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Qmail At 10 Years — Reflections On Security

main() djbrocks (304 comments)

I have to say I am sad to see so many negative reactions to djb and his software.

I'm not sure where the accusations of arrogance against Bernstein come from. I've never met the guy but having studied his code I would say, if anything, his programming style exudes humility. He doesn't trust client software, he doesn't trust the standard libraries and he doesn't trust himself. I think if you look closely at his "style" (for want of a better word) you will find a lot worth emulating.

Personally, I still use qmail and tinydns on my own boxes, where appropriate. At work I don't have any problem recommending his software either and have used qmail for projects relaying over 8 million messages a day without issue. Saying it "doesn't scale" is, in my opinion, untrue. Or at least misleading.

Anyway, djb, I for one salute you!


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