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Robot Dramas: Autonomous Machines In the Limelight On Stage and In Society

mastershake82 Re:30 years late! (31 comments)

I apologize for the political tone found int his video posting! I didn't realize this video had some sort of political standpoint! I'm sorry, that wasn't the point, I was just looking for some classic Rock-A-Fire explosion video!

about 5 months ago

9th Grade Science Experiment: Garden Cress Won't Germinate Near Routers

mastershake82 Pretty Good Experiment (327 comments)

They seemed to cover all their bases. They put all the plants in a room with a router and red light. They told the plants that the red light meant the router was on. Whenever the red light was illuminated, almost 90% of the participating plants did not grow, regardless of the power status of router, whereas when the red light was off, all the plants grew, even when the router was powered on!

about a year and a half ago

When I see gov't CCTV cameras, I think:

mastershake82 I Live In the United States (381 comments)

We don't have a large CCTV presence here.

I wish Slashdot would remember that it has a global community of readers and be more considerate!!!

more than 2 years ago

Just Say No To College

mastershake82 Skills Needed Can't Be Taught (716 comments)

The most important skills needed for successful administrators and technical employees in general can't be taught. Critical thinking and problem solving.

College will teach you some good CS theory and maybe one to three languages and possibly some life skills if you don't already have them. But if you can't learn a new programming / scripting language or CS theory without a college class, you'll be viable after college for 5 years max.

If you are self taught, you will continue to self teach your entire life. If you additionally have critical thinking and problem solving skills and decent life skills, you will find that you continue to rise to the top of whatever team you are on and that opportunities seem to fall in your lap over and over again, regardless of whether you went to college or not.

You will live a comfortable life without much worry. And chances are if your problem solving skills are strong, then you also ENJOY solving problems and will enjoy your work.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Best 32-Bit Windows System In 2012?

mastershake82 Re:Windows 7 compatibility mode (313 comments)

Generally, if they have applications that will not run on 64-bit Windows, it is because the applications are 16-bit, not 32-bit.

more than 2 years ago

Television Network Embeds Android Device In Magazine Ads

mastershake82 Re:Senior tech analyst? (115 comments)

Seconded... they can't figure out that basically, a directional style type navigation device is missing and they keep trying to navigate with what is clearly a spot for the android home, search, back, menu hotkeys.

Only thing I was interested in was, can you take the SIM out and will it work in another device?

more than 2 years ago

Only English Final Fantasy 2 NES Cartridge On Sale for $50K

mastershake82 Re:Does anyone know if... (109 comments)


Q: Can you please upload to ROM online, so the world can play it? There is no way publisher will release this, and if you don't it could be lost to time: Forever.
A: OK, I did it (9 years ago).

So, it looks like he dumped and uploaded the ROM as soon as he acquired the cart.

more than 2 years ago

What Happens To Your Used Games?

mastershake82 Diffrence Between Video Games and Cars (276 comments)

I see a lot of comments here comparing the profits of video games to cars or TVs or other physical utilitarian devices.

The main difference, in my opinion, is that in the first year of owning a car or TV, only the first owner (or first owner's family) can get value from it. In the first year of life of a game disc, 12 people can get value from that one disc. And the value of the game disc is the same and never degrades or needs maintenance.

I don't think you'll see Bungie, Epic, or Infinity Ward complaining about this. They've figured it out... you sell people the game and give them a great multiplayer mode (or some other reason) to hang onto it, and they will. Used copies will be few and far between.

The people who are really suffering are those that make truly fantastic single player games. Prince of Persia comes to mind... it was great, I thoroughly enjoyed it. All 20 hours of it... and on my schedule, that's 5 days of having the game to do 100% of everything there is to do. So I rent it. I actually rent all games that have no multiplayer aspect. The only games I purchase are the ones I can see myself playing online still, 6 months down the line. You might say make the games longer, which is an option, but I personally don't WANT to invest more than 20 hours into any single player experience, and to be honest, when it is longer, like 100+ hours for a Final Fantasy game, you spend most of that time not having fun, just trying to level up to do everything.

This applies to DVDs and to a lesser extend music as well. One DVD can easily fully serve a group of 20 people in one week if they pass it around and watch it in groups.

I'll leave you with this... I think more than the disc, game companies, movie companies, etc are selling you the experience. The experience of playing through the game or the experience of watching the movie. And I believe they should be compensated for each experience they provide. I do think that $60 is a bit much for a video game, but I think it's to compensate for rentals and used game sales. Once everything goes digital, we will see a shift. Let's say that for every 1 copy of a new game that is bought, 2 people probably play that disc, on average, could be more or less, not sure. So $60 provides 2 play experiences. The publisher sees approx $30 per experience in this model, but assuming the first copy was $60 and the used copy was $55. That's $115 spent, and Gamestop probably paid the original owner about $25 for it, so they paid $35 for the experience. If the second owner sells it back very quickly for $25, then he would have paid only $30, bringing this in line with the above of $30 per experience. So $65 spent total for two plays, or $32.5 per experience. If the publishers had complete control over this, the players could have each spent less money for the same amount of, or more (because they get to keep the game), game.

However, it may be be a utopian thought to think the publishers would pass these savings onto us completely, I like to dream.

more than 2 years ago

Cops Can Crack an iPhone In Under Two Minutes

mastershake82 Re:it's not a matter of time... (375 comments)

Assuming that an "attempt" is measured as you expect. If the attacker has bypassed the GUI and is doing something else via the data port to break / enter the password... are each of those counted as an attempt?

I could find out in Android... I have to trust Apple / RIM for iOS and Blackberry.

more than 2 years ago

New iPad Jailbroken Already

mastershake82 Maybe Apple Intentionally "Allows" Jailbreaking (255 comments)

This is all speculation... but perhaps Apple purposely leaves the holes in the OS to allow this type of circumvention. Hear me out if in for a good conspiracy theory...

I imagine there might be three areas of pressure to keep the OS closed:
1. I'd speculate the main pressure on Apple to keep the OS closed is to prevent the piracy of app store apps to keep application authors happily creating apps for the device and not having to worry about the general population being able to copy and install them. More applications = more iPad sales to the general public.
2. Since many iOS devices are enabled on mobile network not owned by Apple, I'm sure the networks "encourage" Apple to do their best to limit the ability of a user to use the network in unauthorized ways, such as tethering when not paying for the plan.
3. A tertiary focus on keeping the OS closed to keep support costs down. Limiting options = easier troubleshooting.

However, there is a contingent of users who will not buy the device unless they can do whatever they want with it / jailbreak it. Whether it's to load non-approved software or to pirate App Store applications or circumvent carrier restrictions in the mobile network enabled models. As far as I know, Apple doesn't take a loss on hardware sold, so Apple still wants their money and market share, so they leave these exploits available for them. This gives Apple the plausible deniability to the App Store application authors and the mobile network carriers ("Sorry, these dang HACKERS keep breaking through our security... we're doing our darndest but they keep getting around it... but don't worry, it's a pretty complex process and the average user doesn't bother.") and allows them to completely cut off support to people who have voided their warranty by performing the jailbreak.

It's genius if you think about it.

more than 2 years ago

Ship Anchor Damages African Undersea Cables

mastershake82 Re:Racism Modded Up (104 comments)

Since you didn't reply the comment you are trolling, I have to assume you are referring to the joke about "no more Nigerian scams!"

Actually, I believe they are Nigerian scams because they originate from Nigeria. Also, Nigerian people are referred to as Nigerians because they are from Nigeria. I don't really see how race plays any part in those two facts.

more than 2 years ago

Chinese Lab Speeds Through Genome Processing With GPUs

mastershake82 The Future Is Here!! (408 comments)

Sounds like these newfangled "GPUs" are gonna change the world.

about 3 years ago

Razer Announces Dedicated Gaming Laptop

mastershake82 Re:PC gaming is not dead, (200 comments)

While the percentage of left handed people in the world is estimated at 10%, the percentage of left handed people that don't use a mouse with their right hand is much much lower.

I'm left handed, and at this point, I'm much less proficient at using a mouse with my left hand than my right. And I've personally only ever met one other leftie (out of many) who actually used a mouse on the left hand side of their keyboard.

I honestly just don't see it as being a financially sound decision to invest in ambidexterity for this particular application.

more than 3 years ago

One Week: No Mouse, Just Keyboard

mastershake82 Re:Keyboard only support should be mandatory (364 comments)

Oh definitely. Society is so overrated.

The handicap should fend for themselves!

I defend myself from crime on my own regularly. Just last week a huge fire started in my house... but it was no problem because I was able to put it out with my mass water carrying vehicle that I invented and built from scratch. Then I went to my backyard and slaughtered a cow and picked some vegetables for dinner. That I then prepared on an electric oven that is powered by a hydroelectric plant I invented and built over a river on my property.

Hopefully, that seemed ridiculous to you, because it is. But that is precisely what you are saying a handicap person should do for any need not covered by the needs of the majority. Just because a handicapped person has different or even additional needs to the average member of the society doesn't mean that every other member of the society shouldn't exert additional effort to try to provide them the best possible quality of life. That's what society is all about. And don't be surprised to find out that one of the people you had so quickly written off because their abilities were different than yours changes the world.

more than 3 years ago

Pandora App Sends Private Data To Advertisers

mastershake82 Re:You get what you pay for (198 comments)

Well, if you are installing an Angry Birds clone, and it tells you it needs access to your dialer to make phone calls and your messaging to send text messages then maybe... just maybe... you shouldn't install it.

The Android notification of what parts of your phone the app will use are perfect. It allows an app to request whatever it needs on a very low level, and for you to know that it is requesting it. There is DEFINITELY a gray area when you are installing something that will actually use a sensitive part of your phone such as the dialer / GPS / messaging... but at some point, you have to do your research and make sure you trust the developer and that the software is actually from the developer on the app store, not somebody who modified their app and re-uploaded it.

You say it doesn't tell you why it needs it... but you should know why from the type of application it is. And if the why of the application type doesn't match the data and access requested, don't install it. I'm sure Android could add a 'why' area for each permission for the dev to put in a reason, which actually might be nice, but it won't be any more secure, as the people who are releasing malicious apps are the same social engineers who have perfected duplicating emails from your bank almost perfectly.

The only more secure way they could do it would be, "We see you've selected Angry Birds, please review the entirety of the source code presented below and all of it's resources to ensure that it won't do anything malicious to your phone."

more than 3 years ago

Samsung Keylogger Stories a False Alarm

mastershake82 Samsung "Admitted" To The Keylogger (183 comments)

I think the part that gave the most merit to the original claim is that Samsung "admitted" to it. However, in retrospect, it's easy to see what may have happened... here is the quote about Samsung admitting to the problem:

"The supervisor who spoke with me was not sure how this software ended up in the new laptop thus put me on hold. He confirmed that yes, Samsung did knowingly put this software on the laptop to, as he put it, "monitor the performance of the machine and to find out how it is being used.""

What seems to have happened is the person called technical suppport at Samsung... people trained to help you with your computer not booting, overheating, optical drive malfunctions, dead pixels on the LCD, etc, etc, etc and asked something that they would have of course known nothing about. I'm going to go out on a limb and make some assumptions... I may be completely wrong, but I've seen this played out in the phone support industry when I worked there more times than I can count. I'm sure, like every other phone based support line, they are trained that when they don't know the answer to something, to make a ticket and someone more knowledgeable will call them back. I assume that because the person was escalated to a supervisor, he did not find that option satisfactory and wanted an answer to his odd request RIGHT THAT MOMENT. Enter the supervisor. At this point, the supervisor will say whatever it takes to appease the upset customer... I'm sure something in the Samsung support database about their performance monitoring software lined up in the tiniest way with the customers finding, so the supervisor gave him that info, and there we go... an "admission" by Samsung.

If you hate corporations, I'm sure that's enough for you... and someone paid by Samsung saying something about a Samsung product is the be all end all of any situation... but realistically... if they want to provide you with affordable devices with reasonable support, they can't afford to put a "lawyer technician IT superman" on the receiving end of every call...

tl;dr if you try and whine hard enough, you can get a phone support tech to say anything you want

more than 3 years ago



Apple Leaks iPad Customer Data

mastershake82 mastershake82 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

mastershake82 (948396) writes "Gawker appears to break the story, "Apple has suffered another embarrassment. A security breach has exposed iPad owners including dozens of CEOs, military officials, and top politicians... It doesn't stop there. According to the data we were given by the web security group that exploited vulnerabilities on the AT&T network, we believe 114,000 user accounts have been compromised, although it's possible that confidential information about every iPad 3G owner in the U.S. has been exposed.""
Link to Original Source

XBox 360 HD DVD Player Price Drop, $129.99

mastershake82 mastershake82 writes  |  more than 6 years ago

TheDonFiore writes "Major Nelson blog reports 'The Xbox 360 HD DVD Player price has dropped from $179.99 to $129.99 (U.S. MSRP.) This new price is effective immediately in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Combine the new price with the 5 free HD DVD offer and it's a pretty good deal.'"
Link to Original Source


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