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Amazon Launches Subscription-Based Billing And Payments Service

lunatick Re:OLD news (76 comments)

Came to say this, Already done, but felt the need to say something.

So yeah old news

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Should I Get Google Glass?

lunatick Thank you to those that seriously replied. (421 comments)

Thank you to the /. community for their input. Based on the replies my first instinct was correct. Forget about it!
I work as a FF/Medic and I know there are apps being developed for that area but I have no ability to create apps for it beyond an idea. I was hoping you could put notes on it as a heads up display that may help in patient care or in rescue.

From the list of apps that some provided me I find the apps all useless.

I appreciated all the input and hope others find it useful as well.

Thank you

about 7 months ago

Microsoft Customers Hit With New Wave of Fake Tech Support Calls

lunatick they tried it with my mother in law (201 comments)

She doesn't even own a computer. My (computer ignorant) wife was there and spoke to them. When they asked her to turn on the computer she said, "well if you can tell there is malware on the computer you would know whether it was on or off and already be able to access it. Do you think I am stupid?"

I have never been so proud of her.

about 10 months ago

FEMA Grounds Private Drones That Were Helping To Map Boulder Floods

lunatick Re:Typical government thinking. (356 comments)

I should rephrase it as typical federal government thinking.
Just FYI I am a FF/Medic we have written procedures for almost everything. There is some leeway but if you deviate from the SOP's and something goes wrong it's your butt on the firing line.

1 year,13 days

FEMA Grounds Private Drones That Were Helping To Map Boulder Floods

lunatick Typical government thinking. (356 comments)

If it is not in the written procedure STOP IT NOW!!!!
Seriously. They have a procedure they have to go through and follow to the letter. There is no room for innovation or individual thinking when it comes to Federal agencies. You deviate from written procedure you get written up or lose your job.
I have run into it enough times in action to know this was probably the case.

1 year,13 days

BitCoin Mining, Other Virtual Activity Taxable Under US Law

lunatick so how would you pay? (239 comments)

If mining gold in MMORPG's becomes taxable then would you be able to pay in the currency of the game? Will you be able to pay in bitcoins for bitcoin mining?
Is there anything that the US Government won't try to tax?

about a year ago

High Security Animal Disease Lab Faces Uncertain Future

lunatick Re:Plum Island ain't closing anytime soon. (105 comments)

Actually they don't study anything that can be transmitted by rat, They study diseases that effect agriculture (cows, horses, pigs etc...) with the exception of avian diseases.

If there were a lack of containment there is little on Long Island that would be infected as there are few if any cattle ranches there. The deer population would take a hit as would horses, but there are no ranches so to speak of. Kansas on the other hand has plenty of such and an outbreak could devastate the economy. Again this is the reason for it being on an island in the first place. If a deer gets on plum island it is killed to prevent any possibility of the spread of disease. How are you going to control that in an land locked area?

about 2 years ago

High Security Animal Disease Lab Faces Uncertain Future

lunatick Re:Plum Island ain't closing anytime soon. (105 comments)

Technically they were both downgraded to tropical storms before they hit Long Island. Long Island hasn't had an actual Hurricane since Gloria in 1985.

about 2 years ago

High Security Animal Disease Lab Faces Uncertain Future

lunatick Plum Island ain't closing anytime soon. (105 comments)

I know people that work on plum island. They say that the place will be open till at least 2021. The decision to move it was purely political. At the time the local governments did not want a level 4 facility on the island, Once it was announced that the research would be moved to Kansas they recanted. There has also been much discussion about the wisdom of moving it to the middle of tornado alley and cattle country. Terrorism has had little effect on the decision, an island makes it very easy to control who comes and goes as compared to a facility reachable by foot. It would not surprise me to see them upgrade Plum island and cancel the project in Kansas, on the other hand it is up to the usual political backroom deals.

about 2 years ago

55,000 Twitter Accounts Hacked, Passwords Leaked

lunatick Think I was hit (66 comments)

Maybe it's just a coincidence but I checked my twitter account and couldn't log in, had to reset my password. Damn now I need to find a password other than 12345, BTW could you pass the Peri-Air?

more than 2 years ago

DSL Installation Fail

lunatick Yep the fire Marshal and the town (371 comments)

Agree with Daniel
Call the fire marshal, and the town, I am sure there are codes regarding instillation of something like that.

more than 3 years ago

For Some Medical Workers, a Flu Shot Or Possible Job Loss

lunatick Panic over nothing. (541 comments)

The point isn't whether the flu vaccine is necessary or not. The point is you are mandated to get it if you work in a NYS article 28 facility (section 205 of the NYS public health law specifically) you are forced to get this shot if you want to keep your job. This includes care agencies, Hospitals, Nursing homes etc...

Is the vaccine safe, who knows? They just started clinical trials. This is the problem Health care workers are being forced into the clinical trial. I know for a fact that it is not FDA approved yet, and because it is a vaccine for a "pandemic" disease it is allowed to bend the rules of acceptable ingredients. The mercury content of the vaccine is higher than normally allowed. available here While a healthy male may have no problem with this, how about a pregnant female? Some of the ingredients are known to worsen thyroid conditions . The problem is no one really knows what will happen.

Also why mandate the swine flu shot but not the regular flu shot. 12% of people die from the flu every year (CDC reports) yet as of June of 2009 the swine flu has about a 6% mortality rate (Again CDC reports).

This disease is less deadly than most other strains of the flu yet there is panic over it. The big deal is while the normal flu may put you out of commission for 3 days the swine flu can knock you out for 6 days to 2 weeks.

The CDC is not mandating health care workers get the shot, only NYS is. Plus you have to sign multiple wavers that you won't sue anyone should you end up sick from it. Basically you are given the choice of playing Russian roulette or lose your job. You have a 1 in 6 chance of getting the bullet but if you get the bullet your chances don't matter you are stuck with the reality. A lot of the people educating people on the Vaccine when asked if they will get it, turn around and say no. How can they truthfully educate people on how safe this vaccine is if they refuse to get it?

I know in Manhattan on Oct 13 an injunction is being filed by PATRICIA FINN on behalf of all health care workers, and it may go class action suit if the injunction is approved.

Fyi I just gave a lecture on swine flu and have a ton more info if any one wants it, most of it is available off CDC websites though.

more than 4 years ago

Tesla's New York Laboratory Up For Sale

lunatick Re:amazing how this news keeps changeing (183 comments)

If they take the place down I will be very disappointed. It's nice to be able to look at history almost every day.

more than 5 years ago

Tesla's New York Laboratory Up For Sale

lunatick amazing how this news keeps changeing (183 comments)

I work across the street from his old lab (on Tesla st no less) The place is in serious disrepair, but it would be nice to see it preserved. His transmission towers are in wreckage all over the DEC property on the south side of 25a in rocky point.

Last I heard 1 week ago the museum was a go, guess things change.

more than 5 years ago

GameStop Selling Games Played By Employees As New

lunatick Re:This isn't news...been this way since before 19 (243 comments)

I had a few friends that worked for Babages back in the early 90's They did the same all the time. Again the management wanted them to take them home and play them so they could advise customers on it.

They had all the equipment in the back to reseal the games and CD's so no one would know.

more than 5 years ago
top Disappears, Stranding Customers

lunatick Same thing happened to me (179 comments)

Same thing hapened to me. My hosting company stopped paying the bills. The planet was where he had his servers and they refused to allow anyone access without the old host's permission.

End result I found a new hosting company and have been doing well with them.

It just pisses me off all the user submitted content I hadn't backed up yet.

about 7 years ago



Should I get Google glass?

lunatick lunatick writes  |  about 7 months ago

lunatick (32698) writes "I put in my application for Google Glass as a joke. I never figured I would be selected. Well in less than one week I got my invite to buy Google Glass. My main hold back is the $1500 price tag for a device that just seems to be a camera and navigation aid. Does anyone in the /. community have Google Glass and can they give some advice to the rest of us considering it? Thank you"
Link to Original Source

Make Mass murderers anonymous

lunatick lunatick writes  |  about 2 years ago

lunatick writes "My request to the /. community. I have created a petition on to ban the media from releasing the names and photos of mass murderers. Take away their fame and I think you eliminate 1 motive. Sign the petition here
I realize this will not magically solve all the murders, but I truly think it would help. If these people did not become medial legends they would not inspire copy cats in search of fame. Please pass it on. It needs 25000 signatures by 1/13/13 Thank you"

Link to Original Source

Microsoft lowers skydrive free storage to 7 GB unless you upgrade soon.

lunatick lunatick writes  |  more than 2 years ago

lunatick writes "It seems Microsoft is doing a stealth shrink on the Skydrive. I logged in today and happened to see a small notice that my limit was being lowered to 7GB. As a Loyal user I had the opportunity to upgrade back to 25GB for free, but if I hadn't logged in to the website I never would have seen it. Login now and reclaim your 18GB before it's too late."
Link to Original Source

Manditory H1N1 Vaccine for Health workers suspende

lunatick lunatick writes  |  more than 4 years ago

lunatick (32698) writes "The controversial mandatory swine flu vaccine for health care workers in NY has been suspended While the reason for the suspension was stated as a shortage of the Vaccine a connection was found Showing State Health Commissioner Richard F. Daines, M.D. and/or his wife may directly profit from the sale of the vaccine Within hours of that connection being questioned on a radio show and the podcast being distributed the announcement was made suspending the order. The health care community of NYS is petitioning the State Attorney general to investigate the connection."
Link to Original Source

lunatick lunatick writes  |  more than 7 years ago

lunatick writes "I have been getting a ton of spam on my forums. Despite e-mail activation, image text input, auto-banning anyone that trys to input a webpage I get an average of 20 new sign ups a day and 2 actually activate and post Spam. I added a $1000 per day advertisement fee for the forums as a TOS, but how do i enforce this. I tried billing 1 company and was slapped with a harassment threat. I obtained the address through a whois lookup. Does anyone in the /. community know of any legal president for holding the advertised companies/websites liable for the spam of the advertising companies they hire?"


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