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Judge Rules In Favor Of Spamhaus

louissypher "Does not do business in Illinois" argument (232 comments)

People keep pointing to the issue that Spamhaus does not "do business" in Illinois as a reason that this lawsuit is bogus. Here in Iowa, my employer pays Spamhaus multi thousands of dollars a year to be provided zone transfers of the xbl and sbl. I'm sure there is someone in Illinois doing the same. Would this not be considered doing business in Illinois? With that said, I've been watching this story with intense interest as my job becomes much harder if something were to happen to Spamhaus suddenly.

more than 8 years ago



Roku Set-Top Box Gets Adult Content

louissypher louissypher writes  |  more than 5 years ago

louissypher (155011) writes "EroticVision.TV (EVTV) has announced the launch of its new IPTV service, which brings the best in adult entertainment to big-screen televisions, via the Internet and the Roku Digitial Video Player.

According to the company, EroticVision.TV allows users to enjoy adult content on a television without hooking a PC directly to it. Using the content provider's existing infrastructure and Internet content delivery systems, EroticVision.TV creates the interface and "back-office" services that allow the delivery of HD or SD content to the Roku Digital Video Player.


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