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Ubuntu 9.10 Officially Released

matts-reign Re:Ubuntu Bleeding Edge Features Ready for Prime T (744 comments)

Personally, I've been using grub2 for a long time now. A year or two, probably. Even Debian has it available -- and that's my measuring stick as to whether things are "old" or not.

more than 4 years ago

Bell Proposing Usage-Based Billing

matts-reign Re:Canada Big, Slovenia Small (238 comments)

I disagree with your statement about city water. Lots of people living in rural areas have wells and septic system. But when my old telecom provider replaced the party lines in 1998, they ran fibre instead of copper, and so now people have "cheap", reliable internet, but live 10 kilometres from the nearest water pipe. It might not even be as good as my Teksavvy DSL now that I've moved to a larger place, but it is definitely possible to have.

more than 5 years ago

Long-Term Personal Data Storage?

matts-reign Hard drives kept online (669 comments)

Hard drives, while they may fail, are still probably your best chance. Using RAID-1 or -5, you can keep the drives running (possibly intermittently) and can avoid failure. With the rate of hard drive growth, you can just replace them with bigger drives when the time comes you need more space. It isn't exactly the same as throwing them in a cold room and forgetting them, but it isn't too expensive either.

more than 6 years ago

CRTC Rules Bell Can Squeeze Downloads

matts-reign Re:Misleading article (245 comments)

If they were connecting to the DSLAM, this wouldn't be a problem. The problem is the infrastructure used to connect the ISP to the DLSAM -- this is also rented from bell, and what they claim is congested, and what is being shaped. Bell is mandated to allow access to the DSLAM as part of their monopoly, but not the network which the resellers are currently using, and where all the naughty stuff happens. I don't think any of the resellers are large enough to start laying their own cables either, so there isn't too much that can happen here other than bend over, or encrypt your traffic. Teksavvy at least allows users to use MPPPoE instead of regular PPPoE, which isn't throttled, so you can circumvent Bell that way for now.

more than 6 years ago



Generating Meta Web 2.0 collages from browser hist

matts-reign matts-reign writes  |  more than 5 years ago

matts-reign writes "What does your browsing look like? Web 2.0 Collage is a new project that uses a technique previously featured on slashdot to collect your browser history and make a collage of the web 2.0 websites you browse. Is this a new meta level of web 2.0 applications? User generated data, but coming from other websites! You can even get the output on shirts and mugs, customized just for you.

The open source web application is written in PLT Scheme and available under the Gnu Affero General Public License."


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