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Wyoming Is First State To Reject Science Standards Over Climate Change

masonc Money (661 comments)

Wyoming has the best politicians money can afford. It won't matter as kids get information from all over, so they will see this through this pretty quickly.

about 4 months ago

First Phase of TrueCrypt Audit Turns Up No Backdoors

masonc Re:Bootloader & Windows Driver (171 comments)

The words "American" and "security" cannot be used in the same sentence. There is nothing American that can be secure, just as there is nothing "American" and "Offshore Bank Account" that can ever be used in the same sentence. If you are American, then accept that you are bound to obey the Government, pay your taxes and deny climate change. It's the American way!
Anyone hiring an American to security audit code is either stupid or naive.

about 5 months ago

First Phase of TrueCrypt Audit Turns Up No Backdoors

masonc Re:Technically if an NSA backdoor existed (171 comments)

The code is being audited in America. That's pretty funny.
How about an audit in a country where the NSA cannot tell the auditors to shutup?

about 5 months ago

Jenny McCarthy: "I Am Not Anti-Vaccine'"

masonc Smoking? (588 comments)

The woman promotes smoking e-cigarettes containing anti-freeze and nicotine. Anyone who smokes or promotes smoking should not give medical advice to others.

about 5 months ago

Is Germany Raising a Generation of Illiterates?

masonc Re:This is how I was taught in English.. (431 comments)

By European, you mean British. The British actually care about their language and how it is written. Some Americans, quite a few, are educated, erudite and worldly, but so many think that "All y'all" is an actual construct.

about 5 months ago

UN: Renewables, Nuclear Must Triple To Save Climate

masonc Renewables (433 comments)

The long and short of it..we're buggered. Thankfully, we will all be dead when it gets really shitty. If you think that the countries of the world can band together to reduce emissions and turn to renewables, you are smoking the funny tobacco. I install solar in countries that have the highest electricity prices and the most sun, but they refuse to implement renewables, preferring that good old diesel products. People are inherently stupid, short sighted and greedy. Nothing but war and pestilence will cause change. Nothing else ever has.

about 5 months ago

Michael Bloomberg: You Can't Teach a Coal Miner To Code

masonc Retraining miners (581 comments)

Let's try to evaluate this in a non-partisan grown up way. By coding, Bloomberg is referring to America's move to eliminate all blue collar work by sending it abroad to China and Brazil, and to create great opportunities for academic pursuits, financial services and intellectual property. If there was a strong manufacturing sector, miners could be retrained to work in factories, with all the health benefits over mining, but those jobs got exported to make the multi-national companies richer and more powerful. Since large companies now own the American political process, all political efforts are concentrated on making the rich more rich at the expense of the working people.This doesn't end well.

about 5 months ago

UN Report: Climate Changes Overwhelming

masonc Re:we're all effed (987 comments)

It wasn't the coldest 6 months in the world, it was cold in America. There are some other countries in the world, though not as self important.

about 6 months ago

3 Years Later: A Fukushima Worker's Eyewitness Story

masonc Bravery (148 comments)

I followed the disaster as it happened on twitter and the news, and like everyone was shocked by the deaths. I find that the criticism of the workers and TEPCO who were put in the most awful of circumstances was disingenuous. How many organizations would have done better? Put yourself in the place of one of the workers on site; power is out, your family may be dead, the water has risen and swept away most of the town, and the reactors around you have cracked in the earthquake. You have no communication, you may be about to be radiated. Many of the workers were evacuated only to be sent back in. What bravery.
We never appreciate the people who face death and do their job.

about 6 months ago

World's First Magma-Based Geothermal Energy System

masonc Re:how does this work? (161 comments)

Once you have a borehole, you can put a concentric injector pipe to pump the water down and recover the resulting steam around it. Steam from hot rocks is being done all over, but boring into molten magma is new.
Magma has a habit of oozing out of chambers once there is a path to the surface, and can't be stopped once it starts. The magma is full of CO2 at high pressure and once depressurized, releases the CO2 and expands rapidly. I wonder how they will ensure they do not start an eruption? I would think there would be a significant risk of starting another problem like the Sidoarjo mud flow

about 8 months ago

Electrical Engineering Lost 35,000 Jobs Last Year In the US

masonc Re:Not export friendly (397 comments)

Additionally, Americans think the idea of moving to metric is stupid. No-one in the rest of the world wants American engineered products because everything is in old money.

about 8 months ago

Electrical Engineering Lost 35,000 Jobs Last Year In the US

masonc Not export friendly (397 comments)

I live in the Caribbean and buy engineering products from the USA and China. Exporting from the US is a pain. There are so many requirements implemented in the name of "Preventing Terrorism" and "keeping America Safe" that it is easier to buy from China. It seems the American Government is doing it's best to force everyone to buy from China instead of American manufacturers.
American companies do not know how to export. Ask any American company for a commercial invoice and they are lost. Customs requires one, so you would think they would figure it out. Try explaining you do not have a zip code.
Even though we have consolidation services, getting the required paperwork is more work than it is worth.
WIth Chinese companies, they will quote to deliver the product to your door, wherever you are.

about 8 months ago

US Light Bulb Phase-Out's Next Step Begins Next Month

masonc Re:Leave our kids alone (1146 comments)

"Government intervention should be a last resort" - in your opinion. Did it ever occur to you that your opinion is not written on stone tablets and given from the mountain tops?

about 9 months ago

US Light Bulb Phase-Out's Next Step Begins Next Month

masonc Leave our kids alone (1146 comments)

Next thing the Government will want us to stop smoking, wear seatbelts and vaccinate our children against deadly diseases. Why do they think they know what is good for us?

about 9 months ago

Dial 00000000 To Blow Up the World

masonc Re:Illusion shattered (306 comments)

"00000000 is just as random as any other code"
Except that you can lean on the button pad and enter it by mistake. Bye Bye world.

about 10 months ago

8 US States Pushing For 3.3 Million Electric Cars

masonc Re:Penn and Teller should do a Bullshit episode (327 comments)

But take a look at any major city's rush hour and then imagine all those cars going home to plug in and you can see the potential for a huge problem.

So utilities will have to install smart metering with control over charging stations. There, fixed that for you.
The more interesting application will be when cars are uses as storage devices, so peaks are supplied by car storage. Add solar and inverters and the grid becomes very flexible, robust, sustainable and reliable.

about a year ago

Its Nuclear Plant Closed, Maine Town Is Full of Regret

masonc Nothing to see here (380 comments)

This is a story about a facility closing and the town losing jobs, this is not a story that supports Nuclear. If you are want to build nuclear plants to create jobs, the tail is wagging the dog. Supposing, just supposing, the plant had an accident and all those people had to evacuate. Do you think they would have been sad to see it close? Now that would have been a nuclear story.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Inexpensive SOHO Crime Deterrence and Monitoring?

masonc Forget cameras (272 comments)

I install cameras for customers, and I would advise you to forget CCTV as a way to stop break-ins. I get a lot of prospective customers who want cameras to deter intruders and advise them the same way. Good camera systems, which pretty much leaves out video, is useful to catch shoplifters, light fingered employees, improper use of resources, and reduce liability in the event of an accident and law suit. If you want to stop intrusion, secure the property (if they got through bars, you need better bars), and have a professional company install an alarm with central monitoring and security staff.
Getting a picture of an intruder is useless. Getting a picture of an intruder wearing sunglasses is even more useless.

An Alarm with glass break, lights, loud siren and guards on the way ought to stop them. If it doesn't, move.

about a year and a half ago

Solar Geoengineering Could Lead To Whiter, Brighter Skies

masonc Emmissions (165 comments)

Wouldn't it be easier to reduce emissions as recommended by every decent scientist for decades? I am tired of all the oddball solutions that are being put forward instead of a mature response to the problem. The leaders and voters get to avoid the hard decisions because they believe the magic solution is just around the corner. We need to face up to the problems we have created and work towards solving them, not looking for the "magic" solution that will make all the bad news go away.

more than 2 years ago


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