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HTC Becomes Highest Shipping Smartphone Vendor In the US

maccam Re:Good old conspiracy theory. (151 comments)

Since iPhones, whether sold in an Apple Store or via a Telco, are activated via iTunes, I would suspect that Apple has pretty accurate units-sold numbers.

more than 2 years ago

Tennessee Bans Posting 'Offensive' Images Online

maccam The Constitution (372 comments)

Surely this law violates the right to freedom of expression? Will certainly be challenged in the courts.

more than 3 years ago

The Case Against Net Neutrality

maccam Re:Choices (702 comments)

"The goal of society and government is to benefit certain people to the detriment of other people"

I think you mean perceived detriment. Even a very large corporation will benefit directly only a tiny segment of the population--a segment motivated by greed. The government should regulate so that society as whole benefits over the longer term.

more than 4 years ago

Most Useful OS For High-School Science Education?

maccam Why choose Windows? (434 comments)

This thread seems to be dominated by the pro Windows crowd. For what it is worth, I work in a Mac dominated science department at a University with an IT support unit that does not support Apple and has lobbied actively to discourage any use of Apple products. Two weeks ago IT began exploring ways to begin Apple support. What caused the reversal in policy? Over the the past decade Apple usage has increased in all departments, and the voice demanding Mac support has increased in volume. Last week the University revealed that 50% of the access to the campus-wide wireless was from Apple devices. All this happened in the face of active opposition from central IT, which is a pretty strong statement of the Mac platform succeeding on merit.

Ten years of consulting on university IT issues and working in the only Mac majority department at the time, demonstrated to me that Mac support is much easier than Windows. What is more difficult, is to support Macs exactly the same as Windows, which is what Windows support staff feel compelled to do. What Windows support staff mostly fail to recognize is that Macs don't need the wild support gymnastics the Windows requires.

Theneed to run a gatekeeper (Antivirus software) to protect OS is an admission the underlying OS is so hopelessly screwed up that it can never be fixed. I realize that there are circumstances where Windows is the only recourse, but why choose to use that mess where it is not necessary?

One additional comment: Windows software controlling instrumentation has also been mentioned in several comments. Using this implementation as a case for teaching Windows is a red herring. Much of this software has been ported from Unix, uses very eccentric UI elements (paragons of poor design and bad programming) and mostly freezes the OS version it was written on, because OS updates will break it. Our university IT support won't touch these computers. We had one very expensive analytical machine networked because the manufacturer did remote online support. That machine got a Windows virus and was down for two weeks; it has never been networked again.

more than 4 years ago

XML Co-Founder Joins Google, Blasts iPhone

maccam Re:To be fair (628 comments)

Wonderful analysis.

more than 4 years ago

Windows 7 Memory Usage Critic Outed As Fraud

maccam Re:Eh wouldn't surprise me... (451 comments)

I bet AERO did not run very well (or at all?) on that under a grand computer. Eliminating AERO is how the speed is achieved. AERO is the first Windows GUI that stresses the hardware comparably to the Mac OS X. There lies the true comparison. Macs have always had a resource hungry graphics layer, but the history, even with Mac Classic, is successive releases always improved speed. The history of Windows is successive releases always slow it down. Will history repeat itself with W7?

more than 4 years ago

Apple Seeks To Ban Nokia Imports To US

maccam Re:Arrogant Apple Strikes Again! (374 comments)

Who exactly has been crushed by Apple simply for simply criticing the company? Paul Thurott and Rob Enderle have been "mentioning Apple in a less than positive light" and worse for years. Why have they not been crushed by the arrogant Apple that seems to exist in your mind?

more than 4 years ago

Why Apple Denied the Google Latitude App

maccam Re:Times change (308 comments)

The facts of this charge of anti-competitiveness against Apple are hardly clear, yet you have tried and convicted Apple of the crimes of MS? Shouldn't we wait for the whole story, before condemning Apple?

more than 4 years ago

What's Happened In Mobile Over the Past 10 Years

maccam Re:In other news... (149 comments)

I think it is about time to retire the "Al Gore invented the Internet" jokes. Al Gore never made that claim; the RNC created that sound bite and released it to the media. Al Gore facilitated the internet by sponsoring the legislation that funded the infrastructure of the internet, and credit for that is the statement made by Gore that the RNC distorted into the famous "invented" quote. Gore deserves credit for having the vision to appreciate the importance of the internet, when other legislators did not. Even the 'the father of the Internet', Vint Cerf, gives Gore that credit.

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Responds To "Like OS X" Comment

maccam Re:Look and Feel (505 comments)

Why say allegedly? MS eventually paid Apple (Scully's time) for use of some interface features to head off that lawsuit. The flagship apps of Office were Mac apps before long they were Windows apps. So, you expect us to believe that MS used none of what they learned during years of writing for Apple's GUI in the development of Windows?

more than 4 years ago

Wait For Windows 7 SP1, Support Firm Warns Users

maccam Re:It will be different this time (433 comments)

However, this Mac ad is humorous because it does accurately reflect statements/promises issued about the Windows releases mentioned in the ad.

more than 4 years ago

Open Source Could Have Saved Ontario Hundreds of Millions

maccam Re:Government at its finest (294 comments)

Except in the cases of monopolies or small groups of price-fixing corporations that provide essential services (energy, health insurance and care,etc). If one is dependent on such services, then the fees corporations charge are completely analogous with taxes, only corporations can raise their "taxes" at will with no appeal possible.

more than 4 years ago

Why Isn't the US Government Funding Research?

maccam Re:That's Obvious (599 comments)

The point of the war - to stop the Americans supporting an aggressive empire-building regime in Europe

Don't you mean "supporting 'the other' aggressive empire-building regime in Europe"?

more than 5 years ago

Why Isn't the US Government Funding Research?

maccam Re:That's Obvious (599 comments)

The point of the war - to stop the Americans supporting an aggressive empire-building regime in Europe - became irrelevant with Waterloo, and the war ended.

Don't you mean, "to stop the Americans supporting 'the other' aggressive empire-building regime in Europe..."

more than 5 years ago

Computer Textbooks For High Schoolers?

maccam Re:High School Graduate Computer Careers? (361 comments)

I agree wholeheartedly. I haven't used crossover cables for desktop - laptop connections in the past two years. And, as you state, MDI/MDIX also eliminates the need to use crossover cables to add switches to a LAN, which was probably their most important use.

about 6 years ago



Microsoft offered to buy Yahoo

maccam maccam writes  |  more than 6 years ago

maccam writes "The New York Times

reports that Microsoft Corp has offered to acquire Yahoo Inc in a proposed cash and stock deal."


maccam has no journal entries.

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