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Real Pain Dulled In Virtual Worlds

loosenoodle Reliving most painful events in one's life? (237 comments)

Well, where do i sign up for that? I mean, it's not like it wasn't bad enough the first time. Let's analyze the psychoanalytic value of VR treatment for PTSD patients in a more C-esque manner:

function dumbAssTherapyTechnique(you&) {
while ( !you.cured ) {
if (!you.feelbetter) {
} else {
you.cured = true; //odds of this happening - 10000000000000 to 1

The _only_ value in this VR idea is for treating chronic phobias, and even if at best, reducing the phobic reactions. PSTDs and phobias are are two completely different concepts and I HIGHLY doubt the value of this type of therapy for PSTD patients. If you'd like to test my theory, ask a rape victim if she'd like to relive the _experience_.
Burn victims are one thing (physical pain translating into mental pain), but most (not all) PTSD are opposite in nature to burn victims. It's a nice idea and if it works for burn victims, great. But please, think just a minute before applying 1 minor progressive technique to other domains in psychology.

more than 10 years ago


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