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Intel Claims Haswell Architecture Offers 50% Longer Battery Life vs. Ivy Bridge

luckymae First P0st AAHHHH (120 comments)

First P0st AAHHHH

about a year ago

Debian + Openbox = CrunchBang Linux (Video)

luckymae Debian?? Ewwwww... (106 comments)

So gross!

about a year ago

Integer Overflow Bug Leads To Diablo III Gold Duping

luckymae fri$t p0st!!! (160 comments)

since 10 years ago! first post!!!

about a year ago

Pearson Vue Now On Day 5 of Massive Outage

luckymae ASP.NOT .. that's why :p (151 comments)

yes please more WebForm and Microsoft quality SQL!

about a year ago

Stop Standardizing HTML

luckymae In the spirit of GNU and open source (302 comments)

In the spirit of GNU and open source, we should not have any standard, not just HTML, just like how Linux is: you can have Mir, X-Window whatever and 7600 worthless Linux distros and the users should be given "freedom" (and the developers lose their "freedom" to pay bills & rent & from proverty because nobody wants to pay for free software anyways). Hey I should work for free and let these people who don't pay my tuition use it because I'm a GNU/Saint. Fork HTML away so it ends up with 1,000,000 different standard just like GNU/Linux is. LOL.

about a year ago

Valve Starts Publishing Packages For Its Own Linux Distribution

luckymae Debian? EWWWWW... (310 comments)

Debian? ewwww...

about a year and a half ago

LEGO Announces GNU/LInux-Powered Mindstorms EV3 Platform

luckymae 64MB - why so stingy? (164 comments)

64MB RAM is so small nowadays. A minimum of 1GB is required.

about a year and a half ago

KDE Software Compilation 4.10 RC1 Released

luckymae Good experience with 4.8 (59 comments)

I love the 4.8 (including Dolphin FM & Amarok, can't live without it), looking forward to this! Definitely 100x better than Gnome3/2/Unity!

about 2 years ago

Nationwide Google Fiber Deployment Would Cost $140 Billion

luckymae Please come to Canada! (2 comments)

Dear Google Executives, Please come to Canada and bring Google Fiber to crush the big 3 cartels and their expensive internet & mobile plans: Telus, Bell, Rogers. PS# Telus is about to half the bandwidth cap starting Feb 2013 ... I'm willing to switch to Google Fiber if it's here by then!

about 2 years ago

Why KDE Plasma Makes Sense For Linux Gaming

luckymae My experience switching to KDE4.8 from Gnome3 (152 comments)

I just want to say that KDE4 is awesome. When I switched to openSUSE 11.2 last month, my first impression is: I love Amarok, the Dolphin file manager is 100 x better than Mac's Finder and Gnome Nautilus and Windows Explorer altogether. The default setup is pretty annoying though, I had to turn off quite a few eye candies. At least it's configurable, unlike in Gnome. I didn't regret one bit converting from Ubuntu (12.04) to SuSE (11.2) with KDE. It's stable, rock solid. In Ubuntu, my other PC's Radeon often locks up, but not the case with opensuse. Very stable. Moreover, now Ubuntu is an adware.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Which OSS Database Project To Help?

luckymae Forking and free software (287 comments)

As if working without getting paid producing free software isn't bad enough, you have these wannabe who forks stuff and claim it as their code. Like Mambo and Joomla, B2Evolution and Wordpress, Ubuntu and Redhat. I'm sure writing OSS software is a very profitable way of making a living, much better than writing closed-source software!

about 2 years ago

TypeScript: Microsoft's Replacement For JavaScript

luckymae Re:DEFINITELY No!!! (488 comments)

But it's not coming from Microsoft. Look at the incompatibilities introduced by their past technologies: C# (copycat from Java) and simply calling it C#, MS Internet Explorer (the worst), Web Form (.NET 2.0), etc, Active Directory (vs LDAP). These are nothing but fads.

about 2 years ago

TypeScript: Microsoft's Replacement For JavaScript

luckymae DEFINITELY No!!! (488 comments)

This is another example of Microsoft trying to pollute open standard! Yes, I am aware that it's under Apache 2.0 License, but they're just going to introduce chaos and evil as usual like their Sharepoint piece of $h1t. DEFINITELY NO NO NO NO NO !!! NO NO NO NO NO !!! NO NO NO NO NO !!! NO NO NO NO NO !!! NO NO NO NO NO !!!

about 2 years ago

Prime Ministerial Plagiarism Farce Continues In Romania

luckymae It's GPL, so it's not a plagiarism (60 comments)

The paper is GPL, Stallman approved. So there's no plagiarism at all.

more than 2 years ago


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