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For Microsoft, $93B Abroad Means Avoiding $30B Tax Hit

magical liopleurodon Re:Okay... and? (316 comments)

all fine and well, but if the U.S. currency crashes, expats will get hit hard with that tax.

about 4 months ago

Teaching College Is No Longer a Middle Class Job

magical liopleurodon Re:Administrators (538 comments)

Don't forget the government. They're the ones that make the loans possible.

about 6 months ago

Ph.Ds From MIT, Berkeley, and a Few Others Dominate Top School's CS Faculties

magical liopleurodon Re:dream on (155 comments)

middle of Wisconsin?

That might be half your problem. Still, I see where you're coming from. On the other side of that, many technical schools are just degree mills. Lots of candidates come out of technical schools that look good on paper and then when you hire them, it's like they never attended a day of class or learned anything. I think companies have gotten burned there, which really sucks for the students that come out that are good, and it sucks for the technical schools that are good because now 'technical school' has a stigma.

about 7 months ago

Major ISPs Threaten To Throttle Innovation and Slow Network Upgrades

magical liopleurodon Re:Less choice? (286 comments)

so classifying ISPs as telecoms isn't some disaster that ISPs have never dealt with before. It would basically just make things the way they used to be pre-RIAA litigation.

about 7 months ago

Major ISPs Threaten To Throttle Innovation and Slow Network Upgrades

magical liopleurodon Re:Less choice? (286 comments)

well....ISPs used to be common carriers and had to provide net neutrality by default. The RIAA/MPAA didn't like that and were relegated to having to sue individuals for copyright infringement. So they lobbied to have ISPs not be common carriers. Once they got that, thanks to Comcast buying NBC and switching sides (so they can sue their competitors for copyright infringement), ISPs spent their money on high-powered hardware not for pushing traffic, but for doing deep-packet inspection so that they could comply with RIAA/MPAA requests (and whatever the government wanted from them as well) while the rest of the world was putting in bigger pipes.

about 7 months ago

Obama Administration Refuses To Overturn Import Ban On Samsung Products

magical liopleurodon Obama uses iphone (298 comments)

Obama uses an iphone. That's why he lifted the ban on it. He didn't want the product that he uses banned. He doesn't use any of samsung phones, so he doesn't care about that one.

about a year ago

Georgia Cop Issues 800 Tickets To Drivers Texting At Red Lights

magical liopleurodon Commission (1440 comments)

I wonder if the cop gets a commission on those tickets....

about a year ago

USAF Almost Nuked North Carolina In 1961 – Declassified Document

magical liopleurodon Re:A little drastic but... (586 comments)

It can't possibly be any worse than Detroit.

a Left wing DNC experiment

about a year ago

Syria: a Defining Moment For Chemical Weapons?

magical liopleurodon Re:what the fuck? (454 comments)

Should I be watching the BBC or PBS?

We're left with trying to news from multiple sources and trying to piece together the truth. Yes, Russia Today is a propaganda outfit. Do they do propagandize any more than Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN? The BBC? PBS?

I guess the question then is did Turkish police really find 2kg of sarin gas and arrest the Syrian rebels who were transporting it?
We may never really know the truth on that. English-language sources:

Spanish media did pick it up, so if you can read Spanish - http://www.abc.es/internacional/20130531/abci-sarin-siria-201305301816.html
Apparently Fox News also reports on this stuff, but only in Spanish:

about a year ago

Syria: a Defining Moment For Chemical Weapons?

magical liopleurodon what the fuck? (454 comments)

what the fuck is this bullshit?

We don't even know that Assad did it. Given that we know that the rebels have sarin (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXzyS9eUVgs), this could be a false flag. And yet the post reads like it's a foregone conclusion that Assad did it.

about a year ago

Tor Usage More Than Doubles In August

magical liopleurodon Re:So is this because... (186 comments)

I'm a US citizen that has lost patience with the American people. Anonymous Coward is exactly right. Where were the riots over this? The outrage just wasn't there. But then there are riots all over the U.S. over the Trayvon Martin verdict. Stupidest fucking thing I've ever seen. And the media trying to make this a white vs black thing, even though George Zimmerman is hispanic. Zimmerman should probably go in the witness protection program and change his identity......and there you have it right there. The U.S. government really *is* a reflection of the American people. The American people do not respect rights and due process. So neither does the government. The American people are uninformed on The Constitution, so, like the American people, the government ignores it too.

What do I want to see from the people of the United States? idk, it seems like a lost cause. How many are even aware of the NSA spying? Do they care? They probably care more about Miley Cyrus 'twerking'.

A minority of Americans have woken up (Libertarians/Ron Paul crowd -- which is growing). Will it be enough to change the direction of the country? I hope so. Julian Assange is right about libertarianism being America's last hope.

about a year ago

Math Advance Suggest RSA Encryption Could Fall Within 5 Years

magical liopleurodon Fuck Patents (282 comments)

Fuck patents on elliptical curve cryptography. Math should not be patented, period. Algorithms should not be patented.

about a year ago

FWD.us Remixes the Statue of Liberty Greeting

magical liopleurodon Re:The poem was already a perversion of the idea.. (160 comments)

Why did the people who wrote our constitution include a clause granting citizenship to those who are born here?

Maybe because they wrote it more than two and quarter centuries ago when it wasn't so easy for people to migrate. Anyone who thinks America should adhere only to the original wording of the declaration and the original constitution is an idiot. Basing society which has experienced 237 years of social change on an equally old document is ludicrous.

that's bullshit. if you want to change the constitution, there's a process for that, it's called amending it. any other law wouldn't magically change meaning because a period of time has passed. i don't see why the constitution should be any different.

about a year and a half ago

US Court Says Motorola Can't Enforce Microsoft Injunction In Germany

magical liopleurodon Re:Dangerous precedent (175 comments)

The US, UK and now many other common law countries actually do claim universal jurisdiction for a few select laws, most notably extraterritorial child sex tourism laws. You can murder someone in another country and you have to be prosecuted there, you can't be extradited home to be tried somewhere you didn't commit the crime. But so much as touch a child's genitals and you can be tried there *or* extradited home to face a court under extraterritorial laws, whatever the officials feel like doing on both sides.

Another example of U.S. extraterritorial laws deals with Cuban cigars. If you're an american, you can't smoke a Cuban, even in another country. The penalties for an individual -- you can get fined up to $250k and spend 10 years in prison.

more than 2 years ago

Was .NET All a Mistake?

magical liopleurodon Re:Was this article all a mistake? (688 comments)

Thank god. VB 6 is horrid. I am still trying to rehabilitate people who spent to many years programming in it.

somebody mod parent up. He nailed it.
That VB6 is so horrid alone justifies .net

more than 3 years ago

Study Compares IQ With Browser Choice

magical liopleurodon with IE6 users at the bottom of the pile (380 comments)

with IE6 users at the bottom of the pile

And that explains all the businesses running IE6. Ah business people.....

more than 3 years ago

House Websites Jammed After Obama Debt Speech

magical liopleurodon Re:Will it make a difference? (1042 comments)

Social Security will never be self sustaining. Ponzi schemes never are.

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft Rewarding Employees Who Phone It In

magical liopleurodon Re:Wow! (280 comments)

1)They find reading legal documents difficult
2)They really want a job,and so are will to sacrifice for it,
3) They aren't all that creative and don't have enough free time at home anyways.

1) It's pretty obvious that you're signing your soul away. I signed one of these myself, but they're not valid in Minnesota. A number of states don't allow this. California is another one where even if you sign something like this, it cannot be enforced.

And people actually sign this shit, that is the problem. It works against you because if you don't sign it, they throw you out. If EVERYONE refuses to sign it, the company is the one who is fucked.

So many companies do this. If you're not in a state where it's unenforceable, the only leverage you have is starting your own company. Which I encourage, and when you all do do that, don't make your employees sign contracts like this.

more than 3 years ago



Broadband internet in rural areas

magical liopleurodon magical liopleurodon writes  |  more than 6 years ago

magical liopleurodon (1213826) writes "I live in a suburb of minneapolis, which doesn't strike me as being very rural....but our "1.5mbps" DSL connection is really only about 300k, cable is not serviceable — doesn't meet franchise requirements (Comcast is the would-be provider), and satellite has download caps, high latency, and maxes out at 2mbps at best. Moving is not an option. My two questions are: 1. What would it take to get a cable company (Comcast) to service an area? 2. What would it take to get a DSL switch installed closer to where I live?"


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