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Toyota Demonstrates Brain Control of Wheelchair

manoftin This Article Should Be Called... (107 comments)

... the future of gaming. We will look back at these stories and realise this was where it all started...

more than 5 years ago

Apple Freezes Snow Leopard APIs

manoftin Multi-multi tasking? (256 comments)

I'm already utilising my MacBook's multi-cores... by bouncing stuff in Logic at the same time as streaming BBC radio and doing LAMP dev. I don't necessarily want FF or whatever chewing up all available resource on all processors. My point is that outside of academia where the whole of a machine is dedicated to a single cause there is little need to introduce this complexity at a sub-application level.

more than 5 years ago

The Grid, Our Cars, and the Net

manoftin Re:One thing of note (222 comments)

I was similarly bamboozled. The biggest problem in the automotive future is how to distribute electricity to electric cars in a fair and convenient way. The article hints at this but never explicitely addresses it. Why? I also agree with the above - that basing your network infrastructure on Vehicles is daft. But getting cars to participate does make sense from a crash prevention perspective. This paves the way for massively scaling up vehicle density with self-navigating travel at some utopian juncture.

more than 5 years ago

Ponzi Schemes Multiply On YouTube

manoftin Re:A fool and his money... (346 comments)

It's rich for an intelligent man to say the stupid should suffer for being stupid. The (slightly) more intelligent man says - let's help the stupid not be abused.

more than 5 years ago

UK To Train Pro-West Islamic Groups To Game Google

manoftin Re:Imagine (469 comments)

There are LOTS of fundamentalist Christians in the US and how much terrorism are they responsible for? Compare that to the number of fundamentalist Muslims also in the US who were arrested for terrorism plots.

if red-neck prejudiced, racist, chauvinistic fundamentalist Christian Americans were in the minority it would be the exact opposite.

more than 5 years ago

AMD Plans 1,000-GPU Supercomputer For Games, Cloud

manoftin A Hybrid Future (148 comments)

Does anyone else agree with me that the future is unlikely to be entirely offloaded, but a hybrid situation? Even the cheapest of phone chipsets will shortly have fairly decent rendering by today's standards. It's not hard to envisage something where a great deal of the processing can be handled by the server, whereas each device does a certain amount of rendering / coping with the immediate 1/10th sec to remove the lag. Somewhere between AMD's ideological future and current MMOs

about 6 years ago



Breast Cancer Gene-Free Baby About To Be Born

manoftin manoftin writes  |  more than 6 years ago

manoftin writes "I'm interested to hear the /. reader's take on this story reported today by the BBC about the first British baby screened to be free of a gene for breast cancer. This seems at first glance like a fantastic evolutionary step, but if it were about when we were born most of us wouldn't be here."
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