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Scalpers Spur Apple To Require Reservations For iPhone

malus314 Re:iBay? (119 comments)

>That, and not every company is out to gouge their customer to the maximum amount possible.

I never thought I'd hear that phrase with regards to Apple.
Pardon me while I go look out my window, I need to check for flying pigs.

more than 4 years ago

New Class of Malware Will Steal Behavior Patterns

malus314 Thieves! (73 comments)

How will I know if my behavioral patterns have been stolen?
Given the amount of time I spend on the interwebs , will I suddenly have a life?

"Holy shit! Where am I? Could this be the fabled Out of Doors? OH, GOD! Someone must have stolen my behavioral patterns!"

On second thought, maybe this new stealing of behavioral patterns could turn out to be a good thing....

more than 4 years ago

Ballmer Says Microsoft Is 'Hardcore' About Tablets

malus314 Internet Explorer (324 comments)

I'm scared for MS to be 'hardcore' about anything.

As I recall, the last time they were really 'hardcore' about something, they gave us Internet Explorer.
Rarely do good things come from this company, and when they get serious about it, it just makes it all the worse.

Of course, I could be wrong, but they've been slacking off hardcore in the area of UI design for a while now, Win7 is a vast improvement but I still find the UI frustrating for some simple tasks and they've been doing GUI desktop OSs' for over 20 years. (Of course, my distaste for the Windows interface is likely just a byproduct of me being on Linux so long, and thus little more then a personal preference instead of being an actual criticism...)

What I'm trying to say, I suppose, is that I don't trust them to develop a UI that takes advantage of the unique form-factor of a tablet, and given the lackluster desktop UI that they seem to think is the best around even if they get 'hardcore' about this, I don't expect them to ever understand why they shouldn't just warm-over their normal Windows UI like they always do for tablets. Furthermore, they're still essentially the same 'design by comittee' culture that things like 'Clippy' and 'MS Bob' originated from. I'd be glad to see them get creative with a tablet UI, but I'm also frightened and (maybe slightly nauseated) to think about what would result if they did. But, to their credit, I'm really fascinated with the 'Tiles' concept they've come up with for Windows Phone 7.
So maybe it won't be so bad, maybe they've realized the need to get creative if they want to compete. Nevertheless,I think I'll just wait and see where this 'Android-on-the-tablet' idea is going...

more than 4 years ago

MS Design Lets You Put Batteries In Any Way You Want

malus314 Its wonderful, but... (453 comments)

We all know this isn't going to work until the third version, anyway. :-)

more than 4 years ago

EU About To Grant US Unlimited Access To Banking Data

malus314 Re:About Time! (277 comments)

I don't wonder why everybody hates us, that's blatantly obvious

I do wonder why there has yet to be a collective "Fuck you" to us, though.... the minute the EU or another country tells the US to shove off will be a happy day in my book!

more than 4 years ago

30,000 UK ISP Users Face Threat Letters For Suspected Illegal File Sharing

malus314 Re:It's not Nineteen Eighty-Four (218 comments)

I see. Thank you for clearing that up for me!

more than 4 years ago

30,000 UK ISP Users Face Threat Letters For Suspected Illegal File Sharing

malus314 Re:It's not Nineteen Eighty-Four (218 comments)

Can anyone explain to me why so many of the above posts are modded "Troll"? I must be misunderstanding what the term means because I see very little trollish activity here (maybe I'm getting it confused with flamebait?)

more than 4 years ago

Linus Torvalds For Nobel Peace Prize?

malus314 Re:Bill Gates (541 comments)

Yeah, but I think IE6 is really gonna hurt his chances....
....just saying

about 5 years ago

"2012" a Miscalculation; Actual Calendar Ends 2220

malus314 Re:2220? (600 comments)

Why would you think 2217 would be different than any other year?

Well, I for one was hoping that the MPAA and the money-grubbing, "milk it for all it's worth", "pander to the lowest common denominator" mentality for making movies that it supports would be gone by then.


We wishful thinkers can be even more naive than the conspiracy theorists sometimes....

more than 4 years ago

Relaunched Recovery.gov Fails Accessibility Standards

malus314 Question on Accessibility (197 comments)

I was reading the accessibility page on recovery.gov and found this:

Pages have been designed to avoid a screen-flicker frequency greater than 2Hz and lower than 55 Hz.

So... what frequency does that leave? Could anyone tell me what I'm missing here?
I would think anything lower than 55Hz would also be lower than 2Hz, and anything greater than 2Hz would be greater than 55Hz, so.... I'm a little confused.
(And, yes, I did ask my friend Google, although if anyone could give me a gentle push toward a search term better than "Hertz", I'd be appreciative.)

more than 5 years ago

Open Source Not Welcome At Palm App Catalog

malus314 Strange (174 comments)

Palm is seeking to follow Apple's footsteps in gaining a reputation for inconsistent and spurious rejections and removals of iPhone and iPod Touch applications

So, instead of Apple being a jerk and rejecting iPhone apps, it's going to be Apple and Palm rejecting iPhone apps?
Huh.... I wonder how that will work out?

more than 5 years ago

Greg Kroah-Hartman Gripes About Microsoft's Linux Contribution; MS Renews Effort

malus314 Re:Thanks (213 comments)

They didn't donate this code out of any altruism, only pure self-interest.

I'm not sure if that's the right way to be putting it. Isn't most code submitted out of pure self-interest, rather than altruism? "Scratching one's own itch", if you will? I agree, they're not doing the Linux community any favors, they dumped crap code on us and then bolted, but whether they did it out of self-interest or not doesn't seem like much of a point, and its not going to serve them much if the code is crap, because if its crap that doesn't scratch someone's itch, then no one will stick around to improve or maintain it. So if the code is really that bad, then what's going to happen is that it'll be abandoned, won't make it into the mainline kernel and MS will have ended up with a little bit of temporary publicity and nothing else, the community will move on, and MS will still be a bastard.

All in all, I can't see this having any sort of major effect on anything, of course, I may be wrong....

more than 5 years ago

Alan Turing Gets an Apology From Prime Minister Brown

malus314 Grudgingly given apology? (576 comments)

From the article:

"...thanks to a coalition of computer scientists, historians and LGBT activists, we have this year a chance to mark and celebrate another contribution to Britainâ(TM)s fight against the darkness of dictatorship; that of code-breaker Alan Turing."

Read: We got ganged up on and were forced to issue an apology for treating Alan Turing like shit.
I'm glad the apology was (finally) issued, but was it just me, or did it seem like it was given somewhat grudgingly?

more than 5 years ago

Lawsuit Claims WGA is Spyware

malus314 Re:Another entry in the Drinking Game! (360 comments)

How many people are going to die from alcohol poisoning while playing this game?
My money is on 100% of everyone who plays.

more than 5 years ago

Something May Have Just Hit Jupiter

malus314 Re:Good to see it doing it's job (299 comments)

That Jupiter, what a great worker I tell you! Always cleaning up after Saturn drops the ball! Someone ought to have that planet fired and just give Jupiter it's paycheck!
There is a reason GM wants to sell it, after all!

Oh, wait...

more than 5 years ago

Teen Diagnoses Her Own Disease In Science Class

malus314 Re:Remeber it is practicing (582 comments)

I agree, unfortunately doctors seem to be way to dependent upon statistical analysis for making diagnoses. The statistics will show you a possible path to take in thinking what MIGHT be wrong, but you have to be willing to put in some original thought, too. In my experience it seems that most doctors think like this: Ok, we're going to start out looking for horses as they're the most common. Ok, there are apparently no horses, so I'm going to ask you all the standard questions all over again. Ok, it appears that there are no horses, so rather than look for zebras (which as every good physician knows, are statistically very rare and therefore are non-existant) I'm going to tell you it's all in your head and send you home. (Or sometimes he'll insist it's horses and send you home with the appropriate non-effective meds) So apparently to be a good doctor, you just need to know all the common diseases and their symptoms, then insist it's one of them when a patient complains of x set of symptoms even if the treatment isn't working. Don't refer them, just pack them full of the standard meds and they'll be fine. Even if they aren't.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Sets Record With Monster Patch Tuesday

malus314 Hmm... (237 comments)

Bug, Vulnerabilities, Critical Updates, Oh, My! I don't know about anyone else, but I tend to think that the longer a list of fixes is, the better. All software has bugs, one of the main differences between OSes is how the developer handles them. I like Linux because Linux doesn't like bugs and the community hunts them down with a vengeance. MS rarely seems to care.So this (hopefully) means that MS is starting to do a better job of maintaining its products. I, for one, would like to see more bug fixes every month. It seems kind of strange that MS going on a bug killing spree is something that we should spin as a bad thing. Don't get me wrong, I hate 'doze as much as the next guy and I'm quite content to stay on Debian to do everything I need, but as one of the guys who gets called when the sh*t hits the fan with a 'doze box, anything that makes the Windows OS look more like an OS as opposed to Swiss cheese is a fantastic thing. Now, this list of fixes barely does anything to make Windows a better OS, but if MS hunted bugs (or better yet, actually tried to weed a good many out before a release as opposed to saying "Ok, usable enough" and pushing it out the door) like the *nix community does Windows could actually look like something other than dairy products from the alps. Sure, I'd make less because I'd do less cleaning of fecal matter from walls, but I'd gladly trade that for just doing upgrades or replacing a part every now and then. If anything it would make my job quieter and more enjoyable... But, whatever, may as well go with the crowd... "BOO, MICROSOFT!!! TO HELL WITH YOU AND YOUR OBSCENELY LONG LIST OF BUG FIXES!!!"

more than 5 years ago

Red Hat Challenges Swiss Government Over Microsoft Monopoly

malus314 Re:I play (245 comments)

So the GP was just poking fun at Stallman's continual taking credit for Linux's success because of all of "his" GNU tools included in every distro.

I believe I should take issue with that. I wouldn't call it so much "taking credit" as he simply wants the GNU project to get it's fair share of credit. No one is claiming that GNU is more important than any other component of the OS, but Stallman does feel that the GNU toolchain makes up a significant enough part of the a typical linux distro that it should be called properly by the name GNU/Linux. It's only fair to expect that when it's your project you don't feel is receiving it's fair share of credit. Personally, I will continue calling it Linux up until I have to use the word in a formal situation, where I'll use the term GNU/Linux. It's like the difference between Chevrolet and a Chevy, kind of. Although I would choose to use the term GNU/Linux I won't advocate that any one else should, I simply feel that it's a more appropriate in terms of descriptiveness. But I digress, in short, what I'm simply trying to say is that Stallman is not advocating that his project is responsible for the success of the kernel (what I assume you meant when you said "Stallman's continual taking credit for Linux's success"), he's simply asking that people give credit where credit is due. Now, we can argue until the eventual heat-death of the universe as to where credit is due, but no one is saying that they deserve all of the credit, not even Stallman, as strange as he can be sometimes. Anyway, that's my two cents, should anyone be interested, and I apologize if I just rambled on without fully understanding what you meant by what you said. I have a tendency to make an ass of myself on occasion and would not be very surprised if this happened to be one of those occasions. :)

more than 5 years ago


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