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Do Embedded Systems Need a Time To Die?

lyberth Windows CE (187 comments)

If the embedded system is running Windows CE, then YES! DIE NOW. otherwise, i can't see why

about 7 months ago

Facebook Testing Translate Feature For Comments?

lyberth Start with (91 comments)

If they would stop changing my settings of Most Recent to Top News every time i look away and of course fix the chat windows to something useful, then that would be fine - if i cant understand what my friends are posting, then its probably not for me anyway.
Knowing how other things got implemented, this is probably what will happen:
The service will be offered for some users, quickly followed by offering it to all users, whoever accepts are stuck with it and can do nothing to switch it off, and despite what they think all of a sudden EVERYBODY gets that feature.

more than 3 years ago

Given Truth, the Misinformed Believe Lies More

lyberth iPhone users (961 comments)

I see iPhone users written all over this, flaming not inteded.

more than 4 years ago

Human Laughter Up To 16 Million Years Old

lyberth it is a fact (149 comments)

yes, it is infact just seconds younger than the classic "pull my finger" joke

more than 5 years ago

Cape Wind Ready To Bring First Offshore Wind Farm

lyberth What about the one in denmark? (147 comments)

So the fact that there has been one in denmark for quite some time doesnt count or what?

more than 5 years ago



What is happening on the SSD front?

lyberth lyberth writes  |  about 4 years ago

lyberth (319170) writes "So what is happening on the SSD front now?
the news have been few and far between. Prices have remained fairly stable and capacity is only climbing very very slowly comared to nearly any other storage technology.
Why is this, why dont we see a bitter pricewar between Intel, OCZ, kingston and any other company that makes those drives?
Is there perhaps a silent accept by the producers, that as long as there are hungry customers out there, then nobody needs to lower their prices?
Or is it just that much harder to make a SSD disk than to make a usb thumb drive?"

Who uses tablet pcs?

lyberth lyberth writes  |  more than 4 years ago

lyberth (319170) writes "With all the hype about Apples new iWhatever I wonder who is using the MS (or other OS) versions of tablet pcs? I have met alot of people that are very into this hype, but when I ask what they would use it for, how they would use it and where, i get no good answers. So i figure if anyone will know, it will be the Slashdot guys. So please: give the Who, How, Where about the tablet pcs.
Does anyone really use them?"

Copenhagen monitoring IOC congress with Macs

lyberth lyberth writes  |  more than 5 years ago

lyberth writes "When Obama visits Copenhagen this week for the IOC conference along with other big people like Oprah, Ban Ki Moon and others, everything will be monitored using the HS2 system based on Mac computers.
Looking for a replacement of the original HS1 system (also based on mac) they went to view what the UK and US authorities had made and found that their Windows based were too slow and difficult to manage. They found that they had to double the amount of people to manage the system, just to keep the current overview.
The article has some pictures of the actual monitoring station, placed in the old womens penitentiary.
Among the hardware are 13 Mac Pros and 73 Mac Minis
Original language found here."

Link to Original Source

free or cheap network measuring tools

lyberth lyberth writes  |  more than 5 years ago

lyberth (319170) writes "I want to make some measurements of networks. Currently i know of the excelent but very expensive tools from Ixia or Codima. It should be able to measure things like throughput, jitter, packetloss so that it will be easy to agree with a customer that there is or is not a problem with the network before implementing VoIP. If the tools can find causes of network flaws its fine, but main issue is to document a networks readines for VoIP. What tools do you recommend?"

Intel accused of tax evation - 650 million worth

lyberth lyberth writes  |  more than 5 years ago

lyberth (319170) writes "The Danish tax office Skat is going after a number of high-profile international companies which it believes have avoided full tax payments by cheaply transferring assets or funds within their organisations, the danish newspaper JP.dk says. By internally moving products at lower prices Intel avoid having to pay taxes in Denmark, the amount runs up to dkr 3,600,000,000 or $ 650 million including interest. Intel of course denies but otherwise niether Intel nor Skat is commenting at the moment."

lyberth lyberth writes  |  more than 8 years ago

lyberth writes "The danish court today ruled in favour of the Danish Recordcompany Assosiation IFPI who demanded that danish internetprovider Tele2.dk block connections to allofmp3.com. This means that not only all Danish internet providers will have to block access to the popular site, but all european ISPs will be forced to follow this ruling. No word yet about any apeals. Articles so far only in danish here and here."

lyberth lyberth writes  |  more than 8 years ago

lyberth writes "The danish HIFI chain Hi-fi Klubben, that operates in Denmark, Sweeden and Norway decided to sell out all their remaining iPods and removing them from the catalogue, atcicle in danish here. Reason being that Apple simply doesn't provide an acceptable service level. Examples given are that Apple doesnt provide a 2 year warrenty that all other products in the store have, and that customers are not allowed to hand in broken iPods to the shop, but have to mail it to Apple themselves, this also is a violation of the danish comsumer protection law. Also a main problem is that it takes a month to repair an iPod, they state here, which is an unacceptable long time."


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