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The Myths and Realities of Synthetic Bioweapons

ma11achy Oh my (35 comments)

Apologies for bringing down the tone of the conversation, but I read this as "Myths and Realities of Synthetic Blowjobs". 0_0

I really need to get out more.


Ask Slashdot: Remote Support For Disconnected, Computer-Illiterate Relatives

ma11achy Why not use another medium (333 comments)

I see this as an issue with the environment they're using. Currently - the way they are trying to communicate has *way* too many barriers and risks.
In my opinion, the risks outweigh the limited benefits that their "ISP" provides.

So....write a letter. Communicate over snail mail. No viruses, no Nigerian princes trying to dupe your relations out of their posessions.
This of course, is assuming that regular snail mail is not also blocked.

2 days ago

My plans for summer ...

ma11achy Every flight is a grand adventure! (187 comments)

I'm a private pilot here in Ireland and every time I go across country (or further) flying, I treat it as a grand adventure. So, roll on summer!

about a year ago

US Air Force To Suffer From PS3 Update

ma11achy Re:Sony's angle (349 comments)

Interesting....I hadn't seen this.

I'll make sure to do more research in future before opening my mouth ;-)

more than 4 years ago

US Air Force To Suffer From PS3 Update

ma11achy Sony's angle (349 comments)

I'm trying to see Sony's angle on this and my opinion is that they're about to drop the entire kaboodle that is the PS3 after failing so miserably against giants like the Wii and the XBox 360.

They don't want the extra work involved in maintaining what is in essence, a virtual machine on their flagging games console.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not an anti-PS3 fanboy, it's the only games console I own.

more than 4 years ago

How Do You Accurately Estimate Programming Time?

ma11achy The Mythical Man Month may provide some insight (483 comments)

I would advise reading "The Mythical Man Month" by Frederick P. Brooks. It is considered "The Bible" of the human elements of Software Engineering by many. By "human elements" I mean to include your request for information on estimating project time.

Here is a quote from page 20 of the book based on one portion of a software engineering project:

"In examining conventionally scheduled projects, I have found that few allowed one-half of the projected schedule for testing, but that most did indeed spend half of the actual schedule for that purpose. Many of these were on schedule until and except in system testing." (Brooks, 1995)


Brooks, Frederick P. (1995) The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering: Addison-Wesley Professional, p. 20

more than 4 years ago

I usually fly...

ma11achy Re:Pilot's seat (549 comments)

It's the only way to fly. The others are described as "being flown."

A1 brother :)

There is no other feeling in the world like it.

more than 4 years ago

Giant Black Hole At Milky Way's Core Stays Slim

ma11achy Exercise (61 comments)

This is why exercise is good for you, people. Look at all the stuff its eating and it still manages to stay slim.

more than 4 years ago

Boost a Weak 3G Modem Signal, With a Saucepan

ma11achy Re:Now I am torn (146 comments)

LOL Absolutely brilliant :)

more than 4 years ago

Geek Travel To London From the US — Tips?

ma11achy Re:Have a great trip! (1095 comments)

I agree to the above....except the London Eye.

It costs approx. £17 pounds sterling (about $30 dollars) to go on a ferris wheel for 20 minutes. Daylight robbery.

more than 4 years ago

Google Street View Wants You to Direct New Tricycle Imager

ma11achy Re:SDSU (115 comments)

Classic! I was just checking out the zoom feature on that very same piece of a...streeview earlier :)

more than 4 years ago

Will You Stream Or Download Your Mobile Music?

ma11achy Neither - I'll buy a CD and rip it (175 comments)

I like to have a choice in how I store my music and what quality I store it at if I have it online.

Professional Audio CD's are sampled and encoded at a much higher rate than MP3's - thus if I want to store my music in a lossless or a lossy format, I can.

about 5 years ago

While Coding, How Often Do You Refer To Language Docs?

ma11achy I can get mixed up between the languages sometimes (303 comments)

I code and script in many different languages.

Java, C, Perl, Shell, PHP, etc.

It can be a bit crazy trying to remember the little nuances of each one when swapping between them. That's where the books come in very handy for me.

more than 5 years ago

Navigating a Geek Marriage?

ma11achy Nows not the time to be logical (1146 comments)

Small piece of advice.

We geeks find it hard to "get in touch with our emotional side" sometimes...

Concentrate on enjoying each other's company. Enjoy being with each other. Stop trying to analyse the hell out of it and just ENJOY it :)

more than 5 years ago

Computers Key To Air France Crash

ma11achy For crying out loud, does anyone edit the editors? (911 comments)

I am a trainee pilot and this has struck a huge nerve with me.

There is NO substance in the article mentioned and the summary is basically a troll. Slashdot - please do not descend to the level of a tabloid newspaper reporting on emotions.

What a stupid, stupid article.

more than 5 years ago

Reliable Male Contraceptive In the Works

ma11achy Re:Possibly because it worked? (519 comments)

You can look forward to becoming slower, weaker and more passive if you like. To be honest, that sounds like giving up.
Me....well, I'm going to continue working and hoping towards a better quality of life with the aid of science and technology. (Just in case your claim that there *is* an afterlife is somewhat flawed).

more than 5 years ago

Reflected Gravitational Waves

ma11achy Possible correlation? (329 comments)

From the article:
"If there were an obvious interaction between a superconducting films and gravitational waves, wouldn't Gravity Probe B have picked them up somehow?.....As it turns out, the experiment has been throwing out anomalous results ever since it was launched......The team has puzzled over them for years now....."

I really do love those moments in science when something you have puzzled over for years may have an elegant answer after all.

more than 5 years ago



DARPA funding memristor based AI

ma11achy ma11achy writes  |  more than 3 years ago

ma11achy (150206) writes "DARPA funding memristor based approach to building a machine that learns, reasons, and even emotes its way to solving problems, the way people do.

From the article:

"So why should you believe us when we say we finally have the technology that will lead to a true artificial intelligence? Because of MoNETA, the brain on a chip. MoNETA (Modular Neural Exploring Traveling Agent) is the software we're designing at Boston University's department of cognitive and neural systems, which will run on a brain-inspired microprocessor under development at HP Labs in California. It will function according to the principles that distinguish us mammals most profoundly from our fast but witless machines.""

Link to Original Source

Irish ISP to cut broadband over illegal downloads

ma11achy ma11achy writes  |  more than 4 years ago

ma11achy (150206) writes "From the article:

"Ireland is the first country in the world where a system of “graduated response” is being put in place. Under the pilot scheme, Eircom customers who illegally share copyrighted music will get three warnings before having their broadband service cut off for a year.""

Link to Original Source

Robot Takes Place of Human Driver In Test

ma11achy ma11achy writes  |  more than 5 years ago

ma11achy (150206) writes "IEEE Spectrum reports that a robot controlled car is used in "vehicle misuse testing"

From the article: The robot driver can automatically follow a GPS-defined route stored in its memory
(try that humans) or be remote controlled by operators, a feature that should be helpful during the
"vehicle misuse testing.""

Protein folding gets interactive

ma11achy ma11achy writes  |  more than 5 years ago

ma11achy (150206) writes "Protein folding ala folding@home just got a little more interesting....and interactive.
From Scientific American:
How thousands of would-be scientists are helping a team of researchers figure out protein shapes
via the Internet, and in the comfort of their own homes."

NSA Whistleblowers reveal extent of eveasdropping

ma11achy ma11achy writes  |  more than 5 years ago

ma11achy (150206) writes "From the article:
Despite pledges by President George W. Bush and American intelligence officials
to the contrary, hundreds of US citizens overseas have been eavesdropped on as they
called friends and family back home, according to two former military intercept operators who worked
at the giant National Security Agency (NSA) center in Fort Gordon, Georgia."

First robot controlled by living brain tissue

ma11achy ma11achy writes  |  about 6 years ago

ma11achy (150206) writes "From the article: Meet Gordon, probably the world's first robot to be controlled exclusively by living brain tissue. Stitched together from cultured rat neurons, Gordon's primitive grey matter was designed at the University of Reading by scientists who unveiled the neuron-powered machine on Wednesday."

Air Traffic Controller lands stricken plane by SMS

ma11achy ma11achy writes  |  more than 6 years ago

ma11achy (150206) writes "From the article: Five people on a flight from Kerry to Jersey received mobile phone text instructions from a quick-thinking air traffic controller when he guided them in to a safe landing at Cork, after the plane lost all onboard electrical power, communications and weather radar soon after take-off from Kerry airport. Read all about it here."

7.5 million records stolen from Revenue in UK

ma11achy ma11achy writes  |  more than 5 years ago

ma11achy (150206) writes "Sky News is reporting that personal details of 7.5 million child benefit claimants from the Internal Revenue in the UK have gone missing. More on the story here"

Steorn to demonstrate in London today

ma11achy ma11achy writes  |  more than 7 years ago

ma11achy (150206) writes "The Irish company Steorn, who claim to have invented a free energy device
is to demonstrate it in London today, reports Breaking News Ireland.

From the article:
"The Irish company which claims to have designed a machine that creates
energy from thin air is due to put the technology on display today.
Steorn claims its Orbo device uses the interaction of magnetic
fields to generate a constant source of free and clean energy.
If true, the technology would defy the laws of physics.""


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