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How to Leave a Job on Good Terms?

mactov The terrible twos (755 comments)

It's a LOT harder for employers to screw you over when you know your rights AND take steps to see that they are enforced.

Agreed. Keep your word, keep records, keep your nose clean, and remember this is an adult having a public temper tantrum. If the tantrum escalates into actually doing you harm, calmly announce that you would hate to be forced to call the labor board or an attorney.

On some level, he knows he's being a jerk and making a fool of himself. If you meet that with a calm, pleasant, firm demeanor, he'll know that he may be acting like a two-year-old, but he's messing with an adult, so he can't get away with much.

And no need for you to do his job. You're not going to be around to live with your replacement, he is. It's to his benefit to do the finding.

more than 9 years ago


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