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Is Your Printer Ripping You Off?

lotusleaf Epson Ink Cartridge Cases (362 comments)

I recall hearing about:

"In re Epson Ink Cartridge Cases Judicial Council Coordination Proceeding No. 4347 Los Angeles County Superior Court"

from various places on the web, including: "Have an Epson Printer? File for a $45 Settlement" but being as I have never owned an Epson printer I didn't dig around to see what this was all about. If this was for real and someone knows more about the issue, please post here about it.

Aside from that, related news: "Epson wins initial ruling in ink cartridge suit"

more than 7 years ago



lotusleaf lotusleaf writes  |  more than 7 years ago

lotusleaf writes "According to an article at PCWorld, "Google Inc. has bought video conferencing software from Marratech AB", "The client software runs on Windows 2000 or XP, Mac OS X 10.4, or versions of Linux". Could this provide a cross-platform video conferencing boost to gTalk?"

lotusleaf lotusleaf writes  |  more than 7 years ago

lotusleaf writes "FTA: "Tellme Networks, a phone software company being bought by Microsoft, has been sued by Rutgers University over a patent for providing audio access to Internet sites over a telephone.""


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