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Businesses Scramble To Stay Out of Google Hell

mahulth Re:My tips on Google penalties (303 comments)

That's truly great advice. I'm amazed how the first answer is actually one of the few to have spent the time to give a helpful response. Unlike so many of the others stuck on the tangential "Why would Forbes write an article about this" view.

And the answer, in case anyone is wondering, is executives care about sales, visibility, etc., but they don't care about SEO techniques and web administration. This article allows them to become privy to how SEO affects them on the web - in particular, how it negatively can affect them. More broadly, they become aware that SEO techniques are not something to be taken lightly. This article, along with being an interesting read, will prove as an eye-opener for it's target audience. It's very effective and thereby important.

more than 7 years ago


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