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Vast Nazi Facility Uncovered In Austria; Purported A-Bomb Development Site

mailuefterl Tunnels everywhere, A-bombs nowhere (292 comments)

Some of these claims seem to be overblown.
If you take a look at the Manhattan Project, you get an idea what efforts in research and production (i.e. uranium enrichment) were required.
The Nazis never had a programm that came anywhere near these dimensions.
All they had was a handfull of phsysicists (most of the best had emmigrated to the US anyway) and a small research reactor.
So while there was some nuclear research, there never was a atomic bomb or anything close to it in Germany.

And the tunnels? The whole 3rd Reich and it's occupied territories were tunneled mostly for the purpose of weapons production.

about a month ago

Heinz Zemanek Passes At 94

mailuefterl Re:Someone tell him to slow down! (52 comments)

At 94 km/h you are considered a traffic obstacle on an austrian Autobahn.
At 94mp/h you are considered a rowdy and a madman ;-)

about 6 months ago

Heinz Zemanek Passes At 94

mailuefterl Re:Best Computer name ever (52 comments)

Actually his lectures at the Vienna Univiersity of technology are legendary.
Mailüfterl versus Whirlwind is a very austrian thing.

about 6 months ago

Heinz Zemanek Passes At 94

mailuefterl Re:America invented computers! (52 comments)

Depends on how you define computer!
Just look up Charles Babbage or Konrad Zuse.

about 6 months ago

New Zealand ISP's Anti-Geoblocking Service Makes Waves

mailuefterl YESSS! (153 comments)

I wish, some providers did that here in Austria, where I live.
It's the same story in many ways.

about 7 months ago

The $5,600 Tablet

mailuefterl Bullets? (96 comments)

But are they bulletproof?

about 9 months ago

UK Prime Minister Threatens To Block Further Snowden Revelations

mailuefterl Streisand Effekt (431 comments)

Did someone say "Streisand Effekt" ?

about a year ago

Xbox 720 Could Require Always-On Connection, Lock Out Used Games

mailuefterl Sounds like a good way (592 comments)

to get themselves out of the console business again

about 2 years ago

Austrian Blank Media Tax May Expand To Include Cloud Storage

mailuefterl 15€ Tax to anonymous artists to store my own (129 comments)

The ridiculous aspect of this tax is, that when I fill my hard disc with pictures I took myself with my own camera I would still hav to pay for example ca 15 € for a 1TB hard disc which can be bought for as little as 63€ (external USB 3.0)

more than 2 years ago

Indian Man Charged With Blasphemy For Exposing "Miracle"

mailuefterl Super (James) Randi (796 comments)

to the rescue!!

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Is a Home Drone Feasible?

mailuefterl DIY (274 comments)

DIY: Try this website: http://diydrones.com/

more than 2 years ago

Making Sense of CPU and GPU Model Numbers?

mailuefterl Ars technica (555 comments)

Try the Ars technica system guide:

more than 4 years ago

Egypt to Copyright Pyramids and Sphynx

mailuefterl Prior Art! (393 comments)

Sorry, Mate!

No Chance to copyright icecubes from Greenland.
The icelanders are already selling icecubes from their glaciers ;-)

more than 7 years ago



Apple Maps can kill (in Australia)

mailuefterl mailuefterl writes  |  more than 2 years ago

mailuefterl (140499) writes "Victorio Police urges drivers to be cautious when using Apple Maps.
Apple Maps misplaces the town of Mildura by 700km, leaving travellers stranded in a National Park, sometimes without water, food or fuel.
6 persons already needed to be rescued."

Link to Original Source

Google top exec says tablet prices "unreasonable"

mailuefterl mailuefterl writes  |  more than 2 years ago

mailuefterl (140499) writes "John Lagerling, director of business development for Android says :"Basically we felt that we wanted to prove you don’t have to charge $600 to deliver a phone that has the latest-generation technologies. Simply that level of margin is sometimes even unreasonable""
Link to Original Source

Noodle mesh is a religious head gear in Austria

mailuefterl mailuefterl writes  |  more than 3 years ago

mailuefterl (140499) writes "A Noodle mesh is a religious head gear according to Vienna traffic Authorities:
http://wien.orf.at/stories/526269/ (article in German)
When Vienna advertising agency owner Niko Alm applied for a new driver's licence, he submitted a photo which showed him wearing a noodle mesh as head gear.
According to regulations, only the face must be visible on the photo, no hats, no caps allowed.
The only exception: religious head gear.
So he declared himself a pastafari and claimed his noodle mesh was therefore a religious head gear.
First authorities denied the driver's license, but after 3 Alm was now issued the document with the rather special ohoto."

Link to Original Source


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