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ATMs That Dispense Gold Bars Coming To America

lowell Re:Cue the crying (482 comments)

Just because someone is to stupid to do some research to understand what gold should be bought and sold for, does not make it a scam. Is goldline shady, maybe. But it is not a scam. Social Security is a scam. Buying and selling for anything over 1%-2% is dumb. A couple of years ago when silver was moving up and down on a daily basis I bought and sold 10 oz. silver bars every couple of days depending on price. There was no problem covering spot on the trade because the moves were huge. One day I would go in and buy 100 oz. of silver at $8 or 9$ and in a week or so it would go to $14-$15 range I would sell. Then go back a few days later and buy it all back from the same guy for $8 or $9 an ounce. There was always someone buying at $14 plus 2% over when I was selling for the same money. Once the prices stopped moving as much I quit trading. That simple. If you are paying 150% over spot your a fool. Gold and silver should not really be used as an investment though. It is nice to have some Krugerrand and Maple Leafs around. I do have a few Gold Buffalo coins but they were a wedding gift. They still sell for way to much over spot for me. They were selling for numismatic value. This is the realm of the coin collector. And this is probably what Gold line is doing. Again, an individual who makes a poor choice based on ignorance does not make a scam, just a bad choice. People really need to be responsible for themselves.

more than 4 years ago

FBI Posts Fake Hyperlinks To Trap Downloaders of Illegal Porn

lowell Just wait (767 comments)

is it not illegal to possess and transmit pictures of child porn. That would make the FBI guilty of some pretty severe child porn laws.

I am also going to have to guess that the FBI has probably the largest collection of child pornography, second only to the Vatican.

more than 6 years ago


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