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Behind the Scenes With the Star Trek Fan Reboot

markdavis Re:people still watch that crap? (89 comments)

Enterprise was just starting to get pretty good when then canceled it :( My main problem with the series was Scott B. as the captain, it just didn't work well for me.


Behind the Scenes With the Star Trek Fan Reboot

markdavis Neat (89 comments)

Must have been under a rock, had not heard of "Star Trek Continues" before, so I am watching the first episode right now. Although I can certainly understand keeping the same sets, characters, props, and sound effects, I can't for the life of me understand why they would intentionally want to use the 4:3 aspect ratio. Hmm


Grinch Vulnerability Could Put a Hole In Your Linux Stocking

markdavis Change headline or remove article (116 comments)

Can we vote the ARTICLE down so it will go away? Or change the headline/summary? Nothing like spreading yet more false security FUD. :(

2 days ago

Google Proposes To Warn People About Non-SSL Web Sites

markdavis How arrogant (391 comments)

>"If implemented, the developers wrote, the change would mean that a warning would pop-up when people visited a site that used only HTTP to notify them that such a connection "provides no data security"."

Arrogant, annoying, unnecessary, stupid, and inaccurate. There are a LOT of sites that have absolutely no need for https and labeling them "insecure" will annoy clue-full users and confuse clueless users all in one swoop. And by encrypting everything, it makes caching far less useful and slows down browsing some.

This type of attitude in design is one of many reasons I don't and will not use Chrome. It is bad enough some of the recent stuff being shoved into Firefox :(

3 days ago

Virtual Reality Experiment Wants To Put White People In Black Bodies

markdavis It is not skin color (447 comments)

>"It's as simple as making a light-skinned person feel connected to a virtual, darker skinned self"

Except it is far less about skin color than speech, beliefs, attitude, clothing, how one acts, who one associates with, etc, etc. Race issues are rarely just about skin color... that is WAY oversimplifying the whole topic. Just slapping on a different color might change the way many people initially treat or interact with you, but far too many people point to that as being the main problem, when it has more to do with other factors. Still, it sounds like a good experiment to teach tolerance and remind people that you can't judge a book by its cover (you might have some notions, but should always keep an open mind).

4 days ago

Ford Ditches Microsoft Partnership On Sync, Goes With QNX

markdavis Unix! (232 comments)

Yay! Ford ditches Microsoft for Unix! (Well, Unix-like.... kinda like Linux is, although not it isn't open source, nor free) (OK, well, I would be much more happy if it were a switch to Linux or BSD... maybe even Android Linux).

about a week ago

Bank Security Software EULA Allows Spying On Users

markdavis Re:not in BOA online banking (135 comments)

I wish we would. My pleas to Finance and Admin have been pretty much ignored. They don't think it is a big deal.

about two weeks ago

Bank Security Software EULA Allows Spying On Users

markdavis Re:not in BOA online banking (135 comments)

>"Let's be clear: This is an Opt-In "feature". It is neither mandated nor included by default."

That completely depends on the bank and the type of account. It was not optional with Suntrust business accounts. We are forced to use that s**t.

about two weeks ago

Bank Security Software EULA Allows Spying On Users

markdavis Re:Shop elsewhere (135 comments)

>"If a bank/CD/whatever other crazy thing requires you to install software to use it, take your business elsewhere."

You try telling that to your Finance Department or Board. We did- and it fell on completely deaf ears.

about two weeks ago

Bank Security Software EULA Allows Spying On Users

markdavis Re: Bank Security Guy here (135 comments)

It certainly won't change the fact that we can't run it on Linux and it is a pain in the ass under any platform.

Trusteer Rapport is a HORRIBLE idea and many businesses are being FORCED to deal with it because it is essentially mandatory for many banks (looking at YOU, Suntrust).

It is a totally unacceptable "solution" from an I.T. department perspective. And it is also unnecessary for many situations, if they just allow us some additional common-sense controls (like limiting access to just certain IP addresses, or using hardware token devices).

about two weeks ago

Heathrow Plane In Near Miss With Drone

markdavis Near miss (325 comments)

It is not a "near miss", it is a "near hit", or more properly "Heathrow Plane Nearly Hit a Drone". If it were a near MISS, then the two would have collided.

about two weeks ago

Firefox 34 Arrives With Video Chat, Yahoo Search As Default

markdavis Mozilla, can you say "add-on"? (237 comments)

Here we go again.... WTF is "video chat" a core feature instead of an addon? It really doesn't even have anything to do with web browsing. And I can't imagine the code is small, either. Ug.

about three weeks ago

Uber's Android App Caught Reporting Data Back Without Permission

markdavis Re:Spoofing (234 comments)


Yep, and then some possibly important apps no longer work due to them being locked down. Example: the TiVo streaming video app. And no "masking root" type app works, which sucks.

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Biometric Authentication System?

markdavis vein scan is THE biometric (127 comments)

Deep vein scan (typically of the palm) is the only biometric that I would find acceptable from a privacy standpoint. It can't be "stolen" or "lifted", it is not visible from a reasonable distance, it can't be easily scanned without the user's consent. It requires being "alive". It is reliable and simple to acquire. I have used it and seen it in action... very impressive.

Fingerprints are horribly abused and left everywhere and can't be read through gloves. Easily copied and fooled.

DNA is extremely expensive, extremely slow, has severe privacy implications, and is left everywhere.

Facial recognition is not extremely accurate, is often slow, and is the WORST biometric from a privacy standpoint.

Retina scan is complex and probably the most expensive besides DNA.

Finger spread biometric is inaccurate and insecure (can be obtained from a distance via

about three weeks ago

Amnesty International Releases Tool To Combat Government Spyware

markdavis MS-Windows (95 comments)

Shouldn't this article be tagged "MS-Windows"? The download is an .exe file (which is exactly what I expected)

about 1 month ago

Republicans Block Latest Attempt At Curbing NSA Power

markdavis Look at the whole picture (445 comments)

>"Republicans Block Latest Attempt At Curbing NSA Power"

Really? But let's see how it did in the House:

R yes: 179 D yes: 124
R no: 51 D no: 70

So in the house, a lot more Republicans voted yes than Democrats. And a lot less Republicans voted no than Democrats. So it seems like if there were a powerful Republication partisanship agenda on this, how does one explain the vote in the House?

In matters such as these (government spying, civil liberties, etc), I have noticed that things are rarely clearly partisan.

about a month ago

Multi-Process Comes To Firefox Nightly, 64-bit Firefox For Windows 'Soon'

markdavis Bad news on thin clients (181 comments)

A move to multi-process in Firefox can be bad news for anyone using multiuser thin client environments (uncommon but still used). On a shared system, you generally want to have control over which applications can use multiple processes, lest they can go runaway and eat up all cores and resources on a system. Traditional tools such as "nice" don't scale well with single applications that can throw off dozens of threads. As an example- JAVA is *extremely* hostile in a a thin client environment (not just CPU, but RAM too). Just one person starting it can "pause" a 24 core Xeon server for dozens or hundreds of users due to improper assumptions about resource availability.

So I really do hope that Mozilla makes the number of processes allowed ADJUSTABLE in the settings....

about a month ago

Mayday PAC Goes 2 For 8

markdavis Partitianship- Duh (224 comments)

> "What 2014 shows most clearly is the power of partisanship in our elections.

Duh. That is why NOTHING is going to change until we have preferential voting, such as instant runoff. Then people can vote their conscience and get new blood into power (independents, libertarians, other parties, etc) without fear of a party opposite of their view being unopposed. Otherwise it is just business as usual.


about a month and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Where Do You Stand on Daylight Saving Time?

markdavis Hate switching (613 comments)

I *HATE* changing time and pretty much everyone I know hates it too.

It is stupid, outdated, and without merit.
It wastes resources and time.
It causes scheduling nightmares.
It is a serious health problem for many people.

We need to just either stay on summer time or winter time and leave it the hell alone. My vote would be summer time.

about a month and a half ago

If You're Connected, Apple Collects Your Data

markdavis Unacceptable (313 comments)

>"Is it worse than the data collection recently reported in a test version of Windows?"

Both are infinitely more than what is collected in any of my Linux distros. I find this trend of companies spying on users totally unacceptable (and yes, throw Google in there too).

about 2 months ago



Yahoo Changes IM Servers- Incompatible with Pidgin

markdavis markdavis writes  |  more than 5 years ago

markdavis (642305) writes "As of June 17, 2009, many Pidgin users are having trouble connecting to Yahoo! IM accounts because Yahoo! seems to be upgrading their servers to a new version of their software. The new version requires a new authentication method and the latest version of Pidgin does not support this new authentication method. The next version, 2.6.0, will, but it has not yet been released. The only current workaround is to manually select a "pager server" that hasn't been upgraded yet. Some people will not notice this problem until they disconnect. Others have noted that GAIM appears to be unaffected yet Kopete *is* affected."

markdavis markdavis writes  |  more than 7 years ago

markdavis writes "For Linux to really succeed in business, it must have support by vendors for the core financial applications (General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll/HR) first.

I am the IT Director for a long-term-care medical facility (400 employees) and found out a few weeks ago that the vendor that supplies our GL, AP, HR, and Payroll software is dropping support for our platform (Linux) in November (after using them for four years). They code in Progress and have decided to convert to a proprietary web GUI (IIS + IE6 + ActiveX) rather than use Progress + Apache + any browser. This means we either abandon Linux or we are in the market for new accounting software modules (I bet you know which is my preferred choice).

All businesses require the core accounting functions, mentioned above. Most companies also require "industry specific" software which is customized for their industry. For example, in healthcare, AR (Accounts Receivable) is VERY different from all other industries. It is 2007, so hopefully the Linux choices for at least the core, non-industry specific financial software have improved since our last search, four years ago.

I have been working on an RFI/RFP (Request for Information/Proposal) and identifying as many possible vendors as possible. I have searched through hundreds of vendors so far and identified 39 possibilities, but could always use more.

Hence the questions: Do any other slashdotters use Linux server AND client (or web browser under Linux) software for financials in a medium or smaller/medium sized organization? If so, what do you use? Do you like it? Problems? Any advice (other than "give it up")?"


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