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Men Playing as Women

maastrictian Re:WomenGamers Article = Good Choice (359 comments)

I don't understand why the gaming industry (tm) doesn't focus on the female market more. Recently the comics industry (for comparison) has been working pretty hard to find female writers and write for women (as an example, check out Promethia (by Alan Moore, don't know who publishes)). The logic is simple, women make up 50% of our potential market share. They are currently 10% (or whatever). We could sell so many more comics! I don't see a similar trend in the gaming industry. Laura Croft (and the many other spin off FPS's with female protaganists (Dino Crisis for instance)) are pretty clearly made for the adolecent male set, despite their *potential* for being geared towards woman (the improbible anatomy kind of eliminates most feminist mesages). In short, I don't see the trend in gaming that I do in comics. Admitedly Danger Girl (and other... adolecent comics) are still being published, but I feel like comics are making an effort. And for economic reasons! Why not computer games?

more than 14 years ago


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