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Cracking Open the SharePoint Fortress

lurker4hire Re:bah, sharepoint. (275 comments)

$300 to support an open document format!?!?

more than 5 years ago

Give Up the Fight For Personal Privacy?

lurker4hire privacy != isolation (751 comments)

privacy isn't about keeping secrets, keeping yourself isolated, but instead about having the power to decide who has access to things you would rather keep "private". very few people keep everything private, in fact most humans, social creatures that we are, need to share otherwise private things with trusted friends and family.

there came a point for me when I realized that the benefits of sharing day to day details of my life with my "friends" outweighed my anxiety over sharing them. to share the types of details that tools like fb allow previously required constant, repetitive physical contact (i.e. being in high school), but online i've strengthened valued social bonds that were very tenuous before due to geography or passage of time (and contrary to popular opinion, you can simply reject those who you would have rejected by not associating with before)

if you have balanced social life you will likely find some use for fb etc, in terms that it increases potential social encounters.

however if you are socially insecure in some way you may

a) become overly dependent of online social tools as a means of reassuring yourself that you are socially relevant


b) avoid them all like the plague despite the fact that all your friends are organizing their social lives there (thus reducing your opportunities for social contact and feeding a self fulfilling "bah i'm better than them anyways" attitude)

the main problem with most social web tools is that there is a lack of transparency over how they handle your information on the backend (fb for example, sure you can pretty closely control how your friends see your data, but what about all those annoying apps and fb the company itself? how can i know, in detail, what they're gonna do with my info? heck, it's not even crystal clear who has access to what info wrt applications)


more than 6 years ago


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