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Ask slashdot: Which 100+ User Virtualization Solution Should I Use?

loxosceles Re:If you have to ask /. (191 comments)

Hi! I'm your Slashdot assistant! I see you have misused the word "advise".
"Advise" is a verb. You advise someone on some subject matter.
"Advice" is a noun. You give someone advice.

about a year ago

Using Truth Serum To Confirm Insanity

loxosceles Re:Good luck for Holmes (308 comments)

Except that it does work for some purposes in some cases, as long as you're not expecting it to be a literal "truth serum".

Anything that suppresses higher brain function will make someone more likely to self-incriminate. Anybody who has been to a party with alcohol knows this. It might also cause someone to make stuff up or engage in embarrassing behavior, but that's not the same as "truth serum doesn't work at all."

about a year and a half ago

RHEL 6 No Longer Supported By Google Chrome

loxosceles Re:RHEL is for servers not desktops (231 comments)

Or you could look at a 1-2 year reinstall cycle as a positive: it's an opportunity to test and optimize your backup strategy, since desktop users rarely do that. You do keep backups, right?

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do SSDs Die?

loxosceles Re:Still relevant? (510 comments)

20GB is not enough.

A fairly clean Windows 7 Pro VM I have (basic Word/Excel/Outlook/PP office, firefox, chrome, acrobat reader) takes up over 20G, mainly because of winsxs.

I don't do much with that VM. IOW, it's not pristine, but it's a lot cleaner than most win7 systems.

Windirstat reports 22.9GB in C:\windows with 13GB of that in C:\windows\winsxs

Some of that might be ntfs's equivalent of symlinks, but properties on C: reports 24.1GB used, 4.5GB free (I need to resize the VM disk eventually). I don't believe the C: space usage is a lie, even if C:\windows is slightly overreported by windirstat.

about 2 years ago

US House Science Committee Member: Evolution Is a Lie From Hell

loxosceles Re:Post bigotry here (1113 comments)

People do not live in a vacuum. People who believe in imaginary friends and believe those imaginary friends have sent facts and instructions for how to live, usually want to make everyone else believe those facts and live according to those instructions.

evolution, or lack thereof
foreign policy with countries dominated by other religions
the legal status of a fertilized embryo - stem cell research and abortion
contraception, sex education
many other social policies

about 2 years ago

Yahoo Sued For Password Breach

loxosceles Re:I hope Yahoo loses. (93 comments)

Salts, which are mandatory for good password storage, torpedo your idea. Sorry. Passwords stored without salts are vulnerable to rainbow table attacks.

more than 2 years ago

Yahoo Sued For Password Breach

loxosceles Re:TRWTF (93 comments)

"It is always possible to recover a password."

This is not true. If a password has more entropy than the hash being used, there will be collisions that make it impossible to tell what the original password is.

This is a basic consequence of the fact that hash functions are irreversible and have fixed size. If you consider the space of all passwords of any length, there are infinitely many passwords (even if you limit passwords to those made of long strings of english words) that hash to a particular value.

For the vast majority of passwords in use, the entropy is lower than the entropy of the hash, so it's feasible to construct mappings of possible passwords to hashes and determine the most likely password that way. It is not *always* possible to recover a password, however.

more than 2 years ago

Supreme Court: Affordable Care Act Is Constitutional

loxosceles Re:Well...not so much (2416 comments)

Doesn't matter if you're not for it, you're getting subsidized anyway.

No health insurance company has an insurance class for vegans or paleo dieters who do 30+ minutes of cardio a day, because until there are cheap tech means of measuring compliance, implementing that would cause the insurers to hemorrhage profits due to cheaters claiming healthy habits, getting the discount, then having diabetes/etc when they eat sugar 24/7 and don't exercise.

The Ins companies tend to only screen for pathological conditions, so trying to be healthy has negligible immediate monetary benefit over being average or slightly below average.

I strongly believe that society needs to tackle the problem of convincing people to be healthy first, THEN move to a public healthcare system (for-profit insurers making money off of people's need/desire to be covered against catastrophic medical problems doesn't seem ethical to me).

more than 2 years ago

Judge Posner To Apple & Motorola: Go Home

loxosceles Re:Love Posner (63 comments)

Goes to credibility, your honor.

more than 2 years ago

Connecticut Resident Stopped By State Police For Radioactivity

loxosceles Re:So (545 comments)

You think that cops should be allowed to detain you (you're placed under temporary arrest during a traffic stop) merely to give you helpful health and safety information?

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Which Comic Books To Start My 3-Year-Old With?

loxosceles GITS (372 comments)

Ghost in the Shell manga. You can find scans of the whole thing.

more than 2 years ago

Amazon To Pay Texas Sales Tax

loxosceles Re:Note to all governments (274 comments)

I thought all states technically require that.

However, it's unenforceable in most cases, so the only cases where someone usually pays it are:
a) They're a goodie-two-shoes.
b) They itemize the purchase when reporting to government. For instance, itemizing something to deduct it from taxes, without paying a use tax, could theoretically be noticed by the State.

more than 2 years ago

SSL Pulse Project Finds Just 10% of SSL Sites Actually Secure

loxosceles Really? (62 comments)

Is this testing for the absence of BEAST workarounds which are present in all current respectable ssl libraries?  Or does it just look for sites using TLS 1.0/SSL3 with block mode ciphers?

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Life After Firefox 3.6.x?

loxosceles Re:Why the anxiety? (807 comments)

Dear luddite, get off of the internet. Please. Win 2k is 1.5 years beyond its extended support end date.

While you're whining about apps and OS that can't run in 512MB ram, the rest of us have blazing fast desktops that never touch swap, because 16GB of ddr3 ram is something like $100-150 today. It costs more money to sit around whining than it does to get more ram than you know what to do with.

Profiles gone? I don't know what you're talking about. Start any modern firefox with the flags -no-remote to prevent opening another window of an existing firefox instance, and -profilemanager to open the profile management/selection window. I have all my shortcuts changed to start it that way by default.

My mobile has more ram than your computer.

more than 2 years ago

Journalist Arrested By Interpol For Tweet

loxosceles Re:and where is exactly the problem? (915 comments)

To say that a right is "granted by our creator" is just a rhetorical trick to give legitimacy to a right that most people already agree with.

Let's take "free speech" as the right in question. The western religious zealots agree with it for the most part, but their religion prevents them from declaring arbitrary things to be of critical social importance. Everything true religious believers know and trust has to come from God. So you tell them their God is the source of this right, and all of a sudden they're on board.

Secular humanists or utilitarians or whatever you want to call them don't need that Creator BS, so they just ignore it and agree that free speech is a good idea.

more than 2 years ago

Journalist Arrested By Interpol For Tweet

loxosceles Re:Problem here is "racism" (915 comments)

If you pick and choose parts of scripture based on how well it gels with your own intuition, feelings, and with the mores of modern society, then your religion's "teachings" are merely a proxy for things which you already know.

In other news, the Church of Circular Logic wants everyone's holy books back.

more than 2 years ago

Journalist Arrested By Interpol For Tweet

loxosceles Re:Problem here is "racism" (915 comments)

Get off your high horse.

Where did someone say that the religions are the same, or compatible? The one comment I saw, which is I think the one you're referring to (since the parent post of your post doesn't talk about the sources of the religions), was that the *wizards* behind the three religions are the same.

Of course the religions are not compatible. That's why a lot of Muslims want Jews dead, Christians dislike Muslims and for the most part consider Jews harmless but misguided in matters of faith, etc. But, factually, the evolution of the three religions stems from the same original mythology, hence they are all three called Abrahamic religions, and they all developed around the same original God concept.

more than 2 years ago

Journalist Arrested By Interpol For Tweet

loxosceles Re:Problem here is "racism" (915 comments)

Baptists' invisible wizards discourage the teaching of important aspects of biology and thermodynamics and probability, not to mention discouraging the development of rational critical thought.

Ordering people to kill other people is not the only possible problem with religions.

more than 2 years ago

AT&T Caps Netflix Streaming Costs At $68K/Yr

loxosceles Re:So when did... (433 comments)

It's more than the initial bootstrapping. Almost all cities have semi-exclusive deals with one "cable" and one "telco" provider. Some cities have done away with those exclusive deals, but there's still the non-trivial matter of getting permits and right of way to dig up and install fiber.

Even if the city is not contractually forbidden from granting those rights to new telecom companies, they might still not grant right-of-way on the basis that digging up streets or alleys is a nuisance... and anyway don't people already have telecom service? They don't need another option.

Keep in mind that the people making those decisions on the city level are like the politicians at the federal level who make fun of people who criticize SOPA. Except city politicians are more corrupt and dumber.

more than 2 years ago


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