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ISPs Inserting Ads Into Your Pages

maur Experienced this (434 comments)

Around 2003-2004 I subscribed to a Vancouver-area ISP named MDI Internet, and near the end of my term with them they implemented software called Adzila, which worked as described in the article. Here's an example of an ad it inserted on Google search results:

http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/5052/adzilabann erae1.png

more than 7 years ago



maur maur writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Maur (41262) writes "BountySource is a hosted project management site for OSS, but unlike SourceForge or Google Code, BountySource incorporates code bounties directly into the bug/feature tracker. Other sites (like Bounty County) have tried to track bounties but have failed because they merely link to the bounty details and do not hold the money in escrow. BountySource currently allows bounties to be placed using Paypal and has a built-in dispute settlement system. The site shows signs of beta software, but it's under active development and according to their roadmap they have some cool features in the works. Some major projects, such as ZSNES, have already switched to it."


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