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'Just Let Me Code!'

loufoque Re: Code the way you want... (317 comments)

Good domain-specific tools are written as command-line utilities, and are even better if you wrote them yourself for your project.
Text editing (which includes syntax highlighting etc.) is also much better with a text editor.

Editors are also more flexible, scale better for large projects, and can do anything you need them to do.
An IDE is extremely constrained and won't work properly whenever you need to do something that wasn't planned by the developer who coded it.

1 hour ago

'Just Let Me Code!'

loufoque Re: Code the way you want... (317 comments)

Why are you even using an IDE? If you want to be the most productive, use a multi-purpose text editor.

9 hours ago

Linux Needs Resource Management For Complex Workloads

loufoque Re: This obsession with everything in RAM needs to (160 comments)

Garbage collection necessarily wastes memory by factor of 1.5 to 2.
The collection itself also slows down the program, and in some languages cannot even happen asynchronously.

Finally, the most important aspect for program performance is locality and memory layout, something you cannot even optimize for in a language where every object is a pointer to some memory on a garbage-collected heap.

4 days ago

Coming Soon(ish) From LG: Transparent, Rollup Display

loufoque Sexism at work (64 comments)

Why is it women who are showing off the product?
Surely they were not involved in the design of this technology.

about a week ago

The Least They Could Do: Amazon Charges 1 Cent To Meet French Free Shipping Ban

loufoque Re: Not France vs US (308 comments)

I own a website in France with a payment service that I subscribed from my French bank.
I am not allowed to store anything.

Amazon is in another country so that they can provide the one-click purchase thing.

about two weeks ago

The Least They Could Do: Amazon Charges 1 Cent To Meet French Free Shipping Ban

loufoque Re: Not France vs US (308 comments)

This is already what Amazon is doing to circumvent French regulations that prevent websites from storing credit card information.

They're still subject to other laws though.

about two weeks ago

Dwarf Fortress Gets Biggest Update In Years

loufoque Re: Classic 100 years from now? (138 comments)

In Chinese. But when speaking about the game in English, people use 'go'.

about two weeks ago

Python Bumps Off Java As Top Learning Language

loufoque Re: another language shoved down your throat (415 comments)

What sort of software project doesn't enforce proper indentation?
Badly indented code doesn't pass code reviews.

about two weeks ago

Watch Dogs Graphics and Gameplay: PC Vs. Xbox One, With Surprising Results

loufoque $250 from 4 years ago is fine (210 comments)

I bought my GPU for 250 dollars 4 years ago and it still runs all games on high settings.

about two weeks ago

New Single Board Computer Lets You Swap Out the CPU and Memory

loufoque Re: Just think of what you can do with this! (122 comments)

One of the most famous personal robot (Nao) uses an Intel x86 processor, which is bigger and uses more power than a Pi.

about three weeks ago

Employees Staying Away From Internal Corporate Social Networks

loufoque An IRC channel (131 comments)

is all you need

about three weeks ago


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