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Dyslexic in English but not in Chinese

mAsterdam This is not a language issue at all (69 comments)

Why do so many people focus on the language difference? Headline madness, maybe.

One writing system goes through sounds, another one does not. What would the findings be if the group of chinese children would be from another area where they speak a completely different language but use the same chinese writing system?

Sound related skills are necessary for one type of system (say sonogram), but not for the other (ideogram). The ideogram system may exclusively require other skills.
Surely there are language-specific dyslextic fenomena - but it is a mistake to think that the language difference is the major difference here. This is about something else entirely.

more than 10 years ago



Cars on air

mAsterdam mAsterdam writes  |  more than 7 years ago

mAsterdam (103457) writes "Ideas to run vehicles and more specifically cars on air aren't new. Guy Negre's "zero pollution" (hm... how do they compress air?) car runs on compressed air.

In February, India's largest car company Tata Motors announced to have such cars produced by 2008; serious competition for NASA's car of the future . The car needs 300 liters of 300 bar compressed air on board to drive 200 km at 110 kmh (68 mph). The cars are to be produced locally. According to De Standaard (article in dutch) Jan Peetermans of Wommelgem plans to produce small MDI-based citycars out of glued together polyester and aluminium parts in Belgium by the end of next year. The cheapest model is expected to be priced at 4.000 Euro."

mAsterdam mAsterdam writes  |  more than 7 years ago

mAsterdam (103457) writes "Ok, this is in dutch, but the real geek will certainly appreciate the importance of mms://wm1.streamzilla.jet-stream.nl/nutv=nu/6cb69c 96cc662941a8c1d39609e79bd0.wmv showing the discoverers of the (claimed) most magical square yet."


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