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UC Berkeley Asking Incoming Students For DNA

marmaladeboy And when the police come along? (468 comments)

How long until we hear about a subpoena for these DNA samples? "Well, a crime happened on campus ... guess we better look at those samples you have just to be safe."

more than 4 years ago

Ancient Comet Fragments Found In Antarctic Snow

marmaladeboy How big?!? (92 comments)

Makes you wonder how in the world they ever found them.

more than 4 years ago



Resomation is a greener version of cremation

marmaladeboy marmaladeboy writes  |  about 4 years ago

marmaladeboy (1807766) writes "It is obvious that the greening of technology is catching on when someone comes up with a greener alternative to cremation. Resomation is a new technology developed to deal with the bodies of cattle that had mad cow disease. Once it was found to be successful it was decided to give it a go on humans. As opposed to cremation it uses water and pressure to destroy the body at a lower temperature, and thus release less greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. What will they think of to make a greener alternative for next?"

Advertiser collecting just a wee bit too much data

marmaladeboy marmaladeboy writes  |  about 4 years ago

marmaladeboy (1807766) writes "Advertising firm Phorm have gone beyond the realm of collecting data via cookies to placing their data collection at the ISP level and using deep packet inspection to collect information on all of the users of that service. Great Britain got wind of this when it was being tested with British Telecom, and the national company, as well as two other ISPs, have now said they will not be using the service. While it may not be taking off there, apparently at least one ISP in Brazil is considering using the service."

Use your wellies to power your cellphone - TECH.BL

marmaladeboy marmaladeboy writes  |  more than 4 years ago

marmaladeboy (1807766) writes "Who needs an outlet to charge their cellphone when they have the right water proof ("wellies") boots on? From the post:

Orange Power Wellies: the Orange being the mobile phone company, the Power being a reference to what they produce, the Wellies being a reference to the Wellington boots that all outdoor-types have owned and worn at one point or another.

Yep, you can just plug your phone into your boots and get power. What will they think of next?"
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New book lists funniest slurls (Slur URLs) - TECH.

marmaladeboy marmaladeboy writes  |  more than 4 years ago

marmaladeboy (1807766) writes "Apparently some people don't take a good look at what their URLs could be read as before purchasing them, and then building a site around them. From the post

Now, I’m spending far too much time searching the Web for examples. The reason is a new book titled Slurls: They Called Their Website What?! which gives the details behind the absolute worst Internet domain names that have ever been chosen.


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More people now Google themselves to manage online

marmaladeboy marmaladeboy writes  |  more than 4 years ago

marmaladeboy (1807766) writes "Apparently a lot of people have gotten into the habit of searching Google for their names to better manage their online reputations.

57 percent of the 2,253 U.S. adults surveyed admit to Googling themselves (essentially entering their own name in the search engine). In 2006, this figure was just 47 percent.


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More evidence for the “iPad kills netbooks&r

marmaladeboy marmaladeboy writes  |  more than 4 years ago

marmaladeboy (1807766) writes "There have been a lot of theories on how the iPad is killing off netbooks already, but not there is even more evidence for the "iPad kills netbooks" camp. From the story:

[a new surveys]uggests 70 percent of people who'd been planning to buy a netbook had delayed doing so because of the iPad's announcement, with 30 percent eventually plumping for the iPad.


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