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How To Keep Rats From Eating My Cables?

masticina Re:Three options (1032 comments)

You know as pet owner, rat owner.. I know rats as pets are great. But would never cuddle a wild rat!

You won't find many rat owners to disagree with the fact that yes their wild cousins are a plague and a pest. They are really successfull and..destructive.

Hell even as pet they are destructive..oh well.

I would say use steelwoll, yup already mentioned but if I noticed anything is that they don't like things that prick in their noses. Sensitive creatures

more than 5 years ago

The SUV Is Dethroned

masticina Re:A big "duh" to the auto industry (1234 comments)

Well yeah I just read somewhere that GM is pumping money into their V6 factories because V8's might go out. Don't get me wrong but you might have noticed that those Japanese models mostly are having 3 or 4 Cylinders. Actually a 3 Cylinder might get you around pretty well, if not a bit on the whiny side motor sound being! A 4 Cylinder pretty much takes the cake! Of course America is different then Europe so there is space for improvements to make the cars more American ready. With that I mean that in Europe we take much more turns! That and in America it is more usual that shopping is done in larger amounts but less times a week!

Combined with the fact that many life in suburbs and for shopping have to drive quite a bit away. The slightly larger European cars will do just fine in America! So prepare to see allot of Four Cylinder cars!

America has allot of work ahead!

more than 6 years ago


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