 comments)

And deal with the nagging to shift and all that every day? no thanks... I want to drive the car, not get married to it :)

about 9 months ago

NTSB Calls For Wireless Tech To Enable Vehicles To Talk To Each Other

loony Why not just fix car design? (153 comments)

I drove a 99 corolla until recently... After I got hit this January by a stoner, I got a 2013 corolla... The enhancements are awesome: I can no longer see cars in my blindspot by simply turning my head - they moved the side support forward by about an inch and a half... The mirrors are an annoying cut-off shape that means I can no longer see the car 2 lanes over in the lower corner of my mirror... For no apparent reason, they raised the plastic in front of the wind screen so I can no longer comfortably see the front of my vehicle when parking... They also raised the trunk lid to the point that the windscreen is substantially smaller and I have poor rear visibility... And my favorite, they moved the cup holders behind the gear shift rather than keeping it in front, so I can't properly shift anymore if I have anything larger than a can in my car... so I can either drive de-hydrated or keep the drink between my legs, both sounds really safe. Oh, and my favorite, they also put a lid on top of the center console storage space just in the right place that I hit my funny bone when shifting into 4th gear.

So explain to me, why do I need to have a wireless car-to-car system if the manufacturer of the vehicle seems hell bent on making the vehicle as hard to drive as possible (they call it modern styling)? It adds to the cost of the car, increases the weight (my car, despite 8 more horses, is almost a second slower 0-60) and the end effect is questionable. There are so many cheaper and better ways to make cars safer...


about 9 months ago

Minecraft Ported To the Raspberry Pi

loony Yes but... (57 comments)

... does it run emacs?

about a year and a half ago

Young Students Hiding Academic Talent To Avoid Bullying

loony No Child Left Alone... (684 comments)

made things a lot worse. When my oldest (who is actually good at math) went to school, he never got in trouble because he'd get some A's, a few B's and occasionally he'd even get an F... by now, math and other subjects are so dumbed down that any reasonably smart person gets straight A's - and suddenly you're being punished for being too smart... In the end, we need kids to fail more in every way.


about a year and a half ago

Is an Internet Kill Switch Feasible In the US?

loony Re:after seeing what happened in Egypt (339 comments)

I can't remember anyone recently claiming that the US was a democracy... House members voting against what their constituents want, presidents signing clearly unconstitutional bills into law and the supreme court refusing to hear important cases? Just cause the president belongs to the democratic party, doesn't mean our formerly great country is still a democracy...

more than 3 years ago

Is an Internet Kill Switch Feasible In the US?

loony Would be a great way... (339 comments)

To bring jobs back to the US... put in the internet kill switch, use it once, and all those call center jobs will come right back! :)

more than 3 years ago

10/GUI — an Interface For Multi-Touch Input

loony simple != good (344 comments)

I like the touch surface but that "simple" window manager is just that. Simple. Too bad that there is a difference between simple and better. Just like a skateboard is simpler than a car doesn't make it more suitable to go to the grocery store with.... After all that talk of "lets increase interactivity because you can't reduce 10 fingers to one x/y coordinate" I think its a little strange that they then go to "lets reduce x/y window layouts to just x"...

In the end it just looks like an effort in changing things just for the sake of change.


more than 4 years ago

Smart Spam Filtering For Forums and Blogs?

loony DIY or it will be broken (183 comments)

Any method you use can be broken. Your only chance is to reduce the likelihood that your site is worth the effort.

Basically, if you use a common solution - no matter of FOSS or commercial - then there will be a thousand other sites that use it too. This attracts attackers because they know when they hack it once, they can re-use it.

However, if you handcode something, no matter how primitive, it likely lasts a lot longer because nobody bothers hacking into your site...

Of course that doesn't work if you have a large site like myspace - there, a single site is worth the effort by itself.

Anyway - then there are two things - a really fast moving animated gif and silly things where you ask people to identify items usually work.
I help out with a site that randomly takes five pictures of cats and dogs and it asks you to identify which of the images contains the highest number of kittens... We barely ever get spam through - and that with almost 20K attempted submissions by non-humans a day makes us pretty happy


more than 5 years ago

Why the LHC Won't Destroy the World

loony is this guy related to... (508 comments)

Charles H. Duell, Commissioner, U.S. Office of Patents, 1899?

"Everything that can be invented has been invented."


more than 5 years ago


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