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After IPv4, How Will the Internet Function?

mail2345 Re:ZOMG THE SKY [isn't] FALLING! (320 comments)

Assuming that the chunks will be released to the public, then yes, you are right.

more than 4 years ago

Hackers Blamed For MessageLabs Spam Blunder

mail2345 Re:Please don't use SORBS blocklist (44 comments)

It's less of being added to a blocklist, and more of being unable to get removed without paying and going though the other hoops.

more than 4 years ago

'Cellphone Effect' Could Skew Polling Predictions

mail2345 Re:Vote or Die (836 comments)

Continuing for parent:
If party X gets a low digit amount of votes(lets say 3%), then the next time there is a close election that could be decided by those votes, both the main parties might grab some of party X's stands to get a few more votes.
And the main parties hopefully don't grab some of the batshit insane stances.

more than 4 years ago

Mr. Pike, Tear Down This ASCII Wall!

mail2345 Re:The thing with ASCII (728 comments)

Different keyboard manufacturers have a selected range of keys that their keyboards can type, which will probably get confusing:
"Only hp unicode keyboards have the print symbol. For other unicode keyboards or ASCII keyboards, type alt-8713 to get the print symbol."

more than 4 years ago

Cheap Metal-Insulator-Metal (MiM) Diode Created

mail2345 Re:Dooooood !! (137 comments)

A diode maintains a one way flow of current.

more than 4 years ago

Herding Firesheep In NYC — Do Users Care?

mail2345 Re:The Best Plan (200 comments)

FB requires your current password to change your password.
And goatse harms people otherwise uninvolved.

more than 4 years ago

Electric Car Goes 375 Miles On One 6-Minute Charge

mail2345 Re:How long does it last? (603 comments)

Don't forget the recharger, which might be expensive or inefficient.
The manufacturing process could also pose a problem, it might require plenty of energy and/or release waste.

more than 4 years ago

Forming New Mobile Networks With People-Borne Sensors

mail2345 Re:On empty streets? (49 comments)

However people can still leave their routers on while they sleep/are at home.
But of course the signal would be weaker.

more than 4 years ago

Rise of the Small Botnet

mail2345 Splitting a botnet. (61 comments)

Couldn't it be possible to have a botnet upgrade into different versions, allowing it to split?

Virus writer releases virus A and sets up control server A.
Botnet A gets large, and the writer is worried about authorities, so he sets up servers B and C, as well as writing two updates.
Botnet A gets update B or update C from control server A.
The update installs the new virus and removes the old one.
Botnet B gets large, virus writter sets up servers D and F.
Process continues.

If it's split before the AVs pay any considerable attention(or if you split enough to confuse them), a writer could write a fast spreading botnet, without having to worry about it getting too large.

I would imagine that setting up new servers and updates might be a hassle though.

more than 4 years ago

Virus-Like Particles May Mean Speedier Flu Vaccines

mail2345 Mod parent up Funny. (80 comments)

It's a joke. I guess it looks like a troll when abbreviated, but really, you should read the entire comment before modding.

more than 5 years ago

Indian Tiger Park Now Tiger-Free

mail2345 Bribes. (170 comments)

The manager lets the poacher hunt the tigers for their own reasons, and gets a chunk of the profit. Everyone is happy except the conservationists and the tigers.

more than 5 years ago

Aion Shaping Up For US Launch

mail2345 Re:Game is unplayable by all inelligent users (212 comments)

*Looks at the wikipedia entry*:
Hides the process, monitors the memory for stuff, blocks calls to Direct X and the Windows API, places hooks into dlls , sometimes breaks in Win7, breaks Google Chrome, SpeedFan, Eclispe, various drivers, Steam, anti-rootkits(but that was expected). Oh, and a security problem to top it all off.
The bright side is that Aion works on Win7.
And I expected something this bad to come from EA first.

more than 5 years ago

Researcher Trolls MMO, Surprised When Players Hate Him

mail2345 Technically not trolling. (895 comments)

If you read the article, it mentioned that he just took a different stlye of battle, instead of the socially accepted standard of sending robots at their robots, he just killed them directly. He did not insult them, just took action different from the normal battle.

more than 5 years ago

New Click-Fraud Attack Is Stealthiest Yet

mail2345 Re:The flaw in their foolproof plan (99 comments)

Called people who do not understand the concept of ads on their computer. Like the people who fall for typosquatters. Not as dumb as the people who believe that the fellow from nigeria can make him rich, and enlargen his penis.

more than 5 years ago

Watch TV On Your Satnav

mail2345 Re:That's fine.. (225 comments)

With that, I say: And if your sharing the system(the road) with others?

more than 5 years ago

Firefox 3.5RC2 Performance In Windows Vs. Linux

mail2345 I'm not sure about this (240 comments)

But I think the speed difference was due to the Windows binary having profiling based optimizations, vs the Linux bin.

more than 5 years ago

Default Passwords Blamed In $55M PBX Hacks

mail2345 Re:Which one was it? (102 comments)

Article: mainly by exploiting factory-set or default passwords on the voicemail systems
So, linksys?

more than 5 years ago


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