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Philip Zimmermann and 'Guilt' Over PGP

m00t Re:A Related Question (837 comments)

No kidding.
Oh no! PGP *may* have been used as a tool by the terrorists! So what? Why whould Mr. Zimmerman feel guilt over such a thing?

Yes, what happened is tragic. But shouldn't the people who made the roads used by the terrorists to get to the airport feel the same guilt? What about the people who built the World Trade Center? Why shouldn't they be tormented by guilt? How about the people who taught the terrorists to fly? What about the ones who made the cars they used? The blades? The clothes? The freedom they used to get as far as they did? Hrm? Well? By the same token, why shouldn't they feel as guilty? Because they shouldn't. ANYTHING can be used for evil. Does this mean that we should dispense with every single thing to be "safe"? That would include dispensing with our lives, for they, too, can be used for evil.

Whoever edited the article to include that garbage should take a few decades to think about what they have implied by their "simple" addition.

more than 13 years ago


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