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True Size of the Shadow Banking System Revealed (Spoiler: Humongous)

matrim99 Re:BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA (387 comments)

I'd love to hear your insights on Regulatory Capture, especially any differences between your view and those of the Wikipedia article. Would you mind sharing any links to your insights on this issue?

1 year,14 hours

X.Org Foundation Loses 501(c)3 Non-Profit Status

matrim99 Re:No one to blame but themselves (208 comments)

That's what the W-4 is for. Income tracked under your W-4 is proof that you made money that might be taxable. You don't pay taxes if you made no money that year.

1 year,21 days

X.Org Foundation Loses 501(c)3 Non-Profit Status

matrim99 Re:No one to blame but themselves (208 comments)

But you still have to *file*. They hadn't filed at all for several years, and it finally caught up to them.

1 year,21 days

What Wi-Fi Would Look Like If We Could See It

matrim99 Re:As a tinfoil hat-smith (120 comments)

Agreed; I RTFA in order to learn something about the patterns for broadcasting, reflecting, and cancelling out of these waves. Instead, the images were created by someone who has less of a clue about radio waves than even I do, and they didn't even try to visualize anything even remotely close to reality.

TLDR: Ooh, pretty colors.

about a year ago

Google Raises Campaign Funds For Climate Change Denier

matrim99 Re:Imagine that (365 comments)

Do No Evil. Unless it make good business sense.

about a year ago

Teenage League of Legends Player Jailed For Months For Facebook Joke

matrim99 Re:So much for... (743 comments)

Nice, I see what you did there. You have many career options available to you in the public sector.

Might I suggest the Department of Truth?

about a year ago

Google Code Deprecates Download Service For Project Hosting

matrim99 Re:So? (185 comments)

A true vanguard. You rock!

In order to help your users even further, you may want to think about devolving your app to just pseudo-code. I'm sure that your choice of programming language has given pause to many upcoming Logo programmers out there.

about a year ago

China's Allwinner Outsold Intel, Qualcomm In Tablet Processors In 2012

matrim99 Re:So what? (121 comments)

Sometimes a person is perfectly fine with buying and using a toaster instead of buying and using a whole oven.

The same goes for tablets; for casual surfing or communications, a slower, smaller tablet is fine for many people. Those who have tasks that require more CPU power will, of course, purchase different tablets more suitable for those types of tasks. But those uses don't' negate the value of cheap, "lightweight" tablets for other users' uses.

about a year ago

Microsoft Prepares Rethink On Windows 8

matrim99 Re:mature response to a corporate stumble (536 comments)

I fail to see what Metro is good for except on a tablet. Windows 8 is indeed a step in the right direction, but Metro should have only been the default Start menu on tablets.

about a year ago

The Dark Side of Amazon's New Pilots

matrim99 Re:Decade long dearth of any good television? (312 comments)

While your plan may be admirable to many, I fail to see how you can expect people to "get off the internet". The Internet is not a physical thing that people can climb onto and off of; it is a collection of logical 1s and 0s that have no tangible physical presence.

about a year ago

Canadian Official Escorted From House For Others' Facebook Comments

matrim99 Re:Oh Canada... (205 comments)

So a Canadian who didn't want to pay her bills moved back to Canada, leaving the bill to be paid for by Americans. That's something to be proud of....

about a year and a half ago

American Airlines Grounds Flights

matrim99 Re:Cover story? (91 comments)

I think that a passenger saw a monster on the wing, like what happened in "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet".

Hey, if we're going to be making up random shit, it might as well be something cool.

about a year and a half ago

TSA Log Shows Passengers Say the Darndest Things

matrim99 Re:Agents do have some latitude (427 comments)

"Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists."
- George W. Bush

I believe that this quote sums up the frame of mind that justifies making casual comments about any national security issues potential threats themselves (the comments).

about a year and a half ago

How To Hunt a Cicada Smorgasbord

matrim99 Re:Taste like asparagus? (87 comments)

Why, because they look funny to us? Check out how freaky lobsters look.

Because they're small? So are all of those tasty yeast microbes.

Because you were told that bugs aren't food, so eating them is something to worry about? Some bugs are very tasty, and most are quite safe to eat and are quite nutritious.

about a year and a half ago

41 Months In Prison For Man Who Leaked AT&T iPad Email Addresses

matrim99 Re:Good (459 comments)

This would be a great analogy if your home is located on AT&T's property, weren't ever allowed to go to your home (but you could view it and AT&T's discretion), and your house was made entirely of windows.

about a year ago


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