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How Patent Trolls Destroy Innovation

lord_rob the only on Re:How the Patent System Destroys Innovation (97 comments)

Well yes and no, patent protects innovation because you have a monopoly on your idea. Then up to you to make other researches on new products with the money gained.
But if you use a patent, you're forced to reveal your idea and prepare your competitor to use it later. You're never forced to patent your idea tho (see Coca-Cola, never patented, receipt never given).

about a month ago

Ask Slashdot: What Software Can You Not Live Without?

lord_rob the only on pr0n (531 comments)

A computer is unusable without a pr0n collection installed, so VLC a lot of good movies a good picture viewer and pictures, and lastly a good joystick :)

about 7 months ago

Facebook Gives Up On Desktop Apps: Kills Messenger For Windows and Firefox

lord_rob the only on Re: Good! (53 comments)

Would be good for a boss indeed ;-)

about 7 months ago

Obama To Ask For $1 Billion Climate Change Fund

lord_rob the only on Re:Huh (410 comments)

Sure why does he want to change the climate ? The climate doesn't need Obama to change :)

about 7 months ago

Valve Offers Free Subscription To Debian Developers: Paying It Forward

lord_rob the only on Linux viruses ? (205 comments)

If Steam for Linux becomes popular, maybe more users will use Linux and it will then attract malware programmers.
Let's hope we won't have a new array Debian-powered botnets.

about 8 months ago

France's 'Culture Tax' Could Hit YouTube and Facebook

lord_rob the only on Re: Frogs (314 comments)

Of course there are only a few if you compare the number of French movies coming to the US to the number of movies released by Hollywood. Don't forget to take the number of inhabitants between both countries into account, and the fact that Hollywood also releases super-high-sfx (even if super-low-scenario) movies that sell very much.
I don't want to say that everything coming from Hollywood is pure cr@p I love US movies, I just want to compare the budgets allocated to both industries. In the US a movie is sometimes more considered as a product (how many theater tickets sold ?) than really an art.

about 9 months ago

France's 'Culture Tax' Could Hit YouTube and Facebook

lord_rob the only on Re: Frogs (314 comments)

The only good french movie *I KNOW* is Leon, and as far as I know there was no remake of that.
There, fixed for you

about 9 months ago

France's 'Culture Tax' Could Hit YouTube and Facebook

lord_rob the only on Re: Frogs (314 comments)

Les visiteurs (which would translate "the visitors" in English) has also been remade as "Just Visiting" in the US. Then it came back in France as "Les Visiteurs en Amerique" ("the visitors in the US" literally)

about 9 months ago

France's 'Culture Tax' Could Hit YouTube and Facebook

lord_rob the only on Re: Frogs (314 comments)

There are many names you can cite
Proof is when a good french movie ls released you americans make exactly the same movie but with american actors

about 9 months ago

Google Sues Consortium Backed By Apple and Microsoft to Protect Android

lord_rob the only on Sony ? (150 comments)

Ever heard of Sony Xperia phones ?

about 9 months ago

The Quietest Place On Earth Will Cause You To Hallucinate In 45 Minutes

lord_rob the only on Re:BULL CRAP! (332 comments)

I don't think I would love being a huge dick, but I *love* having a huge dick.

about 10 months ago

NSA hacked Belgian telecoms operator Belgacom?

lord_rob the only on Maybe better translated ? (1 comments)

For those like me who don't speak dutch, here's the Google translation of the article here

1 year,6 days

Are the NIST standard elliptic curves back-doored?

lord_rob the only on So what ? (2 comments)

You know, I mean I agree with you totally with you 200%. But knowing those facts will not change *anything* to the world of NSA, except for Snowden's life. He's a hero nevertheless.

1 year,11 days

Dotless Domain Names Prohibited, ICANN Tells Google

lord_rob the only on Re:Peh stupid (132 comments) -- don't we already have * ENOUGH * of those names ?

1 year,22 days

Motorola Uses NFC To Enable Touch-to-Unlock For Smartphones

lord_rob the only on Re:And what ? (87 comments)

The role of of the comments is to stimulate debates. There are no debates without people for and against a concept.

1 year,30 days



Windows Predent Steven Sinofsky to leave Microsoft

lord_rob the only on lord_rob the only on writes  |  about 2 years ago

lord_rob the only on writes "From Mricrosoft press "Microsoft Corp. today announced that Windows and Windows Live President Steven Sinofsky will be leaving the company and that Julie Larson-Green will be promoted to lead all Windows software and hardware engineering." Sinofsky has been with Microsoft since 1989, and has been responsible of big projects like the release of Office 2007, Windows 7, and of course Windows 8."
Link to Original Source

Samsung to sue Apple over 4G LTE in iPhone 5

lord_rob the only on lord_rob the only on writes  |  about 2 years ago

lord_rob the only on writes "Another step in the Apple vs Samsung's patent war. But this time it's Samsung that attacks Apple. It seems that Samsung owns a patent on the 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology. They suppose the iPhone 5 will use that technology (could iPhone 5 stay in old 3G like its predecessor ?). If Samsung are right, the iPhone 5 could not go further than Apple's factories, unless an agreement is found between Apple and Samsung."
Link to Original Source


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