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WxWidgets 3.0: First Major Release in Several Years

lordDallan Re:Is it still relevant? (147 comments)

Xojo (formerly RealStudio) is a visual basic-like language except that it's realy OOP (has nice things like interfaces and delegates for example) that compiles to programs that use native GUI widgets on Windows, Mac, and Linux. No, it's not as powerful as C/C++, but it's a lot easier/quicker.

It's biggest weakness (IMHO) is that it's developed by a small, private firm that seems resource constrained. This leads to some releases having real issues and it taking some time for those issues to be sorted. That can mostly be mitigated by only updating once you know the current version is quirk-free.

Xojo also has a decent plugin architecture/SDK so you can write "heavier things" in C if you need to. It also handles decalres against C libs pretty well.

Xojo's definitely worth taking a look at (again IMHO) if you really need to build cross-platform software (small business applications for example).

about 8 months ago

Surgeries On Friday Are More Frequently Fatal

lordDallan Re:I always thought illness killed people (152 comments)

I had a similar thought, but the linked study indicates that it focused only on elective surgery, so I don't believe surgeries related to accident or recent injury were counted.

The paper seems to conclude that the weekend staff being smaller and less experienced may be the cause.

about a year ago

Heathrow To Install Facial Recognition Scanners

lordDallan Re:RTFA: elsewhere in UK where less checks (114 comments)

Is there really? Or does it just get a lot of play on the news? Where are the hard, independently-verified survey numbers on UK attitudes or US attitudes on illegal immigrants?

Sometimes I feel a bit like we're all being led by our collective nose by our media culture.

more than 2 years ago

TSA Announces Pilot of Trusted Traveler Program

lordDallan Re:I Am Trusted Traveler (388 comments)

Wow. You totally nailed my intent there!! Good job!!

Or maybe I was just blowing off some steam in a public forum about an issue that frustrates me. See the difference??

about 3 years ago

TSA Announces Pilot of Trusted Traveler Program

lordDallan I Am Trusted Traveler (388 comments)

Until I am PROVEN GUILTY of not being one. I don't have to "opt in" for what should be my no-questions-asked constitutional rights.

about 3 years ago

Firefox Is For "Regular" Users, Not Businesses

lordDallan Re:This killed our attempt to get Firefox at work (555 comments)

Fair enough regarding IBM. So they possibly have a right to complain based on their investment. I'm guessing Mozilla is thinking that the dollars from big corporations like IBM (and almost certainly Google) will be drying up. Also, was IBM investing in Firefox or an open-source browser engine?

If I had to guess, I'd guess that Mozilla is trying to figure out is trying to figure out how it exists in the long term and is looking to get some revenue stream off of it's larger consumer user base. I think they doubt that businesses would license Firefox when there are free alternatives. I think their right. Do you think your company would ever pay a per user or per machine license for Firefox? If not, then I'm sorry if this decision sucks for you, but I don't see why Mozilla would change course for a zero-revenue user or company.

For the record I don't like this move by Mozilla, but I'm not arrogant enough to think I know enough about their motivations that I can declare that there latests move is "idiocy", and I'm a pretty arrogant guy. ;)

about 3 years ago

Vint Cerf Says Fix the Net With More Pipe

lordDallan Re:Makes sense... (341 comments)

They seem to be fine with iTunes doing it.

more than 3 years ago

Google Yanks Several Emulators From App Store

lordDallan Re:Snesoid was based on Snes9X (190 comments)

Thank you for posting this. Yong claims to have all his "licensing" in order, this seems to back that up. He also claims that it was Sony that caused this takedown and that he'd seen evidence pointing to that. See ZodTTD's homepage for more information about how this WASN'T because of licensing abuse/misuse.

Now to all the Android fans. It's OK to like Android just like it's OK to like Apple. It's OK to like one or the other more. It's NOT OK to delude yourselves that Google is your "open" buddy free from commercial interests. Short version, they aren't. Google is a a very large corporation, and like all other very large corporations they are extremely focused on making lots of money off of you, the consumer. There's nothing sinister about this, but IMHO you shouldn't delude yourself into thinking otherwise because they embrace some "parts or principles" of open source. This also means they're not afraid to shit all over a developer if they think that developer is impugning upon their "money-makin'-turf". It SEEMS like that's what happened here.

My biggest beef with this, and with Google in general, is that their "sleazy corporate moves" always seem to me to be back handed. Oh, we're holding back this source now. Oh, we're letting carriers do shady shit now. Oh, we're pulling developers post-approval because a key partner or two complained. For the record, I personally prefer Apple as a company to Google. Mostly because they are out-in-front about wanting to "screw you"/profit off of you. Apple say's they want your money upfront, and in exchange for that, they guard you and your info like a jealous lover.

I'm not claiming that Apple's way is the best way of doing things, I don't know if there is a "best" way and wouldn't presume to know what that "best" way was, is, or will be. I am saying that Apple's up-front "dickishness" is the way I prefer for a company to treat me. I know Apple overcharges me and are dicks about letting me access certain information. I consider it a fair trade in exchange for their "openness" about how they screw me, as well as their efforts to protect their walled garden in which I dwell. I spend MY money with Apple accordingly, others are free to spend THEIRS where they will.

more than 3 years ago

Video Game Playing Increases Food Intake In Teens

lordDallan Re:Not my experience with Civ. (99 comments)

And then once you're finished (if you're like me or any of my gamer friends) you proceed to gorge on some high-fat, high-sugar junk food because you haven't eaten in "ages". Of course my anecdote is as equally worthless as yours is, that's why even small studies like this have merit.

IMHO humans aren't well equipped to handle an overabundant food supply as we are genetically hardwired for subsistence. I think that food consumption is some of our "lowest level programming" too. Hopefully research like that mentioned in the article will help us better understand how our "big ape brain" handles modern scenarios like the stress/challenge/reward experience of playing video games so that we can be better informed in our efforts to ameliorate behavior that leads to our dietarily profligate fat assess getting even wider.

more than 3 years ago

What Does IQ Really Measure?

lordDallan Re:IQ is bullshit ... so? (488 comments)

OK. I know you said you were being an iconoclast, so fair enough that you're on the attack. The point I've often heard espoused in defense of the IQ test is that a student from a less than ideal home setting who's naturally bright or "natively intelligent" might be overlooked without it. That he or she might not have the opportunities to achieve something with his/her "native intelligence" that a bright child from a better home might. I'm not saying this is right, just that it's an argument I've heard in the past around the "IQ" test issue.

As far as what "native intelligence" is. There are certain people who can run circles around most of us when it comes to understanding complex problems, retaining information, comprehending relationships between data. I'm not one of them but I've known some. They're simply in a different league than most of us. Why exactly this is the case is hard to say. I've never seen anyone be able to point to any factor (race, wealth, parents education, etc.) that's a guarantee of people being that special kind of bright. Until someone can, the best you can do is test for those individuals. In general, those individuals tend to do much better than the rest of us at standardized IQ tests, so that's the benchmark that's used.

more than 3 years ago

What Does IQ Really Measure?

lordDallan Re:In my opinion (488 comments)

Sorry, but what a load of crap. First I don't believe your story at all. Too "perfect" for me. But let's say it's true. Your current situation still has nothing or so close to nothing to do with IQ tests that it's just not relevant to the discussion.

If your story is true, I'm sorry that life hasn't been so kind, but if your schooling (I'll assume public) is in some measure responsible, it's amazingly more likely that the cause was your school being a glorified meat-grinder (apologies to The Wall) that wasn't concerned with prepping you for "real life", not the fact that it administered some IQ test.

more than 3 years ago

Retro Browser War: IE6 Vs. Netscape In 2011

lordDallan Pixelfari (211 comments)

I couldn't stop myself from reading this post in Pixelfari.

more than 2 years ago

Feds Help You Find Your Fastest Internet Service

lordDallan Duopoly's Suck (163 comments)

This map isn't much help when every major market I've ever lived in has effectively had a broadband duopoly of abusive phone provider vs. abusive cable provider.

more than 2 years ago

Mac OS X 10.7 'Lion' Developer Preview Available

lordDallan Re:But will the server provide useful SOHO feature (365 comments)

I have to agree that Snow Leopard Server still doesn't deliver. I love the product and the pricing, but getting Open Directory setup right is a buggy process. And getting Address Book and Calendars to work is a mess, and also somewhat pointless since the Mail server is still pretty poor compared to Exchange or a Mac friendly alternative like Kerio.

<rant>What I just don't get is why neither Apple nor Microsoft can make a directory server that is as feature rich and works as well as Netware 5??? I mean, were there just some magical software gnomes at Novell with directory service pixie dust that is now lost forever? The more cynical take is that no one gives a shit because MS owns the business space so what they have is "good enough" and deal with it. And don't get me started on SBS. It's a steaming pile of hobbled services just waiting to crumble should one foolish person touch it's DNS settings. </rant>

more than 2 years ago

Quad Core, Thunderbolt In New MacBook Pros

lordDallan Re:The 15 inch quad core price is very disappointi (495 comments)

Cool. I'd be very curious to hear about performance and reliability from someone who uses a Macbook Pro exclusively as a Windows 7 machine.

more than 2 years ago



Building A Better Mouse

lordDallan lordDallan writes  |  more than 3 years ago

lordDallan (685707) writes "From the "Mrs. Frisby And The Rats Of NIMH" department. Scientists at Columbia University have encouraged neurogenesis in adult mice. The process involved a drug-triggered genetic switch that blocked a gene that normally kills off most new neurons growing in an adult mouse's hippocampus. The result were mice that were better at making decisions involving pattern separation. The original study was published at Nature."
Link to Original Source

Facebook SSO? Maybe so says MIT

lordDallan lordDallan writes  |  more than 3 years ago

lordDallan (685707) writes "Simson Garfinkel at MIT Technology Review muses on the idea of your Facebook account becoming an "Internet Driver's License", ruminating on the idea of an individual's Facebook login becoming their single sign on for the web. I say NO THANKS!!"
Link to Original Source


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