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UK Government Crowd-Sourcing Censorship

mayhem79 Re:"Removal from the internet"? (262 comments)

I agree, instead of taking down sites (espcially ones outsaide the UK), I think it might be easier for the government to produce a black-list and form UK ISP to enforce it using laws and policy.

Now theres a worrying thought, does anyone happen to know if theres such a thing in place in the UK currently?

more than 4 years ago

UK Government Crowd-Sourcing Censorship

mayhem79 Report your friends, family and neighbours... (262 comments)

What worries me is the term: 'intended to be useful to terrorists'; this is so broad a definition, in theory anything could be deemed as useful to terrorist. For example, how to fly a plane, how to drive a car, self defense techniques. It also concerns me what implications to freedoms this may have on non-violent polictical protest sites i.e. any site that may critise a governments policy. I am a UK citizen and am becoming increasingly worried as my freedoms are being slowly litigated for my 'own good' to combat terrorism. Reminds me of a joke on Red Dwarf: 'Report your friends, family and neighbours... wonderful prizes to be won.'

more than 4 years ago

Heavy Internet Use Linked To Depression

mayhem79 Maybe confusing cause and effect (360 comments)

Maybe they are confusing cause and effect, if you are depressed, feel lonely, unable to get out of the house. Surely you are more likely to spend your time doing such indoor activies.

more than 4 years ago

Genetic Algorithm Helps Identify Criminals

mayhem79 EFIT-V (84 comments)

My name is Dr Matthew Maylin, I developed this software at the university of Kent during my PhD, and continue to develope it as the sole software engineer for the company. The algorithm used is an evolutionary algorithm, implementing random mutations, but no cross-over or mutation. Although the user does have the option to 'bred'/combine certain faces within the software. The method uses a statistical model of the human face (Cootes et el 2001), and at anyone time is restricted to a sample to a single ethnicity and gender. The are however, many databases of face statistcs that are used. Here is a movie of the process: http://www.visionmetric.com/images/stories/EFIT-V_demo.htm I believe here is the original slashdot post: http://slashdot.org/articles/04/05/17/1042231.shtml?tid=133&tid=152&tid=185&tid=186 There have been many controlled studies on this system, it has been trialled by the forces in the UK over 3 years ago, and now is actively sold across the world. Psychological studies have been made by Dr Graham Pike (seen in the video) at the Open University. The quality of the images vary and are ultimately limited by the users ability to recall the face - some users are better than others - but generally composites are produced more quickly - to a higher quality - than 'jigsaw' based methods.

more than 5 years ago


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