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Corporations Hiring Hooky Hunters

marcsiry Hopefully they'll be there... (610 comments)

...on the Sunday morning when I'm on an eight hour outage call starting at 4AM...

or the Monday night when I stay at the office until 10 working on a time sensitive launch...

do they turn the "hooky" clock backwards in that case?

more than 4 years ago

United Nations Names Ambassador To Aliens

marcsiry Life imitates art (306 comments)

In the movie "Men In Black," Tommy Lee Jones' character makes an offhand remark to the effect of, "The aliens didn't make contact until we indicated serious interest in making contact by setting up the Men In Black program."

I wonder at what threshold the aliens browse /.?

more than 4 years ago

NBC's Zucker Hints At Return to iTunes

marcsiry Re:Anything is better than nothing. (68 comments)

I think it's telling that Sanctuary's About page describes the hardware and software used to create the show, but doesn't tell me what the show is, you know, about.
Art is about creating an emotional connection with the viewer. Maybe when the Sanctuary folks realize that's more important than "an innovative 3D computer-model tracking system live on set" they'll begin to accrue more viewers.

about 7 years ago


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