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Robots and Irradiated Parasites Enlisted In the Fight Against Malaria

loxfinger Hopefully no junk mail (84 comments)

Well, I thought this was worthy of a $5 donation. Now let's just hope they don't spend that much with mailings trying to get me to contribute more.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do You Deal With Programmers Who Have Not Stayed Current?

loxfinger Investment in Employees (509 comments)

When I was a programmer in the 1990's, software companies had this idea that if you hired smart problem-solvers, you could teach them the details, like a particular programming language. These people, ideally, were adaptable and interested in expanding their knowledge. If you accidentally hired someone who couldn't cut it, you let them be on their way. For the employees that you valued, training and tuition reimbursement were the norm. For better or worse, that way of thinking has died. Unless you're a true superstar, you can be replaced by someone who has more current skills, is willing to work for less, and is young enough to not to be encumbered by a family. A programmer is no longer a long term investment, someone whom the company hones over the years, but a disposable razor who seemed sharp at the time of hire. You have someone who won't keep up technically and and has less than ideal social skills? They're outta here, baby, even in the old way of thinking.

about a year and a half ago

Remote Linksys 0-Day Root Exploit Uncovered

loxfinger DHS Needs to Make Announcement (133 comments)

The Department of Homeland Security needs to tell everyone to uninstall their Linksys routers until this is fixed, a la Java.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Training To Rekindle a Long Tech Career?

loxfinger Re:The cloud (162 comments)

"C'mon fellas, it's all ball bearings these days!"

more than 2 years ago

Book Review: Head First HTML5 Programming

loxfinger Re:Honest question (90 comments)

Depends how your learn. Some people actually enjoy paging through a book, writing notes in the margins, flipping back to a previous page to review a diagram, whatever. A (good) book presumably has a qualified author, editor, and reviewers. They've put time and effort into explaining material clearly. You can check reviews on Amazon or wherever to get an idea if the book would be a good "fit" for you. There are so many websites with so much information, it can be hard to know which ones are best or even mostly correct. If you like researching on the web, that's great, go do it. If you prefer to have an experienced author do the research for you and create a physical book, that's great too.

more than 3 years ago

How Does a Self-Taught Computer Geek Get Hired?

loxfinger Re:Why do you want to be hired? (523 comments)

The competition can be pretty fierce in the website business. Seems like there's a lot of folks out there who'll paint any website for $99.95.

more than 3 years ago

Dennis Ritchie, Creator of C Programming Language, Passed Away

loxfinger Re:dmr (725 comments)

My computer science professors, back in the mid 1980's, were highly suspicious of any computer book thicker than "The C Programming Language." I understand now how they respected Dennis' gift for concision.

more than 3 years ago



Why Can't I Enter Dashes In a Phone Number Field?

loxfinger loxfinger writes  |  about a year ago

loxfinger (571135) writes "It seems that every website that asks for my phone number insists that I enter only the digits: no dashes or spaces. I'm very used to putting dashes in phone numbers. Is there some fundamental reason why websites can't quietly filter out the dashes? (And heaven forbid I enter a space in a credit card number!)"

Print Version of RoR Tutorial Second Edition is "Hopelessly Mangled", For Now

loxfinger loxfinger writes  |  more than 2 years ago

loxfinger (571135) writes "Michael Hartl, author of the recently released "Ruby on Rails Tutorial Second Edition" has advised that people NOT buy the print version of the book since "the print book's source code listings have been hopelessly mangled, with all angle brackets, curly braces, and quotes inexplicably omitted. This makes the source listings worse than useless. (The online HTML book and PDF are unaffected and remain correct as before.)""
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