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top Altruistic, Or the Ultimate In Cynicism?

mapnjd Why leave out two partners? (174 comments)

I realise that summaries, by definition, miss some information but why edit out two of the six partners? Mediatek has a market cap of c.$15bn and Ericsson $40bn. Not exactly small players in this space.

about a year ago

Nortel Patents Go To Apple, Microsoft, Sony and Others

mapnjd Why not mention EMC and Ericsson? (121 comments)

Why not mention EMC and Ericsson in the summary, who are the only other two companies in the consortium? They're not small companies - they have market caps of $57bn and $47bn respectively. RIM are about a third to a quarter of the size at $15bn.

about 3 years ago

Terry Pratchett Considers Assisted Suicide

mapnjd Re:Not much else to say. (838 comments)

There is no such evidence. Thank you for calling me a cunt.

more than 3 years ago

Terry Pratchett Considers Assisted Suicide

mapnjd Re:Not much else to say. (838 comments)

To mooingyak - thank you. I am fairly thin skinned, so I tend to take criticism badly. Except from geekoid who didn't even read my post properly (his "out of habit" vs. my "convert" statement). I shan't follow him into ad hominem territory.

I posted it this time as a sign of solidarity - a show of strength from those of us who normally remain silent on forums where we're in a minority, against a rather aggressive and vocal majority.

Being a Catholic on /. is like extolling the virtues of Linux in a Microsoft shop. You know you're right but you can't keep hitting your head against that wall.

more than 3 years ago

Terry Pratchett Considers Assisted Suicide

mapnjd Re:Not much else to say. (838 comments)

Thank you so much for posting this.

As an English Catholic convert, I am too scared of getting slapped down on /. to post anything on such subjects. You've got guts.


more than 3 years ago

Pope Says Technology Causes Confusion Between Reality and Fiction

mapnjd Re:Indifference towards real life? (779 comments)

Wow, I've been modded as a troll. Shows standards really are slipping on /.


more than 3 years ago

Pope Says Technology Causes Confusion Between Reality and Fiction

mapnjd Re:Indifference towards real life? (779 comments)

Do your research instead of trotting out the same old lies over and over again. *sigh*


more than 3 years ago

Just One Out of 16 Hybrids Pays Back In Gas Savings

mapnjd "Gas" prices in the UK. (762 comments)

In the UK the average petrol price is £1.16.6p/litre (according to ).

Google tells me that 1 US gallon = 3.78541178 litres and 1 British pound = 1.5943 U.S. dollars

So gas (petrol) is $7.04 per US gallon over here.

For 100000km at mfr's figures my Prius would cost approx. $7250 (More like $8-10k)

For a typical car of that ilk, look at $14k+ for fuel. So saving $7k in fuel cost alone by the figures (or $4-6k or perhaps more, in real life).

more than 3 years ago

Oracle Outlines Plans for Sun Products, Casts Doubt on NetBeans

mapnjd Netbeans just isn't there (151 comments)

Unfortunately for Netbeans zealots, it has never caught up with Eclipse. It may have surpassed it temporarily for certain apps (think Grails support - but look at STS 2.2.0). It's also not as good as IntelliJ IDEA (previously, always non-free).

Yes, both Netbeans and Eclipse are also RCP platforms, but how many real Netbeans platform apps are there? (The Nokia one on the web site is vapourware - yes it shows a real customer RAN - without their permission, I should add! - but it's never been a product delivered to customers). Real Eclipse RCP apps do exist (XMind, Lotus Smartsuite...). Realistically, they both over good RCP platforms (one pure Java, one SWT) but Oracle won't really care about that.

As for JDeveloper - well it's a typical Oracle product - if you're in an Oracle house, it's pretty good, but no, it's not got a large userbase or community supporting it.

Oracle should let Netbeans drift off into open source land. Perhaps it'll thrive? I don't know. JDeveloper's functionality should be ported to Eclipse (along with SQL Developer, while we're at it).

Oracle are great at giving you tools once you've signed up for the ride, and why not rebase your products on the best? Which in my opinion is Eclipse.

more than 4 years ago

Attempting To Reframe "KDE Vs. GNOME"

mapnjd Re:Both will stay relevant (455 comments)

Can you elucidate on what is "Less Powerful" about GNOME? It may be less-configurable, but less powerful? No.

Having spent years piddling around, tweaking TWM, FVWM 1, WindowMaker, GNOME 1.x, I'm glad I have a desktop that "Just works". It's not fugly, has a consistent L&F (GNOME has a HIG) and does what it should out of the box.

Incremental improvements have worked in GNOME's case. OK, so the GNOME 3.0 project (check famous wiki page) has gone nowhere, because it basically is "Start Again" (again), but we're the better for not doing it. We have stability and usability.

Try Ubuntu 8.10, Fedora 10 or OpenSUSE 11.x live discs for a reality check. (And live Alpha disks with GNOME 2.26 are even better).


more than 5 years ago

My top-level book organization is based on ...

mapnjd O'Reilly colour (423 comments)

This system rocks until you buy APress, Manning or A.N.Other publisher.

So, my Sun Java books go with the Purple books, my Oracle books are all together and my Manning books all sit together, too, because it looks nice.

So an Aesthetic order? Hmm.

more than 5 years ago

Firefox 2.0 Update To Remove Phishing Detection

mapnjd What about NetBooks? (351 comments)

With the rise in popularity of Linux-based netbooks (many of which come with FF2.0) how can 2.0 be EOLd?

I know no-one wants to support old crufty software (especially for free...) but, there are many of real users out there who will have to stay with 2.0.

more than 5 years ago



Dag Wieers intelligent swipe at Ubuntu

mapnjd mapnjd writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Nic Doye writes "Dag Wieers responds to Mark Shuttleworth's recent request to ask major Enterprise Linux distributions to synchronise releases, claiming that it "is no more than a wish to benefit from a lot of work that Novell and Red Hat are already doing in the Enterprise space". He's confessing to playing Devil's Advocate here, but it is an interesting view from someone with a large amount of experience in the Red Hat/Fedora/CentOS space."
Link to Original Source


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