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How Did You Learn How To Program?

lostatredrock Logo on an Apple II (623 comments)

In 3rd or 4th (1990ish) grade we had an amazing computer teacher, started out just drawing cool designs, then learned more, and ended up making a digital clock from scratch, meaning I had to create procedure to draw the numbers and a control program to trigger the process with time delays.

about a year and a half ago

Did SCO Get Linux-mob Justice?

lostatredrock Re:Since when?... (320 comments)

I am no the poster from above, but I believe point #1 is not so much a reply to your post, but more a point on the case in general. As I understand the plan of attack by SCO they had to theories they wanted to argue simultaneously here:

1. That the APA did transfer the copyrights, this argument was basically that they appeared to be included in the list of included assets meanwhile completely ignoring the fact that they were explicitly excluded in the list of assets which would not be transfered.


2. That even if they were not included in the APA it didn't matter because the people involved in the deal THOUGHT they were being transfered.

IMHO point #1 was meant to be a contradiction of SCO's strategy #2 and not so much an addressing of your point.

more than 7 years ago


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