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martonlorand martonlorand writes  |  more than 7 years ago

martonlorand writes "I need some car navigation solution, and since I am using linux for almost everything, I am searching for a GPS enabled navigation system for linux. An out of box solution is a couple of hundred USD-s, but since I already have a small laptop, that boots kubuntu, and one could pick up a GPS receiver for a few bucks, I figured I could just use these and save some money.

Doing a bit of a research it basically came down to two solutions (gpsdrive and roadmap). Roadmap seems to have more features, GPSdrive looks more user friendly.

What I would be looking for — easy address location, possibility to add waypoints, route calculation (this is what I am missing from both softwares mentioned above), voice guidance (roadmap has something like this) and possibility to save/load routes, locations.

Does anybody use something like this — what is your setup and how do you like it? If this works out well, I am planing to build a whole system just for my car with a small touchscreen monitor and a PC in the trunk.

Are there working solutions for what I am looking to do, for linux (OSS or Comercial)?"


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