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Microsoft Wants You To Trade Your MacBook Air In For a Surface Pro 3

lpevey Re:See even Microsoft thinks MacBook Airs rule! (365 comments)

This is so true. And the feedback has been like this and has been so consistent for so long... I can't understand why Microsoft hasn't already reversed course on some of this madness. I mean, are they TRYING to give Apple market share? Because it's working. I still use a PC desktop much of the time, but my new laptop is a Mac, and I really like it. I never thought I would go Mac. And when Yosemite comes out this fall, it will integrate more fully with my phone and my tablet. Now, when it comes time for me to upgrade my desktop... will I build a new PC? or will I just get a Mac Pro? I really can't say at this point.

about a month ago

Sony Winding Down the PSP

lpevey Re:Piracy (85 comments)

I'm convinced this is a big part of why indie games are having a heyday right now. The big developers just don't get it. Haven't bought an Ubi game since I can't remember when. Might "borrow" Watchdogs at some point but would never in a million years buy it or any other Uplay crap. Burned once, never again. I spend loads of money on games all the time and should be their target customer-- but they don't want my business.

about 2 months ago

Reason Suggests DoJ Closing Porn Stars' Bank Accounts

lpevey Re:If it was just the banks that would be one thin (548 comments)

Agreed, it is clearly not optional on the part of the banks. This has a very chilling effect on activities where the regs can't actually prosecute for wrongdoing. If they could, they would, and they wouldn't be going this route. This sort of tactic is contrary to the principles of a free society. Banks will "choose" to decline to do business with certain people and companies if they feel they will get sued or have to spend a fortune on a governmental investigation. If there is truly evidence of illegal activities, authorities should go after the people allegedly engaged in those activities, not the banks. But in these cases, often times the activities are not really illegal, even if they are activities not loved by everyone in society. Because the government can't prosecute, should it be allowed to strong-arm banks into doing the dirty work? What does that sort of logic lead to, especially when things like banking are akin to breathing in modern society.

There are plenty of nefarious behaviors going on at banks that regulators would be wise to oversee, but this is a case of overstepping IMO. Regulators are forcing discrimination. Is it okay for banks to be choosy based on certain parameters (I don't like your business because it's porn and I think porn is ruining our society) and not others (I don't like your business because it supports, say, charter schools, and I the bank president happen to think charter schools are ruining our society)? That's discrimination. At the very same time, regulators would bring proceedings against these very same banks for refusing to do business with certain people/organizations just because they choose to.

"PNC Financial Services Group Inc. (PNC) received a subpoena regarding the return rate for its payment-processor clients from the U.S. Department of Justice. The department’s consumer protection unit is seeking information “for certain merchant and payment processor customers with whom PNC has a depository relationship,” the Pittsburgh-based bank said today in a regulatory filing. “We believe that the subpoena is intended to determine whether, and to what extent, PNC may have facilitated fraud committed by third-parties against consumers.” "

about 3 months ago

Wil Wheaton Announces New TV Show

lpevey Re:Oh, it's on SyFy? (167 comments)

...but he's got a certain cachet among the midrange nerdies who grew up on ST:tNG.

Yeah, he certainly still has cred with me. Also, one thing is for sure: Wil Wheaton is a huge Borderlands 2 fan. Who else picked up on that based on the language and phrasings he used? Yeah, the guy is definitely a true geek. Love him.

about 4 months ago

Fighting the Flu May Hurt Those Around You

lpevey Re:I've always wondered that about antihistamines (351 comments)

Not necessarily. I developed allergies as a teenager. To this day, when I return to the area of the country where I lived at the time, I get immediate and severe hay fever. When I return to the Northeast, where I've lived since I graduated from college, I have no issues, even in Spring.

about 6 months ago

Experiment Shows Caffeine Boosts Long Term Memory

lpevey Re:Memorization, or attention to detail? (123 comments)

I'm also dubious about the idea that any one, simple chemical can ever make you smarter in any general way without adverse consequences. Evolution has a lot of time to scope out all simple neurochemical effects, so beware studies that suggest they've found a "smart pill".

I think this is a very wise statement. In this case, caffeine is known to increase levels of stress hormones. Many studies have shown that memories during times of stress tend to be more vivid and enduring. (The extreme of this is PTSD.) So the study results are not at all surprising to me. I think more work would have to be done to tease out whether there is any independent effect.

about 7 months ago

Web Surfing Improves Motor Skills

lpevey Re:Ovbiously (33 comments)

Yes, but these were migrant works, presumably with little previous experience writing or typing or mouse-clicking or doing other things that require much in the way of fine motor skills versus gross motor skills.

I would imagine there is a point of diminishing marginal returns that most of us here passed a long, long time ago. :)

about 7 months ago

The Changing Face of Software Development

lpevey Re:Might Indicate More Females (173 comments)

To be fair, there is a small chance that it could indicate men are dropping out at a faster rate than women, rather than more women taking up programming, as compared to previously.

about 10 months ago

Hybrid Hard Drives Just Need 8GB of NAND

lpevey Re: Of course! And you never need more than 640K R (373 comments)

Samsung 830. I've bought several, even a couple well after the release of the 840. The 840 is just not nearly as reliable, and the 830 is plenty fast.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Cyber Insurance. Solution Or Snake Oil?

lpevey Re:Yes and no ... (71 comments)

There is a good bit of focus on the financial, but only because that is what buyers of insurance tend to want--protection from financial loss. There are some buyers who are also concerned about reputation damage from crisis situations, and there are insurance policies for that as well. Crisis coverage is generally added as a feature of a Directors & Officers Liability policy rather than a specialized cyber policy. It is a coverage that provides access to specialized PR services.

On the question about real world examples from the OP, there are a number of real world examples available. One place to get them is the AIG Cyber iPad app. I'm sure there are other stats available from other companies, too. The data is out there.

This is a fast-growing area of insurance. It used to be that IT administrators weren't excited about the idea of insurance because they thought it might make it look like they were admitting incompetence, i.e., proactively covering their own ass. But these days, everyone realizes that security is much more complicated than that, and every layer of protection helps.

about a year ago

Robot Produces Paintings With That 'Imperfect' Human Look

lpevey Re:hello (74 comments)

>>"Having an apartment has a pretty solid meaning over here"

Not according to the 8M+ people living in NYC. Lots of people own apartments. The vast majority are not condos (they are coops), and people just refer to them as apartments. You were trying to be snarky, but failed.

1 year,13 hours

PC Sales See 'Longest Decline' In History

lpevey Re:Producers vs Consumers (385 comments)

Some decent points except (IMO) for the first one. As far as I know, I can't hook my Wacom up to my iPad. And anything else is...inferior, to be polite. ;)

1 year,18 days

9th Grade Science Experiment: Garden Cress Won't Germinate Near Routers

lpevey Re:Need a control. (327 comments)

This comment is not really insightful. A lot of people even use electric heating pads underneath seed trays specifically to generate heat. I agree the experiment would have been even more impressive with controls wrt certain variables (including heat--why not), but it is extremely, extremely unlikely that, as the poster put it, "they can also get warm enough to prevent a seed grom growing."

about a year ago

Most Doctors Don't Think Patients Need Full Access To Med Records

lpevey Re:Conspiracy! (659 comments)

It isn't about hiding the price tag. It's about protecting against potential liabilities.

about a year ago

Who Would Actually Build an Ubuntu Smartphone?

lpevey Re:don't get the cart before the horse (230 comments)

You have a different opinion, and I won't try to convince you. I myself had the same opinion for many years. My only point was that, in response to the original question of "who will buy this?" I think it was always a pretty small niche, and now even smaller with long-time users like me throwing in the towel.

My view:

- With Windows, I can install pretty much any application I want.
- With Apple, I am completely at the company's mercy.
- With Ubuntu, it is sort of in between. I can install whatever I want that's available to me, which isn't as much as with Windows because of the barriers to developing for Linux. Those barriers are real. I they weren't, any commercial developer looking to make money (i.e., all of them) would port their apps to Linux. All of the apps you cited don't change the fact that the majority of commercial apps that end users actually want to buy are not ported to Linux. There are good reasons for that. The community does not make it easy.

about a year and a half ago

Who Would Actually Build an Ubuntu Smartphone?

lpevey Re:don't get the cart before the horse (230 comments)

>>And hey, Unity is always being criticised as looking like a phone/tablet OS shoehorned onto a desktop...

This is a very valid point.

about a year and a half ago

Who Would Actually Build an Ubuntu Smartphone?

lpevey Re:don't get the cart before the horse (230 comments)

My argument was not that Ubuntu is more open than Apple. However, I do think that from a user's perspective it is less open than Windows or Android. That it why I said Ubuntu is not the choice for someone looking to escape Apple's closed ecosystem.

I understand your argument: You can install whatever app you want on Ubuntu. Technically, this is true. In practice, no. The apps most people want are not available on Ubuntu, and probably never will be.

The vast majority of people who have stuck with windows on the desktop and never switched cite one major reason: Availability of applications. This is especially evident with games but also true of many other types of apps. It is pretty easy to get gimp, mplayer, vlc, xbmc, etc., running on Windows, but not so easy to get closed applications ported to linux. Large parts of the community actively discourage it. There is no support for developers who might want to sell an application, because making a living by selling software is somehow inherently bad. I call this "closed." I wholeheartedly support the idea of an open-source OS, but only if the developers of that OS understand that it needs to be able to run a wide spectrum of software. Right now, commercial developers have little incentive to port anything to linux unless they fork a whole distribution that they can control. Otherwise, the community will just break the software with every update.

One reason people have so much vitriol toward Windows 8 is that they sense they will lose something very valuable if Win 8 is widely adopted. Win 8 moves MS a step closer to a closed system, and it makes people realize that Windows 7 is the most open-architecture OS we have right now. No, it is not open source or free software. But it is the most open.

about a year and a half ago

Who Would Actually Build an Ubuntu Smartphone?

lpevey Re:don't get the cart before the horse (230 comments)

The thing is, a year or two ago, I would have bought one. Until recently, I ran Ubuntu as my primary desktop since Dapper (before that, I was a RedHat person), so you would think I would be part of the primary target group. But, if my own feelings are in any way indicative, this is going to be a very tough sell. Even I gave up hope for Ubuntu (and linux) after numerous annoyances and bugs...things were getting worse each year, not better.

- The Ubuntu One annoyance started it for me.
- The Gnome 3 fiasco. "We just don't care what our users think. If we build it, they will come. Oh, wait, don't leave... Come back!" Nope, we're gone.
- The Unity fiasco. Worse than Windows 8. Really. (OK, I'll be honest: I haven't used Windows 8. It could be just as bad. But it's bad.)
- The Amazon search fiasco. Wow. Privacy, anyone?
- The ongoing hostility toward anything closed being available on linux (because god forbid we users actually have a choice).

Given the last two items, why would a nerd who is protesting Apple's closed system ever want to choose Ubuntu?

Nerds like to tinker. We pride ourselves on it. But we also pride ourselves on using the best tool for the job. That is no longer Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is completely misreading their market.

My switch: I have been using Win 7 for about 6 months now, and I love it. There are also smaller smaller things that I didn't even notice were wrong until I switched: When transferring large files on my network with NFS, I always got random Nautilus crashes from time to time. I just assumed it was my router or something, and never really had time to look into it. I lived with it. No such issues with Windows 7 shares. Dragging and dropping large folders from one computer to another has never been easier for me. I could kick myself for being so stubborn that I didn't switch sooner.

about a year and a half ago

Of Science and Choice In Online Dating

lpevey Re:Easy for you to say (311 comments)

That was really funny. Thanks for the link.

about 5 years ago

Cola Consumption Can Lead To Muscle Problems

lpevey Re:Cool story bro (420 comments)

I frequently have the urge to light a cigarette, order a rare bloody steak, with a dark Irish beer, and a greasy side of something that'll disgust them.

I am a health nut, and I would argue that all except the cigarette are good for you--assuming the grease in the greasy side is not monounsaturated, except maybe olive oil. Saturated fats and cholesterol have gotten a bad rap. The people I know who drink diet soda and eat fat-free this or that, and butter substitutes, protein bars made of soy, and other so-called healthy foods, are the ones who have a really hard time controlling their cravings and weight and just generally have a lot of unpleasant issues regarding food. I think their bodies are actually starving for real food, despite all the calories they are consuming. I know someone will point it out, so let me just go ahead and say that I know that correlation doesn't equal causation and that my anecdotes a clinical trial does not make. Still, the conclusion I draw is that the vast majority of so-called health food is anything but.

more than 5 years ago


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