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Who's On WhatsApp, and Why?

luiss Dominican Republic (280 comments)

Just providing my own anecdote to the conversation. Seems like the entire* country of Dominican Republic is using WhatsApp. From what I recall, BlackBerry Messenger had become the IM app of choice. People saw it as "free SMS". Everyone wanted a BlackBerry, just for the messenger app. Long after RIM had lost most of it's marketshare here in the US, it was still going strong there. Eventually though, they couldn't ignore the iPhone anymore, and WhatsApp was one of the few IM apps that worked across the phones. Now, black berry is dead, and iPhones have iMessage, but WhatApp has momentum, and much better group messaging features. I personally don't know of anyone in the US that uses WhatsApp without there having been a need to communicate which someone internationally that has it. Stop looking for users in the US. That's not where the WhatApps users are.

about a year ago

Sprint's $199 HTC EVO 4G Gets Release Date of June 4

luiss Re:Still Cheaper Than Ridiculously Expensive AT&am (182 comments)

Hardly. I just just checked prices (because I'm out of contract with AT&T and thinking of upgrading to a smart phone), and AT&T will charge me $130/mo for two iPhones while Sprint will charge me $128/mo for two Droid phones - and that's without the 4G tariff.

I don't see how you can price a comparable plan on AT&T for $130.
I have 4 phones on my family plan and everyone in my family would sure like an iPhone, but the value is just not there when you compare AT&T prices to Sprint.
You would have to find an AT&T plan that charges $40 for 2 lines since you need to add at least $90 in add-ons ($60 (2x$30) for iPhone data plan + $30 for family messaging) to match the Sprint plan.
The "Sprint Everything Data Family - with Any Mobile, AnytimeSM" get you, for $129/month:
    1500 anytime minutes
      free nights and weekends (7PM-7AM)
    'unlimited' pda internet
    Free anytime Mobile to ANY Mobile (this is huge!)
The closest similar AT&T plan would be the "Nation 1400 FamilyTalk w/Rollover® Minutes" plan, for a total $179/month and:
    nights and weekends are 9PM to 6AM
    free mobile to mobile only to other AT&T phones "from within your calling area".

more than 4 years ago



Palm Profile website outage diables Palm Pre.

luiss luiss writes  |  more than 5 years ago

luiss writes "Palm Pre owners have to register and create a Palm Profile before they can activate your phone. The Palm Profile website has been down since sometime last night. If your phone happens to contact the site while it's down, it prompts you to "Restart" or "Erase All Data"! If you restart, it will not activate until you login to your Palm Profile, which is down. It does give you the option to make a 911 call or contact customer support. Customer support is not available. Palm Pre forums are slowly coming to life as Pre owners across the US start to wake up and finding their Pre has become a brick until further notice."


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