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Why Letting Your Insurance Company Monitor How You Drive Can Be a Good Thing

mbuimbui Re:Good drivers create bad drivers (567 comments)

Meanwhile, my insurance company would have done what, exactly? Would they have even asked me why I was speeding?

I don't think you get what a sophisticated data model is capable of. If safer drivers do really need to go 30% over the speed limit occasionally like you suggest, the data should show it. People who never go fast, would then get punished, as would people who would go over the speed limit very often because they are reckless drivers.

Given a large enough sample set, the insurance companies don't need to know the particulars of why you were speeding in a particular way once, it is expected that good drivers will, they just need to know if you are doing it more often, or in a particular way, that they can say with statistical significance that you are more likely to have an accident. The occasional incident that you suggest is not going to allow them to say anything with any amount of statistical significance.

about 10 months ago

Why Letting Your Insurance Company Monitor How You Drive Can Be a Good Thing

mbuimbui Re:I guess what is comes down to ... (567 comments) who decides what is safe driving?

I think the point is that sophisticated data model would decide. Insurance companies are using these models now, but just over worse data. The more data they have, the more accurate those models can get. Not that I like insurance companies in any way, but they have strong incentives to get that right.

about 10 months ago

Why Letting Your Insurance Company Monitor How You Drive Can Be a Good Thing

mbuimbui Re:Huh (567 comments)

Extrapolating this out, they eventually end up charging each individual exactly what it will cost the insurance company to pay each individual's claims plus their profit margin.

That would be the case if the universe was 100% deterministic AND insurance companies figure out the laws of nature to know who will have an accident at what date, at exactly which minute and second. More than likely both of those conditions will never be true, so the best any insurance company can do is figure out the percentage chance that you will have an accident this year. If you are a really bad driver with say a 10% chance of having an accident it will still be easier for you to pay 10% of the cost of that accident and have other people in your bad driver pool cover your ass by paying the remaining 90%.

about 10 months ago

Raspberry Pi Gets an Open Source Educational Manual

mbuimbui Khan Academy Lite (56 comments)

If you are looking to get free educational materials on a Raspberry Pi you should check out: Intern Jamie Alexander did a fabulous job getting the entire Khan Academy site including setting up accounts, watching videos, and doing exercise problems working on a Raspberry Pi. You can read about it here:

about a year and a half ago

Statistical Analysis of Terrorism

mbuimbui useless apriori knowledge for shortterm prediction (265 comments)

This information is useless in terms of predicting a large attack in the short term.

If you flip a coin 100 times each time it has been heads, it doesn't mean the next time its going to be tails.

In the same way, just because lots of small attacks have happened without a large attack doesn't mean a large attack is about to happen.

more than 3 years ago

Web Bugs the New Norm For Businesses?

mbuimbui Everyone does this (108 comments)

Vertical response, mail chimp, etc.. all commercial email marketing companies include a tracker. Its really not all that much different than websites tracking you, knowing that you clicked on their page at such and such time, except this time you are looking at the page from your inbox.

more than 3 years ago

NASA Finds New Life (This Afternoon)

mbuimbui Re:Why this is important (405 comments)

Well this other kind of life is completely different. It's so different that we know it cannot possibly be related to all of the other Earth life that we've known about thus far, as there is nothing in common. That means abiogenesis (the spontaneous generation of life from precursor non-living materials) happened at least TWICE on just this one planet.

Actually it is related (the original bacteria had completely phosophorous in its DNA), the bacteria is not completely different (there are at least 5 elements in the DNA that are the same), and its quite possible that there the DNA is still comprised of some/mostly phosphorous. All that happened was that she took phosphorous based bacteria that was living in an environment already high in arsenic, and removed other phosphorous and added lots more arsenic, and it seems that the bacteria survives, and most probably some of the phosphorous has been switched in the DNA. Perhaps this article will remove some confusion:

Still that said, that there probably is some arsenic substituting for phosphorous in the DNA at all is quite a revelation.

more than 3 years ago

NASA Finds New Life (This Afternoon)

mbuimbui Re:Just wondering.... (405 comments)

carbon would be most likely harmless to them while phosphor might indeed be toxic,

Actually they found that they still thrive with more Phosphorous: From a nytimes article

Despite this taste for arsenic, the authors also reported, the GFAJ-1 strain grew considerably better when provided with phosphorus, so in some ways they still prefer a phosphorus diet. Dr. Joyce, from his reading of the paper, concurred, pointing out that there was still some phosphorus in the bacterium even after all its force-feeding with arsenic. He described it as “clinging to every last phosphate molecule, and really living on the edge.”

more than 3 years ago

Net Neutrality Supporters Hammered In Elections

mbuimbui Re:"net neutrality" is control play (402 comments)

quick! someone funnel that money through a non-profit which doesnt have to disclose where the money comes from!

more than 3 years ago

Net Neutrality Supporters Hammered In Elections

mbuimbui Re:left-wing Huffington Post (402 comments)

Why is someone with a name like swanktastic modded up so high. Rearranging the letters in your handle and you get swastika.

Its just like people like you to go through someones comment history just so you can claim that they do nothing but attack people all the time.

That sounds like something Hitler would say.

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft IE Browser Share Dips Below 50%

mbuimbui Re:Hold on (297 comments)

I run a top rated website (2m+ visitors a month) that runs Omniture and I'm jealous of these stats, and the internet averages that Omniture claims. They claim IE internet average is still 61.2%, ff 20.3%, safari 6.9% and chrome 6.9%. On our site though we are still seeing 79.8% IE including 6.2% ie6. I pray for the day when IE6 numbers are down to a level that we don't have to care what our site looks like for them.

more than 3 years ago

75% Use Same Password For Social Media & Email

mbuimbui Use Password Hasher (278 comments)

Use firefox extension's password hasher ( Then you only need to remember one password but can use it for a variety of sites. If any one site's passwords get leaked, you dont have to go around an update your password for all other sites.

about 4 years ago

Bing Gaining Market Share Faster

mbuimbui Re:Of course (406 comments)

Like our current job creation which is driven almost completely by government deficit spending, I'm not sure increasing search engine market share really counts if you are losing money on every search.

Thats a false equality. Much of the government stimulus spending each $1 spent on spending helped boost GDP by up to $1.73 (except for tax cuts to appease the right - which didnt really work as they don't seem very appeased). $1:$1.73 is much better than $2:$1 with Bing ... if that is in fact the actual numbers. I wouldnt be surprised if it is more like $5:1 for bing.

more than 3 years ago

$26 of Software Defeats American Military

mbuimbui its a ploy (534 comments)

Its a ploy to make people spend $26, see who buys it, monitor their ip address, monitor all their other purchases on their credit card, etc.

more than 4 years ago

Did Chandrayaan Find Organic Matter On the Moon?

mbuimbui Re:"Life" or "organics"? (141 comments)

Well whales do have a habit of spontaneously appearing above planets, then falling down down down to something very -ound like.

more than 4 years ago

Find DARPA's Balloons, Win $40K

mbuimbui Balloons for Peace (252 comments)

So my girlfriend and I had the idea that people would really get motivated to help if they new it was for a greater cause. $40k divided 10 or 11 ways only goes so far. Think however how much impact $40k, the publicity of winning the DARPA challenge, and the power of social networks can go in terms of helping various peace initiatives in the world. Being a /. nerd I quickly set up a site and threw up a forum so people could post their ideas to help this project out. Any help any other /.ers could give in spreading the word for this good cause would be appreciated.

more than 4 years ago


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