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Zynga Puts Random Stranger In Customer Support Role

maggard Wrong number (158 comments)

Many years ago a buddy got some new phone lines. One had just been a reservation number for an extremely large restaurant. After a few days of folks trying to make reservations through him he called the restaurant and offered them the number back if they'd pay the transfer fees. They declined. So he started taking reservations. "Four for the Ponderosa Room at 7pm? Under 'Caruthers'? Not a problem; please check in with the Hostess when you arrive." After a week of this he called the restaurant back, and offered them their reservation number back. For just the fees? Oh no, assholes, now it's gonna cost something! He got some nominal amount, just 'cause he was pissed about his time & trouble.

about a year and a half ago

Truth Or Dare — What Is the Best US Cell Company?

maggard Re:T-Mobile (395 comments)

Um, no.

T-Mo TOS don't appear to allow tethering to 3G. They do allow tethering on Edge at no additional charge (so back down your device.) Their happy helpful customer support (really, I think they pump drugs into their air) will happily walk you through tethering on a BlackBerry, no additional cost. Tho >10GB in a billing cycle you get throttled.

That said T-Mo plans are cheapest, win JD Powers for service, are great about supporting random phones, coverage has improved considerably in the past few years, and T-Mo does lead on Android.

about 5 years ago

Truth Or Dare — What Is the Best US Cell Company?

maggard Re:huh? (395 comments)

T-Mobile doesn't have real 3G? T-Mobile USA just DOUBLED their 3G speeds to 7.2 Mbps, and is further TRIPLING it to 21 Mbps over the next six months. With coverage to 200+ million. I think you know not of what you post.

about 5 years ago

iPhone Free WiFi Is Back

maggard T-Mobile G1 with Google gets free hotspots too (77 comments)

Same for G1 users.

T-Mobile offers free unlimited access to all of their T-Mobile hotspots (which includes the new AT&T rebranded ones for another 5 years) to their G1 data plan subscribers. T-Mo even has a free GPS-enabled Hotspot Finder for the G1 that handles the login details for you.

more than 6 years ago



maggard maggard writes  |  more than 7 years ago

maggard writes "George Ou is a Ziff Davis / TechRepublic writer who actually knows his beat: Security.

Several years ago he wrote "The six dumbest ways to secure a wireless LAN", which articulated what most folks who do WiFi security (as opposed to repeat rumors about it) already knew. The article is still well regarded as a powerful document to be presented in IT staff discussions and to under-informed IT decision makers ("PHBs") dispelling accrued misinformation.

Ou has just written a follow-up column revisiting wireless security, what works, what is worth the effort, and what is just wasting time & effort that could be better spent on real security measures. Titled "Wireless LAN security myths that won't die" he makes strong cases against useless & even counter-productive WiFi security technologies & strategies.

Best of all, Ou names names and provides supporting hyperlinks, all in about 15 tightly written paragraphs. The entire article is well worth reading, however for general WiFi owners users the last two sentences in the article are probably the most important:

For small businesses and homes, all you need to do is use WPA-PSK security with a random alpha-numeric pass-phrase that's a minimum of 10 characters long. If WPA security isn't available to you, at least run WEP as a 10-minute deterrence mechanism.

I've regularly seen folks post here about how they're "hiding" their SSID "for security"; here's an easy introduction to the fact you're actually lessening your security by doing so. Also for those relying on static IP / MAC address filtering this is a reminder that all of your painful manual management, time that could have been spent on other more productive duties, can be trivially undone in a few seconds to minutes of automated cracking."



maggard maggard writes  |  about 9 years ago

I recently got asked why I'd ranked another /'er as a "foe". Well, they're not a foe, at least not in the sense I've any personal animosity toward 'em, but they are an ass.

I read a really bone-headed posting by this person where they were clearly bullshitting and, in their rush to post early, hadn't bothered to read the original article (which addressed all of their attempts at criticism). Instead they'd read the usual off-the-mark /. synopsis, taken their lead from the other dozen uninformed idiots doing the same trying to post first, then gone ahead and performed a public vowel movement.

Sorry, but life is too short to put up with windbags pontificating on a topic they can't be bothered to actually know about, or even read the article they're purportedly going on about. At least in a meeting it's time on the clock, in real life they're just (not)know-it-alls wasting everyone's time.

That's sort of opine-from-the-hip isn't just rude but is out 'n out counter-productive to any real sort of conversation. So yeah, if tagging 'em a "foe" keeps those sort of anti-content postings from bubbling above my reading threshold then hey, it works!

If you're reading this going "Hey, I'm marked as a foe!" (by me or someone else) then consider if this applies to you: If you're in the habit of winging it, figuring nobody'll notice you didn't bother to do your homework, that your 'clever insights' were actually obvious ones already dismissed, then yeah, you're an ass.

Presumably you're getting some egoboo about any whuffie you find on /., because you haven't earned it and in fact are dragging the place down. So, why are you doing it? (Rhetorical, 'cause I really ain't interested in helping strangers work out their personaility problems.)

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